Hiii guys…This is the second article am writing after a long time…This is parashurama character sketch..we can learn something from each character in Ramayana or Mahabharata…

Parashurama is 6th in dashavatar…In the beginning of thraitha Yuga God Vishnu’s avatar is parashurama…He is the son of jamadhagni maharshi and renukadevi…He is the devotee of parameshwara…His guru was Shiva..He had learnt all his studies at shivudu…At that time shiva gave him powerful weapon (Axe)..This weapon name is parashuvu and one belief is that parashurama will decrease illness of praja with this weapon..

The below incident is the example of parashurama intelligence…

Once his father jamadhagni got angry on his wife and gave an order to parashurama to cut his mother head by his hand…parashurama obeyed to his father words and cuts his mother head…Jamadhagni gave him a boon to parashurama because of his respect towards father words…so parashurama asks his father to give his mother’s life back as a boon…All appreciate parashurama’s intelliggence because he is obeyed to his father words and at the same time saved his mother’s life..

Because of his angry 21 times he defeats Kshatriya and gives the land to kashyapudu and had gone to forest for tapas..and came at the time of sita swayamwar with angry on Rama..but knowing the truth about Rama is also Vishnu avatar leaves his angry and went to forest..

This is the information about parashurama… Sry if anything wrong…

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