Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 12th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 12th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Raghav giving 10000 euros to lawyer and asking him to get Rajeev’s bail. Lawyer says its weekend, I can’t get his bail till Monday. Raghav says fine, none should know I did his bail, if Batra family asks, tell them Indu Mehra paid for it. Lawyer agrees. Everyone clap for the rasam. Raghav comes home and sees them. Naina holds his hand and takes him. She says Dadi, you gave me elder bahu respect as I m Raghav’s wife, like I did Sanjana’s rasam, Raghav should do Veer’s tika rasam. Dadi says sure, Raghav is our family member, he will bless Veer. Naina asks Raghav to go. Dadi gives him the plate. Naina helps Raghav and lights the diya. Tere naam…..plays……..

Raghav does the tika rasam. He gives shagun to Veer and says its less cash

but I m giving lots of good luck and wishes, be happy. Sudha says rasam ended. Naina says not yet, the one who does groom’s tika, the rasam is groom washes that person’s feet. Raghav and Veer ask what. Dadi says yes, its a rasam. She asks Veer to do the rasam, Raghav is your elder brother, he does a lot for you, what shame to wash his feet, come. Naina smiles. Dadi makes Raghav sit. Raghav says leave it. Dadi says no, come Veer. Naina asks Veer to come. Sudha and Pam get angry. Veer washes Raghav’s feet with the milk, and says its over. Naina says its not over, you have to wipe feet and make Raghav wear shoes. She gives him the towel. Veer wipes Raghav’s feet. Naina claps. Veer angrily goes.

Balraj asks a man why did you get these papers here, none should know I have these papers, keep this in car. Naina looks on and thinks to find out whats in those papers, it may have Rajeev’s innocence proof. Sudha says Raghav you would be happy to get much respect today, concentrate on your work. Pam asks is this not your duty to offer belgium chocolate icecream to all guests, shops would have got shut by now, shall I ask guests to go home. Raghav says I ordered it, I will go and get by factory store. Naina sees the man keeping the papers in dickey. Naina checks for the file. She falls inside the dickey and dickey gets shut. Raghav comes there and wonders what was that sound. He says maybe I m feeling unwell. He leaves in that same car.

He says Pam would be angry and waiting, I will speed up, I have no cash to pay fine. Naina says which donkey is driving so rashly and screams on getting hurt. Raghav says from where is this sound coming, there is something wrong, I will stop car and check. He parks the car. She says this donkey’s driving license should be taken. Raghav opens dickey and fins Naina. They both get shocked seeing each other. He asks what are you doing here, I thought Balraj kept mountain stones. She asks am I so fat, keep your sarcasm in your pocket, which donkey taught you driving. He says I always drive faster, I did not know you like to sit in dickey instead on seat, what are you doing here, what are you hiding. He asks why did you check documents, we had deal that you will stay with us for 7 days. She says I m finding Rajeev’s innocence. They both argue. He says I have to go and buy icecream. She asks him to go, I m going home.

He asks do you know where we are. She says I will find the way. He says I showed you route last time. She says its better I lose the way than being with you. He asks her to shut up and sit in the car. She refuses. He makes her sit inside the car. He says I can’t bear it now. She says let me go. He gets floral handcuffs and says I don’t know what Balraj does with this, its his car, but this will be of my use now. He handcuffs her. She asks him to remove it. He says happy journey. She says I will kill you. He drives. She falls over him. They argue. She sees the icecream factory store passing behind and laughs. He asks did you go mad, why are you laughing, you think I can’t find icecream factory. She says great, that factory got behind. He stops the car and asks why did you not tell me. She asks him to have badams. She says you asked me to be quiet. He says I m more smart, I can take u turn, I m back on track.

She asks him to uncuff her. He says no way, be quiet, no need to spy and find evidence for Rajeev. She says you can’t leave me like this, you dog….. He goes to the store. He thinks you don’t need to do this Naina, I arranged Rajeev’s bail already. She shouts for help. He says I left that window open so that you can breath. She says he tied me like any animal, how could he. Raghav orders 20 cups of belgium icecream. The man says fine, it will take 15 mins. Naina calls for help and gets out of the car by the window. Matargasti……plays……………. Raghav waits at the shop. Raghav gets the icecream and comes to the car. He sees Naina missing and worries.

Raghav holds Naina. Naina drinks wine and says you said you would have not kissed me. She asks him would he kiss Sanjana if Sanjana was in her place.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Sabrina

    Lol fun episode …. Naina need to drink more lol

  2. Chithu

    I am so happy that Veer was made to wash Raghav’s feet. Veer should have done it after all because of Raghav, Veer shines as business owner. That was a smart way of teaching a lesson to Veer Naina.
    Y did Naina climed down from the car when she was handcuffed. She cannot run even after she climbed down from car

  3. Chithu

    Even when she is totally drunk she is still taunting Raghav with Sanjana. I read that veer is going to make rape attempt at Sanjana

    1. No chitu i read that in a spolier that veer will atempe to rape naina

    2. Chithu

      Sorry yeah I was going to write Naina but by mistake wrote Sanjana.

  4. @chithu veer will try to rape naina, her mom will save her, after which naina will leave mehra house. What is raghav’ relationship with mehra family? Is he just a servant or is there more to it? Is dadi hiding something about him? When will dadi find out Sanjana’s truth and veer’s that he asks raghav ‘s help all the time for presentations.

  5. Hey tuffy hiiii this is pinku…. ur s same one who comments for kalash ek vishwas also rt???

  6. Angelk1

    I hope naiba tells saanj truth. And see that raghav was tricked like always.

  7. i Chitu… r u d same person who used to comment in KUMKUM BHAGYA page very long time back.. just out of curiosity i am asking.. dont mind !!!

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