Paramavatar Shri Krishna 9th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Sawan teej get married.

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 9th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with kanha in vrindavan. Kalyavan stands on the hil with his bow and says the weapon that mahadev has granted me, the amoga astra, can kill anyone, even brahma, Vishnu and mahadev himself cannot stop that weapon from killing anyone, I will use it to kill you kanha, you will no more be paramavatar shri Krishna. Kalyavan laughs and he says mahadev give me my amoga astra. Kalyavan takes the amoga astra in his hands with his bow.
In vrindavan, kanha is preparing for the marriage of sawan and teej with all people, people are doing different preparations. Rishi gargacharya comes to handle the rituals of the marriage. Radha says where is this kanha? Radha goes to kanha and says kanha, you will listen to me only, it is marriage of sawan and teej and we both have to take the

dolls of sawan and teej and do the rounds. Kanha says gopi I know that, this is not the first time that I am celebrating the marriage of sawan and teej. All people of vrindavan then says come on it is time for the rounds of the marriage to start. Guru gargacharya says yes it is.
Everyone come to the mandap and fire kund. Radha and kanha respectively hold the dolls of teej and sawan and then the knot is tied between their dresses. The rounds start and guru gargacharya says the mantras for the marriage and saat phere. Radha and kanha walk around the fire kund as everyone throw flowers on them. The marriage continues until the 7th round is done and all rounds are finished. Everyone is happy and they celebrate and sing songs and eat sweets. After the marriage is done, kanha goes home to take water.
There kalyavan says kanha see I am going to kill each and everyone of the people of vrindavana and even Vishnu wont be able to stop me from doing this and he wont be able to stop the amoga astra as well. Kanha hears this and says I have to do something, I have to save vrindavan and go and stop this kalyavan.
Kalyavan says all gods, gandharva, kinnar, yaksh, nag, tridev and tridevi, everyone see, I am going to end the form of Vishnu today. Mayur raj peacock hears this and he flies to vrindavan. There he sits on a tree and makes his peacock sounds. Radha hears mayur raj and says what happened mayur raj? It seems like you are telling me about something bad going to happen. Radha interprets what mayura raj says and says kanha’s life is in danger? I wont let anything happen to kanha, I will save kanha’s life, nothing can happen to him till radha is alive. Radha runs behind mayur raj.
There all people come to nand’s house and they hear kalyavan’s words. Everyone is scared and kanha says don’t worry people, nothing will happen to anyone, I will go and teach kalyavan a lesson. Yashoda says no kanha please don’t go, I wont let you go, kalyavan has the amoga astra and no god can stop it, it will kill you kanha please. Kanha says mother I have to go. Yashoda pulls kanha and cries, she says I wont let you go kanha, you will listen to me today, let everyone die but I cannot let anything happen to you. Yashoda locks kanha inside his room. Kanha bangs the door and says please open the door mother, I have to save everyone, please open the door.
There radha goes running towards the hill where kalyavan stands.

Precap: kanha sees his own form hit with the amoga astra and sees himself dying. Kanha says who is this when I am here?

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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