Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 10th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 10th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Khurana asking for Naina. Raghav defends Naina and praises her. Khurana asks where is she, did she leave you. Raghav says this is my house, not your office, Naina values relations, not money. Naina asks Ahana how did you think I m agree, how will I keep child for nine months and give away the child. Ahana says sorry, I did not think so, I will be with you all the time and support you, I have seen truth in you, you took big step for your husband, everyone can’t do this, there is something in you, you are scared, but I ain’t, you have love and compassion, you have passion to do anything for family, you forced Mehra foundation to pay for your mum’s treatment, just you can do this. Naina says you are giving me much importance. Ahana says just you can give me

happiness, it needs courage to become surrogate, you have that courage, but will your husband and family agree to this, when they know you are keeping someone’s child in your womb, will they support you.

Raghav says she always supported me, I did not see such girl like her, you people value money so much and doubt everyone, its not the case with me, I trust my wife. Khurana asks is your wife a woman, I have seen many such men getting cheated by wives. Ahana says its big decision for me, I want to know what your husband feels about this decision.

Naina says my husband does not know I m with you, he won’t know it. Ahana asks what do you mean, your tummy will appear after 4 months, if he asks you to abort baby then, I can’t take risk. Naina says no, we will be divorced till then, I won’t meet him. Ahana asks what, divorce, but you are doing this for him, whom you love the most, such big sacrifice for him, I don’t understand. Naina says yes, its different to love and stay together, my fate is not supporting me, love is not made for me, I lost love, I want to fulfill my husband’s dreams, your happiness and Raghav’s happiness just has this way, he is my friend and support, he is very clean hearted. Naina cries.

Naina says you said my goodness touched your heart, I m nothing in front of him, I identified his goodness very late, I m ready to do anything for his happiness, this is love right. Ahana says you are courageous, you are making his fate and mine too, I m really happy to meet you, I have to think, give me some time. Naina says I can understand, you think, I have thought of it, I will wait outside. She goes.

Naina thinks can I take such big step, what am I doing. Khurana comes to same hotel and orders drink. He sees Naina and says Mrs Ethical Mehra is here, but in this five star hotel, great, where is that tiger who trusts his ethical wife a lot. He goes to Naina. Naina answers call and says no need to send anyone, I remember your room no, I m coming. Khurana hears this and says lets play. He calls Raghav.

Raghav answers. Khurana says Shri Ram, I mean Raghav, I got your wife in this hotel, she has come here in a suite just for relations, its your duty to know about her, think how a poor man’s wife meets someone in this hotel, I m just thinking. Raghav ends call.

Ahana says Naina, I decided, my child will grow in your womb. She hugs Naina and asks her not to worry, I will tell you about money, I will give you 80000 euros for this work. Raghav is on the way and thinks why did Naina not tell me. Naina says 80000 euros, my needs…. Ahana says tell me, if you need more. Naina says I just want 60000 euros. Ahana asks are you asking for less money. Naina says I just want 60000 euros to get my husband’s patent back, he can use some money for his work. Ahana says you don’t know business, you are going for loss. Naina says I just have need, not greed, Raghav is very talented, everyone uses him, I just want to support him in his bad times. Ahana says you are really very nice.

Ahana signs the cheque and asks her to fill any amount, don’t hesitate, this is happening for my child, I can give any amount for my child. Naina says I know, but this is not needed, I have one request, I want money in two shares, I want 20000 euros in cash, which I want to throw on someone’s face, and you make any excuse to make 40000euros reach my husband, he should not feel its anyone’s favor, else he won’t accept, just tell him you like his product and want to invest in his product. Ahana says fine, you will get 20000 euros cash, go and throw money on that man’s face, I also want you to free your husband from those bad people. Ahana says I will just come and goes. Raghav reaches hotel.

Raghav comes to that suite and rings bell. Naina sees Raghav and worries. He asks are you inside Naina. Ahana asks who is it. Naina says my husband is standing outside, please go there, I don’t want any problem. Ahana goes. Naina thinks what to tell Raghav, how did I know I m here. She opens the door. Ahana hides. Raghav asks Naina what are you doing here. He enters the suite and looks around. Naina gets tensed. Raghav says I know why you came here. Naina worries.

He says you came here for job right. She gets relieved. He says you had to do waitress job before, you came here for job, I don’t have a problem, no job is big or small, you don’t need to hide, don’t do it if you don’t want, give me some time, I will make everything fine, you trust me right. Naina says more than myself. He says work if you want by heart, else not, Asha is planning to go India, we should go there. Naina and Raghav leave. Ahana sees them and thinks my heart broke seeing their true love, they love each other a lot.

Naina thinks don’t know I m going to do right or wrong, but Raghav will get all his happiness, which he deserves. She gets Ahana’s call and disconnects. Raghav books medical appointment for Asha. Naina thinks he worries for Asha a lot. He says its good, Asha cancelled her trip on our saying. Naina hugs him and cries. He asks her what happened. He says don’t take tension of my job and patent, everything will be fine soon, if you want, Asha can stay with us. She says you did a lot for me, always, and even today. Kal ho na ho……plays……

Raghav asks Naina what happened. Naina says I m fine. He says liar, look into my eyes and say.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Nice eee episode, I feel like crying when naina said about their divorce. Please don’t let them divorce please eee this is only show I like too much

  2. Nivu99

    why r tey spoiling such cute couple. They look sooo cute together. Now they have strted understanding ech other..This track was nt at all necesarry at this point……

  3. It’s always lovely and cute the way Naina hugs Ragav… They both looks cute together… I don’t want them to separate…

  4. Raghav is to turn negative!

  5. i get the feeling this ahana is that khurana’s wife?? and how does ahana know about mehra’s foundation paying for naina’s mother treatment? she just met naina..hmm

    1. I agree with you, me too I feel she is connected to Khurana
      But as for her knowing about Naina that is common sense – if you are going to use someone for such a job it is best to carry a research on them.
      I really don’t like this, it is too far fetched.
      So the information here is if you are poor you are helpless and don’t have any moral compass.
      The rich can just take advantage over you if you are poor.
      I don’t like this track and don’t understand the sacrifice because it is a stupid one.

  6. ekta and surrogate mom na ho ek uske show mein not possible…..every dirty thing is must in ekta’s show

    1. Nivu99

      totally agree

  7. A beautiful episode.

  8. Mad furious Satya

    I bet u anything that someone will find the divorce papers and lodge it.they will be legally divorced.

  9. Mad furious Satya

    Khurana and Ahana are a couple. Khurana will change his tune once he comes to know what naina and raghav are doing for them.

  10. I really missed this show today, why they are not doing on weekend like other shows? Please help us to do it on weekend too please eeeeeeeeeee

  11. What a beautiful show

  12. Nivu99

    please guys do check out my ff Ever since we met in a foreign land and do comment…..

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