Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 11th November 2016 Written Episode Update


Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 11th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Naina getting a shock seeing Amit with a girl Hazel. Amit explains his wife Hazel that he asked Naina to leave, but she is trying to break them. Hazel cries and says you married me for citizenship, you said Naina is your ex, now she is here. Amit says I don’t know why is she here. Naina cries. Amit tells Naina that their relation broke in India itself. Naina recalls Amit. Hazel asks Naina to forget Amit, he is a married man now. She insults Naina. Raghav comes to defend Naina and asks her how dare you talk to Naina like that, she is a wonderful girl. Amit asks who are you. He asks Naina not to follow him. Amit says she has no time to follow you. Amit and Hazel leave. Naina cries and walks away. Raghav worries and goes after her.

Raghav stops Naina from

going towards the train. He asks what are you doing, control yourself. She asks what, did you feel I was going to give up my life, I was just seeing did train come, I can’t end my life, I came here to make this relationship but I have more people in my life, I have my mum’s responsibility, I don’t have option to die. He asks her to check time, and not look for the train. She walks off. He says I thought so as you broke down. She says I was in shock, I did not know Amit will break my heart and marry someone, whats use to show it to everyone.

He asks why did you break heart for such guy, he married that girl to get citizenship, you should have slapped that guy and get anger out, he insulted you and you will leave, if you don’t fight for yourself, who will fight. She turns to go. He asks is this girl’s last solution to turn away and go. She says I was leaving, but I was going to Amit to teach him a lesson as you taught me. He smiles. She says you say right, I have to fight my battle. Kal ho na ho……plays………….

Naina’s mum and Zeenu come to meet Amit’s mum. Naina’s mum says Naina has gone Austria. Amit’s mum says why do we get in between this, why did you come to cry here, I m not involved, I don’t know anything. Naina’s mum asks what do you mean. Amit’s mum says I m busy. Zeenu says come, we will talk to her later. Zeenu takes Naina’s mum.

Pam is on call. Ira is going out. Pam asks her to take Sanjana to the party, take care of her. Ira says she is always having attitude. Pam says Veer is also your cousin like Sanju, what’s the problem. Ira says Veer is my brother, we are in same zone, Sanjana can’t be with us. Pam asks her to take Sanjana in the party along with Veer. Ira refuses and says keep Sanjana away from me. Ira calls Veer and says we got saved, guess who is back, Sanjana.

Sanjana asks Pam why did she sent Raghav, he is irritating, you should have sent Veer. Pam asks her to impress Veer, you should know his likes and dislikes, stay with him. Sanjana asks her not to worry. I will go on shopping with him. Pam says I have to give all this in charity. Sanjana asks is this useless stuff, are you serious. Pam says its high society party. Sanjana says love you and hugs Pam.

Amit promises Hazel that he just loves her, and Naina is gone. Hazel hugs him and they see Naina coming. Naina goes to Amit. Raghav comes after her. Amit asks what are you doing here. Raghav asks why, did Austrian govt gifted you this restaurant. Naina tells Hazel that woman is woman’s enemy, and men like Amit win, he cheated me and you, he got saved, as you scolded me, you called me desperate to marry and blamed me, you feel I m not beautiful, but beauty is within, he lied as he had relation with me, you made a judgement about me, think of your words affecting others, I went but someone gave me courage to come here and face you, Amit is a liar, Amit cheated her, he has no courage to tell her truth, he could have called her and informed, she would have forgiven him. Raghav smiles. The people in the restaurant clap for Naina. A girl gives flowers to Naina and says well done. Raghav takes the flowers and gives one to Hazel, saying this is tribute to you to marry a weak and coward man. She says Naina is one of the prettiest girls I have ever met, you were wrong. Everyone clap.

Naina and Raghav go to the train station. Kal ho na ho……plays…………… Naina sits crying and thinks of Amit. Raghav comes there. Naina says I don’t need you, I will go. He says I m taking my train, I m not following you, maybe our destinations are different, but way is same. She looks at him. They both leave in the train. Raghav walks after her. She reaches Rajeev’s house and thanks Raghav. He gives her the bouquet. She says this is for you, you supported a stranger and gave courage, thanks for everything. I know fighting for myself, but you reminded me. She turns and sees him gone. She wipes her tears and goes inside the house.

Pam and Veer’s mum argue over the charity. Pam says Balraj works so hard for company. Veer’s mum says Veer will prepare and retire Balraj soon. Dadi says Pam you did not say Sanjana is coming again, she could not touch feet well, as she was wearing high heels. Pam suggests her to get Sanjana home, as Veer is ready for marriage. Dadi talks of Raghav. Veer’s mum laughs and taunts Pam. She says Raghav and Sanjana’s jodi looks good. Dadi goes. Veer’s mum Sudha jokes on Pam and goes. Pam says Sudha’s mouth will get shut when Sanjana and I get Veer’s property, I will answer this with respect, wait and watch.

Chanchal tells Naina’s mum that Naina went to meet Amit, everything is okay, Naina has come. Naina talks to her mum and cries. Naina’s mum asks what did Amit say. Naina lies and says Amit was asking for your health. Naina’s mum says you are hiding something, I want to know… Naina asks her not to take stress. Naina’s mum says I can’t see your face to know truth, tell me are you hiding something, swear on me. Naina cries and says maybe there is network problem, I will call later. She ends call. Chanchal asks Naina what happened. Naina says Amit married someone else, if mum knows this, she will get unwell, Amit left me. She hugs Chanchal and cries.

Naina and Raghav are at jewelry shop. Naina sells the ring. The man tells Raghav about the Indian girl selling her ring, maybe she is in problem. Raghav does not see her, and says it does not feel good to hear about her being in problem.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Episode was so emotional…….nd wat happened to dadi…She dislikes sanjana even den she wants raghav and sanjana’s marriage……and in the 2nd episode she said that she wants some one caring for raghav…….I was so happy with the way Naina was scolding the girl….and calling dat amit a coward……Drashti’s acting is so natural….Arjun is so cuteeee….the way he was defending Naina and giving her courage to fight fr herself was truly amazing….I love Raghav’s character….nd dat line…”Agar tum apne liye nahi larogi to kaun larega…..?????
    I jst want them together as soon as possible….and eagerly waiting for their love scenes………love u ARJUN…………..nd guys Will u all be my friends..????

  2. NYC EPISODE so sad 4 naina this amit needed a tight slap seriously Raghav supporting naina was so nice

  3. I love the way naina scolded thatbidiot hazel. And thankz for raghav for supporting naina. That stupid amit should get a big sap from naina

  4. craze about skr

    So supr…..aweeeeeeee……..muaaaahhhhhh raghav ninu

  5. Awesome work.thanks.

  6. Ieven i have to agree with raghav. Amit isnt worth it. His a loser and a coward. Poor naina, i think her mom will die at the end.

  7. superb episode… waiting for RAINA(RAghav n naINA) scenes…

  8. Hency

    Superb epi

  9. Hii guyzzz… I’m NeW here Can I join wth uhh ??? Bt our couple nme is by my Opinion is RáÌñÁ…my favrt is Arjun … U r dng Gud job Arj..Love uhh ….

  10. Epi was superbbb …bt feeling sad fr Nainuuu …bt the way Raghav was supporting to nainu wth Edio Amit is Aaahhhhh….Osum waiting for 2marrow…!!

  11. Arjun rocks nd drashti luv Ur acting. Plzz start there luv story as soon as possible.

  12. I Adore Arjun.Love your smile…. 🙂

  13. I think they will be the best Jodi in star parivaar awards this time but not ishra

    1. Yaa…I am also thinking d same….Sriilu

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