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Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 13th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with the lady saying your card has been declined. Veer asks what, and pays by cash. He calls Sudha and says Dadi has blocked my cards. Sudha says I told you Dadi will do this, you did not understand. He asks for cash. She says I have 10000 euros cash. He says thank God, this week will go fine. She says what, learn to manage in less amount, I will send 2000 euros. She checks and says there is no money here, your dad…. He asks whats his problem. She says I will manage. She checks her jewelry. Pam asks her why is she doing this, you gave Naina the jewelry as she was becoming Veer’s bride. Sudha says yes, now Naina’s jewelry is not hers, she did not marry Veer, thanks for this help. Pam says always welcome. Sudha goes. Pam says I will not forget how you tried

to make Sanjana away.

Sudha goes to Naina. She asks are you fine, I did not get time to explain. Naina asks her not to give explanation about Veer. Sudha says every girl knows about Veer, I m here to talk about the jewelry, I made it by love for his bride. Naina says you are right and returns the jewelry. She asks her to count it. Sudha asks for the earrings. Naina says sorry and removes earrings and chain. Raghav comes and looks on. Sudha says I wish you did not need to do this. Naina says its okay. Sudha goes. Naina cries.

Raghav gets the ring and says you know my truth, I have nothing to give you, I know it does not matter to you, you don’t want to become my wife as I m a liar, but now we are married, whatever is mine is yours, so I have something, which I m giving you. She says I don’t want anything from you. He keeps the ring. She sees the ring and asks from where did you get this. He says there is a shop in down town, an Indian girl came to sell this, maybe she needed money for paying rent, I bought it thinking I will get blessings, but what will I do of blessings, even that blessings is yours. He goes. She recalls Asha and wears the ring.

Pam and Sanjana relax at home. Raghav asks Balraj about his salary. Balraj says I have cut the salary, you worked less. Raghav says there was work at home. Balraj says go and complain to Dadi, rules are rules, if I don’t cut salary, what will others say that I m partial. Pam asks Balraj to give top to Raghav, he is newly wed, we give something to office staff. Raghav says thanks but no thanks.

Sudha comes and asks Raghav to come. She asks him to go to cafe and give money to Veer, how is he managing without credit card. He asks are you sending her money after all this. Sudha asks him to remember limit, you must thank him, you got married because of him, else who will give girl to you, give money to Veer. Sanjana hears them and says I m coming Veer to show how much I love you. Naina says there is no food, I m getting dizzy. She thinks where does Raghav eat food. She goes out and asks maid where does everyone eat. The lady says dining hall, come. Naina thinks I will not dine with family, and asks is there any cafe nearby. The lady tells her.

Dadi asks where are children today. Sudha says house looks lonely without children, till when will you punish Veer. Dadi asks did you not call Raghav and Naina for dinner. Dadi calls out Naina. Pam says I thought to give them time, they are in outhouse. The lady tells Naina went for dinner, Raghav is not at home. Shaurya tells about the blizzard storm news, who are out from home today. Sudha worries for Veer. Dadi says Naina and Raghave are outside, and worries.

Naina feels cold and says I m hungry and getting headache, I will eat one more sandwich. She hears Raghav and turns to see him. She sees Raghav and Veer. Raghav asks Veer to keep money. Veer says thanks. But it will end in two days. Raghav says keep it. Naina thinks to whom did I marry, Veer insulted me, and Raghav is with him, he knows everything now. She does not eat sandwich and says my hunger died. Raghav asks Veer to have food, you just drink, whatever you need, call, you will get it. Veer says sure, you are my helper, my genie. Naina goes. Raghav says whatever I said is Sudha’s words, I would have never come here if she did not send me. Veer goes.

Naina says Raghav was my angel, I regarded him friend and trusted him when he chose Veer for me, but he was Veer’s friend, he has put my life at stake for those people. Raghav stops Veer to ask something. Veer pushes him away and asks who are you to ask me, stay in limit. Raghav holds his collar. Veer says leave me Raghav. Raghav says you broke Dadi’s heart, you played with a girl’s life. You feel I m a servant and doing this, you are my brother, I did what you said, I asked one thing, not to break Naina’s heart, you cheated everyone, if anything happened to Dadi, you are selfish, I wear your second hand clothes, you have everything as you are Indu Mehra’s grandson, what would you do if anything happened to Dadi, that girl hates me, your life would have changed if you married me, I feel bad that nothing good happened in your life, you moved your life towards hell. Veer says great, you moved to heaven, you married her. Raghav says she is better than me, but you don’t deserve her. Veer says stay in limits.

Raghav scolds him a lot. He calls Veer a coward and asks him to keep money, and not come to him now to get papers right. I will not do any work now, as I m just a servant, not your brother. He goes. Veer gets angry. Sanjana comes there to meet Veer and says I m getting frozen. I m doing this for Veer to impress him. The lady says there is blizzard outside, take your burger, I have to shut cafe. Veer says I need a drink. She says its getting shut. He sees Sanjana and runs. Sanjana says I think I have seen Veer. She calls him out. He says she has come here after me. He sees ambulance and says wait, I m hurt. He sits in van and goes.

The cop stops Naina and says there is a blizzard, you can’t go. She says let me go. The cop asks the indian man to explain Naina. The man explains Naina. She says I understand english, I m not afraid of storm, there is bigger storm in my heart. He asks where is your house. She recalls Raghav’s words and says that side, my house broke and the other house is not my house now. He says you look worried, but there is a storm, don’t go that side. The cop asks her to stop. She walks ahead.

Raghav sees Naina. He sees the board falling and shouts Naina. He saves her. She looks at him.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I don’t like Naina.She looks aunty.It seems she is Raghav’s elder sister.I don’t like this actress

    1. QueenB

      I agree I think she looks much older than Arjun

    2. be sweet and kind !!!

      Atnu learn to be nice fam. What if someone called you an aunty or an elder sister would you like it? Just because she looks older then Arjun doesnt make her elder then him. Drashti dhami is 31-32 years now she’s getting older and in my opinion still looks prettier then you? Would you like me saying that? No you don’t she’s one of the best actress of Indian television shows. So don’t judge someone by their look. Look at yourself before speaking. That includes you queen B. God you only live once be nice like why the hell you judging people this so Shitt. And I don’t care what you say after because one day you will be judged yourself. I’m from Cad not from India but I have always looked up at someone In a good positive way and you should too.

      ~fan-fiction writer.

      1. did I tell ever she is not a good actress??? I told she looks older than raghav that looks awkward.
        and if you are fan fiction writer or what that none of my business.
        If you got hurt, I am sorry
        Take care.bye

      2. I don’t like actress? You don’t call people aunty smarty pants. Hurt from you lmao nah. Just be nice fam.

      3. Ya you is rright. Yaar so rude…. she is no aunty…

    3. Lol ! Yes you are right and she is always crying and oh god full of melodrama ,
      Sanjana needs a dentis job on her lower teeth

    4. Chithu

      In this serial the lead actress is little old. In the preview of the serial itself its shown that her mother is upset because she is not finding groom as she is getting older. My older I meant nearing 30. So I think they have cast Drashti. We don’t know about the age of Raghav in serial. May b he is supposed to be little younger than Naina. But calling someone aunty is not fair at this age. We are also getting older. May b Naina n Raghav pairing are suppose to look like this in the show according to writers. Both of them r doing justice to their characters. Just sit back n enjoy the show.

    5. I told what I seemed right.
      If you have problem in that, I have nothing to do. Yeah, you have one choice. You can ignore.RIGHT?

      1. yea so is your face. prob you’re ugly that why you say?

      2. Atnu learn to be nice. Selfish girl. Her English is better then yours. I read what you wrote above and it makes no sense I don’t like actress? good grammar yourself idiot

    6. Write English properly @Reshama

    7. @lori
      Before judging others look yourself.Your manners tell who you are.I didn’t abuse anyone but you did.No need to show your true colour.Hahahahahahaha

      1. She’s judging your character not the girl who acts in the show. Also for the fact you judged her being an aunty so shut the hell up. It’s you’re manners not yours. Seriously you’re not funny in fact you’re annoying

    8. @Firna
      What the hell you are doing here? If you don’t like my comment, You can ignore.Right? So, oil in your own machine.Whose comment I replied, he/she will answer me

  2. Sabrina

    I am so glad Raghav stand up to Veer…. sanjana is such a silly girl lol…. I feel today’s episodes just didn’t flow smoothly

  3. Angelk1

    Naina listen to raghav and stop being stubborn. His not to blame

  4. Naina is damn dumb. Senseless lady, if u can’t see and understand goodness of someone who is ur angel, stop calling u an educated professor.
    U dont deserve raghav at all.
    Feeling bad for raghav. Hope he becomes heir.

  5. Man!!!!! I hate naina to the core!!!!!!!! How can she not understand, is she a kid????

    1. This is what I’ve been saying, Naina has this indignant attitude, my goodness. She assumed that Veer loved her since their marriage was fixed, did she not see how hesitant he was when they spoke the few times? If she’s such a good mind reader and can judge Raghav so harshly, how come she didn’t read Veer’s mind that he didn’t want to marry her and was avoiding her? Now…. Drashti Dhami is a beautiful actress but I also thinks she looks a little too mature for Arjun Bijlani. I don’t know why one can be so offended by reading another ‘s comment and give such a dress down, and the essence of what was said, was just a comparison between the suitability of appearance of two characters in a serial and not a personal criticism on the actress, per se….. Indian cinema, on the whole, pride themselves in casting young, and I mean YOUNG looking female actors in roles to highlight beauty, the emphasis these days is to be eye candy. When female actors reach a certain age, they are no longer acceptable to certain roles but that’s when we see how much maturity they have earned during the years because she then can carry a character alone on her shoulders. So don’t be too offended, fellow readers, it’s just everyone expressing how the see it, some may be short on words while others like me, have a few spoonfuls of thought and expresses it at lengths. To each his own. Please, agree, to disagree!!!!

  6. Chithu

    Wow I loved Raghav today. He did a brilliant job by firing Veer. All the frustration he was keeping to himself all these years came out. I liked the way he gave answer to Veer. Veer never acknowledged him as a brother whereas Raghav always treated him as his own brother. Only sad thing is without hearing complete conversation Naina walked out. Raghav never stop a stand for himself. Its the first time he has spoken and tat too for Naina. When will u realize his value

  7. Hi all – nice episode love it
    Hey people it is very rude to call others names. Who are we to judge someone’s beauty. You also have to remember that Naina is in anguish so makeup have been done to make her look rough. Drashti is a very beautiful woman & a very good actress. Please don’t be mean to the actors. Remember the saying if you have nothing nice to say about someone, then don’t say anything at all.
    Also why are you all hating Naina.
    Naina knows that Raghav is good but circumstances have made her think otherwise. Don’t forget that Dadi didn’t get time to explain to her about the circumstances with which she married Raghav & when Veer was insulting her he said that he was the one that told Raghav to marry Naina. Also even though Veer is not very nice; she has got herself used to the idea that he will be her husband and then on the day another took his place – how would you feel if that happens to you.
    Give her time, she will learn the sacrifices that Raghav has made for her. She will love him so much & makeup for all the rejection he has faced in the Mehra house apart from dadi.
    Please let be patient & enjoy how they get bonded & all misunderstanding get cleared away from between them.
    WOW the Mehra family – too too too bad. Their catchphrase – he is a servant
    Have a good day all

  8. I agree wid all u guys….. I think Naina is just hurt because Raghav acted as Veer on the phone, and then when da truth came, she realized that who she loved so much was not her husband to be, and was her friend. This is a very shocking deal for anyone, even me.

    But if i was naina, i wud put that aside and ask raghav why he did that, because he seems like a very sweet guy, who would never do something so mean to someone…

    Cmon pardes team, bring them together fast!!!

  9. When Drashti Dhami did the role of Rani Gayatri in ETRETR, she did it so beautifully,the role called for maturity and she was awesome, I missed her when her character was assassinated. The actress filling the role of her daughter Rani, Eisha Singh, has big shoes to fill and is yet to convince me if she can deliver her character as Drashti did. Now that she is on this side, I’m getting to see her in a different role but this role should have been of a younger, probably more naive woman, who just couldn’t understand her plight and then her indignant attitude would have been understood. Drashti ‘s maturity surfaces in this role. Sorry friends, this is how I see it.

  10. Guys I have a doubt….2 nd episode itself they tell that her age is 27 and still didn’t get love and marriage by her students…..if 27 is a small number….if it don’t bring maturity to a girl or women ????whatever????
    I’m confused that u r all taking like naina character as a teen age girl….rani gayathri ,naduvula,geet r the roles played very well by dhrasti dhami….she was very good in portraying the role which is given to her…

    I hope I didn’t hurt anybody’s feeling….

  11. That was not naduvula it’s madhubala*

  12. Hey all I do agree that she should act her age & the fact that she is educated should make her more reasonable but don’t you know the most educated person can be so clueless where life matters – head too stuck in books – give her a textbook problem she will give a reasonable answer. Please we are not makingoing excuses for her. She is hurt, she feels hard done by
    She was dumped as soon as she enters the country, the alliance that came for her she was not ready for but got convinced by her friend to accept it.
    In the space of a few weeks of her being in Austria, she has dealt with 3 men. I think if that is me I would be calling a psychologist for my brain monitoring in case I loose it.

  13. my favorite show with my favorite actress

  14. just love her acting .she is fantasting in any of her show whether it is madhubala or geet or etretr. just love her.She is the most beautiful and talented actress and I don’t fell that she looks older.

  15. hlo guys can i join u

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