Paramavatar Shri Krishna 8th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Ekanga burns crops and forests.

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 8th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with kansa saying rishi charbak what is the guarantee that ekanga will put my soul into kanha’s body. Rishi charbak says kansa you don’t know anything about the powers of ekanga and her will to kill her parents, that is why I gave her the evil powers as gift. Bhadraksh says but bhagwan how will your soul be put in kanha’s body? Rishi charbak says come with me kansa, I will tell you how.
Kanha and radha are with yashoda at home, kanha says gopi do you know Diwali is celebrated only once in a year. Radha says oh my god gore, good you told me otherwise I would never know. Kanha laughs. yashoda says kanha stop teasing her. Radha says gore, I know you well. Kanha says no, I know you well and you are being mata laxmi only because everyone will feed you a lot of

sweets. Radha says no kanha, dont say that, if you were a girl then you only go and be mata laxmi. Kanha gets angry and she comes out of the house. She walks in anger and mumbles. Rishi gargacharya comes and says where are you going radha? Radha says I am going guru, I don’t want to be laxmi. Rishi says radha, I brought the saree that you have to wear to be mata laxmi. Radha says no guru. Rishi says radha, what do I say about you? you don’t need to be devi laxmi because you are already mata laxmi. Radha says guru why are you talking like kanha? Even that gora was telling I am mata laxmi, but I never understand. Rishi gargacharya smiles and says mata, you are grate.
There rishi charbak says kansa, don’t worry I gave ekanga the evil powers of this universe. In flashback, rishi charbak goes with ekanga on a platform where some colorful circles are made. Ekanga stands on it and rishi charbak says hey evil powers of this universe, I summon you to aid ekanga and give her your powers. Rishi charbak then hits his staff on the ground, a huge tornado appears and some evil powers rise in form of various lights and they enter the body of ekanga, ekanga screams after absorbing the powers and she straight away walks to vrindavan. Kansa meets her and tells ekanga to stay alert from a kid in vrindavan called kanha, because he traps everyone in his sweet talks and then fools them, he is dangerous. Ekanga says I will kill anyone who comes in my way.
As ekanga comes near vrindavan, the forests and farms made by people of vrindavan start burning. They run helter skelter and get worried and go and complain to nand. Nand says but how did our crops burn just like that? the people say can it be a new demon? Nand says no people, during Diwali due to mata laxmi’s divya power no evil can rise. The people say then nand baba, our crops have gone, what do we do? Nand says even I don’t understand what has happened, but pray to prabhu Vishnu, everything will be okay till then I shall see how the crops got burned.
There rishi gargacharya feels the presence of some evil and he calls kanha. Kanha says what happened rishi var? gargacharya says kanha, I know how the forest trees and crops got burned, it is no evil but something else. Kanha says what do you mean rishi var? rishi says kanha, it is another power, a girl named ekanga. Kanha says ekanga? Rishi says yes kanha, ekanga is your sister. Kanha is shocked and says what? How is that possible? Rishi says yes kanha, it is the truth, ekanga is your sister! Kanha says then I have to find her. Rishi says yes kanha, she has come here to kill your parents and she wont stop as she feels she was abandoned by your parents. Kanha says rishi then I have to find her soon before she harms anyone and stop her, kansa has fooled her in his trap and I have to tell ekanga she is going to do a mistake. Kanha goes.
There ekanga comes near the village of vrindavan and she takes the disguise of a young girl with a pot. Ekanga says I will find my parents from amongst these people, I will go and kill my parents once I find them. Ekanga goes in the disguise.
Kanha meets radha. Radha says where are you going kanha? Kanha says nothing radha, I am just going to see the forest. Radha says kanha can a demon be present here? because how did the crops and trees burn just like that? kanha says no radha, I just know that it is no evil power but something else, I have to go now. kanha goes.

Precap: kanha is searching ekanga in the forest. Ekanga says how does this kid know me? ekanga and kanha fight, kanha fights ekanga’s evil powers.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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