Paramavatar Shri Krishna 9th October 2017 Written Episode Update

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 9th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with kansa saying nand tell me whose son is balram then? There balram has come out of the cell and soldiers under the door say if we don’t stop that kid then bhagwan kansa will kill us. Balram walks ahead in the prison and says I am hungry now too and these soldiers are coming behind me, should I fight them or eat?
There kansa says nand tell me who is balram then? Nand says maharaj balram is the son of my young brother. Nand says he is the son of upanad, who is my younger brother. Kans says your younger brother son? This is a new concept I heard. Nand says maharaj that night of amavasya, my brother had come to me and he left his son to me as he was no longer capable of taking care of his son, I have since fed balram as my own son. Bhadraksh says don’t believe

him maharaj, suddenly a brother comes and leaves his son? Why would a father do that? Nand says okay nand, soldiers take nand with him as nand says I am saying the truth. Kansa says nand wants me to believe that a unique child with so much power is the son of 2 normal human beings.
There kanha is coming in bullock cart with radha and kanha says brother must be alone and hungry now, I should have been there with laddoo’s but I forgot to take the laddoos too. radha says don’t worry kanha I have brought laddoos with me and a pot of butter too. kanha is happy and says gopi that is amazing but for whom did you bring butter? Radha says for the person who loves butter the most in the world. Kanha thinks, radha says stop thinking I brought it for you. Kanha smiles.
There balram is searching but 4 soldiers come and say you kid come with us otherwise we wont leave you. Balram says I told maharaj kansa I am not his nephew still he brought me here, I am annoyed now. Soldiers attack balram but balram easily defeats all of them in a second and says I am here empty stomach and you are making me do more hard work by beating you all. Balram goes and walks in the palace, he says there is so much unique to see in this palace but there is no food here, what palace is this? Balram then says if kanha was here he would have given me laddoos, I am worried for kanha, how will he be without me?
Brij bhanu and everyone reach Mathura, birj bhanu says kanha you wait here, I and damodar will go to the palace to save nand and balram. Kanha says kaka brij I am coming too as I need to save my brother and father. brij bahnu says no kanha it wont be safe for you in the palace, already balram is in danger. Kanha says kaka I have to meet kansa mama and make him believe that brother balram is not the son of mata devki, I have to talk to him and save brother and father, brij bhanu says okay. Radha says baba if kanha wont stay here, why will i? radha will go with kanha, brij says no radha you are not coming inside the palace it is not safe. Kanha says yes radha stay here, you said we have to work together, then you and my friends stay here, if there is a danger in the palace then I will give you a sign and you and my friends go to gokul and alert the people there. Radha says okay kanha I will wait for your signal.
There kansa sees balram and says come here balram. He takes balram in a room and has food kept there. Kansa says see nephew this is the food specially prepared for you today, eat as much as you want. Kansa says I will give you the first bite, kansa tries to feed but balram says no maharaj, I will not take food from an evil’s hand, the one who has killed so many innocent children to save himself, I told you so many times I am not your nephew still you wont listen. Kansa smiles and says nephew don’t insult food, eat it. Balram is angry and says don’t call me nephew as I am not your nephew. Kansa says today I will make you meet your mother and father. kansa takes balram to the prison where devki and vasudev are. Kansa says see this devki, your son, your 8th child who was hidden in gokul. Devki sees but doesn’t feel like he is her son. Kansa says what happened devki? Hug your son, shower your love on him. balram thinks but my mother is mata rohini. Devki says kansa I knew you are cruel and foolish but today you seem to be a blind too. kansa is angry. Devki says kansa look at him, does he seem to be 5 years old to you? He is not a 5 year old child and my mother’s love doesn’t say that he is the child I gave birth to. Kansa says devki he is no normal child. Balram then says that is what I have been telling him that I am not your nephew but he still calls me nephew, I am not his nephew and your son, devki smiles.

Precap: kansa says I will kill balram, kansa is about to go but kanha calls kansa from the throne. Kanha is on throne and says mama kansa think once again because I can do anything to save my brother balram.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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