Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 10th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 10th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Raghav asking servant to decorate orchids. He sees roses and thinks of Naina. His hand gets hurt by thorns. Sanjana sees this and says that’s why I don’t like roses, they look good and always hurt us, I think you are missing someone seeing this, are you missing her. He says no, its noting like that. She asks him not to lie. She says I hope you don’t love her, I felt you just love me, don’t feel bad, I don’t love you, I m marrying Veer, I want you to take care of your heart, Naina is not your type, she is educated, whose marriage was forcibly done with you, she was sacrificed, you are a servant of this house, right. He asks are you done. She says yes, and leaves.

Dadi comes to Raghav. She says I want Naina to come back in this house. Raghav says

but… She says I decided it, I want Naina to come back home in Veer’s marriage, just do this. He leaves. Dadi tells her husband’s pic that she is calling Naina by excuse, she will try to bring Naina and Raghav closer.

Raghav goes to meet Naina. He says I came to talk… She asks what talk. Asha asks Raghav to come inside. He gets seated. Naina asks what’s the matter. Asha asks Naina to see the baby. Naina goes. Asha coughs. Raghav cares for her and makes her sit. He gets water and sees Naina giving water to Asha. Naina asks Asha to sit with baby. Asha goes.

Naina asks Raghav what’s the work. He says I did not have rights before, but I came to request you, come back home. Naina says home and smiles…. She thinks why did he come to take me back home, what’s happening. She asks why shall I come home with you. He says I m not calling you forever, its matter of 7 days. She gets shocked. He says Veer and Sanjana are getting married, Dadi wants you to come back. She says of course, you did not wish to come here, you came here as your family wanted, you can go to any extent for them. He says yes, I came here for Dadi.

She says nothing changed, you are fulfilling family demands, and did not think of girl’s family when the girl leaves home. He says you should come back thinking this, you feel Rajeev is innocent, you have 7 days, 7 functions to prove he is not guilty, you want divorce, I will make everything ready and sign too. She gets shocked. He says I don’t think you want to lose this chance, if you come, you will get divorce and freedom also. He thinks this will be last 7 days to spend with you, I can’t go against truth, afterall you left me, I m not suitable for you.

She cries and says if you said Dadi is calling me home for 7 days, I would have forgotten everything and came back, now you made it a business deal, fine I will come back and prove Rajeev innocent, I will take divorce from you. He goes. She thinks I will get free of him, but why am I feeling this, he is no one for me.

Naina comes home and hugs Dadi. Dadi thanks her for coming back. She goes to get sweets for Naina. Sudha asks Pam and Sanjana to see Naina. They smile and go to taunt Naina. They insult Naina for Rajeev’s crime. Naina says till crime is proved, one is called innocent, laws say this. Pam asks Sanjana to take care of her jewelry, as Naina may steal it. Dadi comes and says Naina is not like that, I know Naina well, there is much difference between Naina and Rajeev, and as Naina said, one is called innocent till crime is proved, so its not right to blame anyone without a reason. Dadi feeds sweets to Naina and asks her to go and get ready, Jashan started, I want my lovely bahu to help me, this is my last decision, respect my decision. Naina goes.

Naina gets ready. She goes out and makes a rangoli. A guy stares at her and asks Veer is she your Bhabhi, she is very hot. Veer sees Naina. Asha calls Raghav. He asks are you fine. She says yes, Naina’s phone is not connecting. He says you are coughing a lot, what happened, tell me. She asks for gripe water. He tells her its in drawer, I have seen Naina keeping it, take care. She thanks him and ends call. He asks Shaurya about Naina. Shaurya says she is there. Raghav sees her and goes to her. He makes drink fall on those guys, who were staring at her back. She slips. Raghav holds her. Tere naam…..plays………… He opens her hair and covers her back. He holds her hand and takes her to room.

Naina gets worried. He shuts the door and walks to her. He holds her. She makes him away and propers her clothes. He returns the hair pin and goes. Raghav requests Balraj to get Rajeev out of jail, I don’t know he is right or wrong I just said what I have seen, if he did theft, he should get punished, but his mum is innocent, she is heart patient, she is unwell, I made patent ready, its our company policy to fire the thief, and there will be no court case if one returns money, you keep this patent, I made this to gift Dadi, I can get price for this, keep this and save Asha. Balraj drops the file and says you have gone mad, Rajeev did theft and we know company rules, thanks for reminding, get 10000 euros which went missing after Rajeev did theft, then we will not file court case. Raghav asks how will I get so much money.

Balraj says stop calling me uncle, you are an poor orphan, you have no status in this house, if anything happens to Dadi, we will kick you out, go and get money if you want to get Rajeev out, get this patent and leave. Balraj sees Naina and starts acting. He says you will always be innocent for the world, you helped us a lot in getting Rajeev caught, say yes or not. Raghav nods. Naina gets shocked. Balraj says you know Rajeev is a thief, let him be in jail. He goes.

Veer says I rejected you. Naina slaps Veer. She says remember one thing, if I got a chance to select between two of you, Raghav would have won.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Thanks for the fast update amena

  2. Hey I know the full story and precap was double awesome

    1. Chithu

      Wow Catherine u were fast. Welcome once more

  3. I hate you veer!

  4. Day by day this is getting interesting!
    I’m totally in love with this show.

  5. indera sanichara

    Naina give five slaps to Veer what a bastard he is. Thanks for choosing Raghav over Veer. Writers please let Naina find out the truth about Sanjana and Veer plans to separate she and Raghav.

  6. i feel so sorry for raghav. hes like a rag doll between these families. dadi and asha are the only nice ones so far. he deserves better than to be treated like a servant in that house. i wish for naina to see the truth and trust him as well

  7. Angelk1

    Even I agree

  8. Chithu

    Y Mehras always have to remind them that he is not a family but a servant. The way Balraj spoke to Raghav was so bad. Where is Naina when Raghav was saying all the things in favour of Rajeev. Balraj noted her presence and tried to create a rift where Naina believe the lies. I hope Dadi can clear their misunderstanding and make them realize that they are made for each other

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