Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 13th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 13th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Raghav suggesting Naina to have some wine. Naina drinks wine. Veer, Sanjana, Sudha and Pam have a talk. Sudha asks Sanjana if Naina tells Dadi that you are not pregnant, Dadi will throw us out, why did you do this Sanjana. Pam says Sanjana made us fall in big trouble, we have to do something fast. Raghav asks Naina to give the bottle. Naina says no, I have to drink, who are you to tell me. He says I m your…. She says you said something true for the first time, this is life saver. He asks her to wear jacket. She says you said you will not kiss me, would you kiss Sanjana is she was in my place. He asks are you mad, she is marrying Veer. She says if she was not marrying Veer, would you kiss her. He says you got mad. She says I m not mad, I m very happy, did

you see Veer’s face, he was so angry, he washed your feet on my saying. I did it. He thinks she is still talking of Veer.

He asks shall I drop you. She says leave me, go away, its 7 day deal. He asks her to sit in the car. She asks would you kiss Sanjana if she was in my place. He says yes, maybe I would kiss her if she was dying in this cold. She beats him and asks did you get hurt. He says man does not get hurt. She kicks him and laughs, asking did you get hurt now. He says I know I m not suitable for you, and should have not married you, why are you beating me and laughing, its domestic violence, its not allowed. She says you complain box, you tell this to Sanjana. He says give the bottle, you got much drunk.

She laughs and drinks. He says leave it and come home. She says no, I don’t want to go home. He says why can’t indian girl drink and handle herself. She asks are you Pardesi. He calls her desi girl. She dances. He says please come with me, I will buy tanker for you, I took icecream, family will be annoyed if I don’t reach home.

She says listen to me, I m in this state because of your family, you are thinking about icecream, its fine if they don’t have more calories. He says don’t say this. She asks are you scared by them. He says no. She says take me home I will tell them what problems I faced. She gets on the car’s top. He asks what are you doing. She takes the wine bottle from him. He asks did you go mad. She calls out people and says I have to talk, come out. He asks her to come down. She asks them to hear her story, its all because of him and his family, he cheated me. He asks her to come home. She shouts more to Austria people. He says Mehras are not here, why are you shouting.

She asks why are you shouting, you got smart being with me. He asks her to play slide game and gets her down the car roof. He asks her not to sit in driving seat. She acts to drive and waves him bye. He smiles seeing her. She says its such a bad car, its not going ahead, this car is also like Mehras, bad. Raghav says you need key to drive this car, I have the keys. She asks him to drive fast. He thinks how to take her home in this state, if she does drama there, there is will be many guests and if Dadi sees her then….

Raghav takes Naina to hotel. Naina asks whose house is this, how did our house get so big. Naina drinks. She shouts to Mehras to come out and hear her. Raghav says you will fall and get hurt, be careful. She says I can’t fall, I did not learn to fall. She laughs and falls over him. They have an eyelock. She teases him. He says you are drunk, get up. She says its so cold here. He rubs her hands. She says you are hitting on me. He says I m not, sit quiet till I start the heater. She holds him and says I don’t believe you. He asks what do you want. She drinks wine and asks him to drink and sleep. He refuses. She feeds him wine. He coughs. She pats on his back and laughs.

Its morning, Naina and Raghav wake up. Naina gets shocked seeing him and gets mistaken. She holds her head. She sees her lipstick marks on his vest. She beats him up and asks how could you do this, you liar. He asks why are you beating me. She says you made me drink wine and took advantage of me. He says I did not do anything. He sees the lipstick marks and says I did this, I m your husband, its my right, what will you do. She says I will not forgive you, you ruined my respect. He shouts shut up, before pointing to my character, see something, you will know who was ruining whose respect, I knew you will blame me in morning, so I recorded your video at night. He shows her the video. Naina sees video of her drunken stint and gets embarrassed. He says you are that innocent woman, who tried to ruin my respect, if you want this video not to get viral, behave well at home, understood. She nods.

Naina says I was unwell and Raghav could not come home, sorry, Raghav could not leave me alone. Sudha and Pam make a face.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. What a boring show…..just hate it

  2. Why are veer and sanjana always shown getting away with their plots? Read in spoiler that they will malign naina’ a characterless girl for trying to defame veer when he tries to molest her and sanjana will show dadi the text message that sanjana sent from naina’ phone. Everyone will believe them but dadi would want to believe naina. Naina will then leave mehra house with her mom. So they win again.

  3. Sabrina

    Lol I love this episode naina and rags u rock

  4. owwwww……… today’s episode was really very nice….. may these 7 days bring closeness between naina and raghav.

  5. Full of fun
    I enjoyed very much

  6. Nice episode.. loved Raina chemistry and scenes.. enjoyed well

  7. Nice episode. Raina’s chemistry rocks!

  8. Chithu

    Scenes straight out of DDLJ

  9. Chithu

    Tat was smart of Raghav to record the video else she would have blamed and made a drama of the same.

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