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Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 12th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Raghav coming to room. Naina sits crying. Tere naam….plays….. She says you knew everything about my life, you were there when Amit cheated me, you asked me to move on, I was hesitant to say yes to marry Veer, you convinced me to marry Veer, why Raghav, Amit did not have courage to keep you love, Veer was selfish, and you are the worst, cheater is worst than coward and egoistic man. He says Naina… She uses pepper spray and says you came to show husband’s right, stay away from me, I dare you, touch me and show. He says its not like that. She says you lied and married me, this is your gameplan. He says no. She asks are you not ashamed to wear my Papa’s respect, this was for the man who protects his daughter, not for a cheater, get out. She sees

the contraceptives and asks was this your intention, my mum is thinking you will take care of me, will you force me now. He says no. She says how much will you lie. He tries to explain. She sprays pepper again. He says you made me blind and rushes to washroom to wash eyes.

Asha, Chanchal and Rajeev are on the way. Asha says Naina’s fate is good, I m very happy. Chanchal says we are tired, take us home. Asha says I gave locket to son in law and forgot to give temple prasad. Rajeev says give someday else. Asha says its shubh mahurat now, please it will take two mins. Rajeev agrees.

Naina scolds Raghav and says you ruined my life, see how I ruin your desires. She throws contraceptives in fire. Chanchal says it won’t be good to disturb them in wedding night. Asha calls out Naina. Naina cleans the room and opens door. She asks are you fine. Asha asks are you fine. Naina says yes, the flower string fell, it was not fixed right. Asha says I came to give this to son in law, Chanchal and Rajeev are taking me out tomorrow. Raghav comes from washroom. Chanchal says maybe they need free time. Asha says sorry to disturb you. Raghav says its not like that, what happened. Asha says I went to temple and got angara for you, what happened to your eyes. Raghav says I was crying by happiness, I got married, my dreams got fulfilled.

Asha and Chanchal laugh. Naina thinks he is good in lies. Chanchal sees contraceptives box in fireplace. Naina says leave it, I will pick it later. Chanchal teases her. Naina takes Asha outside and asks where are you going. Asha says Chanchal and Rajeev will be showing city to me, are you happy. Naina says yes, does my face now show happiness. Asha says fine, go to room now. Naina hugs Asha. Chanchal takes the box and asks Raghav whats this, what was happening. Raghav says I had it. Chanchal says this is not good. He says its not like that. Chanchal says flowers are everything are messed up. He says no, its nothing like that. She says fine, then how is it. Naina says Asha is calling you. Chanchal says union is necessary, I will leave, and keep this box, I will send new box tomorrow, promise, good night. She goes.

Raghav relieves his eyes. Naina asks Raghav why did you do this, I m not the girl of your dreams, answer me. He says I don’t have answer. She asks him to apply ice to eyes, but my wound will never heal, you gave new life to my mum and today snatched my life, you were my friend and became stranger again.

Its morning, Sudha talks to Veer and asks him to take care. She asks Madan where is he going. Madan jokes. She scolds him and asks him to have some shame. He says Veer refused to marry Naina, and goes. She says I did mistake to marry this useless man. Everyone come for breakfast. Dadi says enough of drama, I decided we will welcome new bride, we will start wedding games, we will play ring finding game, husband and wife will find ring, whoever finds ring will be dominating. Shaurya likes idea and says I got a chance to make everyone lose. Dadi says this is only for groom and bride. Ira says Raghav is not our family. Pam scolds Ira. Dadi asks Sudha where is she doing now. Sudha says my son is kicked out of house, I don’t want to welcome Naina and play games. Dadi says be thankful that Raghav saved our respect, Veer did mistake, I think you should hug Raghav, do arrangements to welcome Naina, become elder. Shaurya and Anky get Raghav and ask him to win.

Pam taunts Sudha and asks her to obey Dadi. Dadi takes Naina and asks her to win the game. Dadi asks everyone to come. Raghav and Naina sit. Shaurya asks Raghav to win. Dadi says my bahu Naina will win, I won over my husband. Dadi asks them to put the ring. She fools them and laughs. She puts the ring in the bowl and says Naina will win. Shaurya cheers for Raghav.

Naina is lost and sad. Raghav and Dadi see her. Sudha leaves. Dadi cries and goes. Raghav goes after Dadi. Pam taunts Naina and says you are going to room, it was not your room, that was decorated for Veer, your room is in outhouse, our servants stay there, did you not know this, Raghav is not this house’s son, he is servant. Raghav comes and hears this. Naina gets shocked and sees Raghav. Pam says he thinks of our tips as pocket money. She asks Raghav did he not tell his wife that he is servant. She asks him to clean the room and go to outhouse. Naina sees Raghav and goes.

She packs her bags. Raghav goes to her and sees her. Her bag falls. Raghav helps her. Kal ho na ho…..plays………. She says you tried to take my burden when we met for the first time, I was alone and I m still alone. She goes to outhouse room. Raghav comes after her and says you maybe thinking I m someone else, the truth is I m not this house’s son. She says I don’t care by that, my thinking is not so small that I judge anyone by money and status, I m disappointed that you are not rich, I m disappointed that my friend and angel is a liar. She says you were impressing Dadi, the problem is you don’t know and cheated me, you have made me meet Veer who insulted me, you did this to get praised by Dadi, I m shocked that your heart is small, nothing is shocking for me now, this is your room, I will stay here happily, the way you made fun of my life, I m affected by that, you are not my angel, you are a cheater, you ruined a girl’s life and risked my mum’s life, I hate you, I can never respect you. She cries.

Raghav says you don’t want to become my wife as I cheated you, but we are married now, so I have something which I m giving now. She says I don’t want anything from you.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Am really sad!!!! Mains hates raghav :'(:'(:'(

  2. Sabrina

    Such a sad episode …. why mehra treating raghav like that I hope Dadi put them to their places..????

  3. Chithu

    Felt very sad for Raina. Ur anger is natural but Raghav is real treasure in this house. Hope Naina forgive him soon. I didn’t like the scene when Naina was spraying into Raghav’s eyes. Poor Raghav no one is treating him well. He is such a sweetheart

    1. Yes, you are 100% correct, I feel for Raghav. Well, the shoes are on the other feet ehhh, usually it the female character who is treated badly so it’s interesting to see how writers deal with it on this side of the spectrum. Not much time on my hands now to comment more at the moment but you said it for me.

      1. Chithu

        Thanks Naz. Yes its interesting to c new angle from writers

  4. Hi all – great going right
    I am so sorry for Raghav today. I literally wish I could reach out to him and say it will work out good in the end.
    As for Naina – my heart breaks for her & I wish I could have a one to one with her.
    I think dadi should meet Naina & explain things to her – I think she will calm down.
    The Mehra family is awful, the way they speak to people is terrible. If that’s what riches do to you then well………..
    The episode was emotionally but very good.
    I can’t wait for the next episode

  5. Mona146

    Naina got a nice man like raghav and she is showing attitude. Phh. I hate this story based on sympathy and ill treatment.

    1. I understand what you mean about not approving of the content of the story but it’s going to be interesting to see how writers deal with the reversal of the s*xes in similar situations. You know Indian serials have a penchant for abusing their bahus and wives till it’s time to close shop and we get angry at the women for not defending themselves but quietly condoning their abuse. Now that Raghav is the most misunderstood husband, let’s see how he will be treated and I have a feeling that, we all are going to feel different about Raghav. Spousal rejection is a deeply damaging psychological issue, women tend to eventually be ruled by hormones and break down, rarely do they become steely hearted but men are the opposite. I certainly don’t want to see a crybaby in Raghav but given his situation, I wait to see how he handles this reversal of misfortune. I so love his character, so loving, caring about everyone. What a gem. I wish he could become successful in life, all that family cares about, is wealth!!!

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