Paramavatar Shri Krishna 8th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Kansa beats the rishi’s.

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 8th February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with rishi saying kansa you are doing very well, now let yourself go into prabhu Vishnu’s love and pray again. Kansa prays himself om namo bhagvatey vasudevay namah! Rishi says yes kansa, now continue praying with us, leave yourself to prabhu Vishnu. Kansa continues saying the prayer with the rishi’s. keshari is angry and says that is enough now, I will not let you do this, you mayavi rishi’s. rishi says this is not maya, but prabhu vishnu’s bhakti. Keshari is angry and removes a whip, he hits the rishi’s with the whip. Rishi says we wont get hurt this way, we are protected by the power of lord vishnu’s bhakti. Kansa continues praying. Keshari hits all rishi’s and says maharaj kansa wake up, she then says it is enough now. Keshari takes bucket of water

and throws on kansa’s face. Kansa opens his eyes, he says what happened here? Keshari says maharaj, something that shouldn’t have. Kansa says what? Keshari says these rishi’s put you in a maya and made you say the prayers of prabhu Vishnu. Kansa is angry and says Vishnu is my enemy, how could someone fool bhagwan kansa? No!! kansa gets angry and uses the whip, he beats the rishi’s.
There kanha plays the flute in the forest and mayasura looks at kanha, he smiles as he loves the sweet music. Suddenly mayasura comes out of the dream and says I was trapped in my own dream? That kid fooled me and created an illusion in front of me. Mayasura says how can this happen? I am mayasura! No one can control me. Mayasura says I have to find out who this kid is, I have to kill him first. Mayasura says but first I shall go to my friend kalya naag.
There yashoda is on the bed as radha rubs her hand. Radha says kaki please come back, radha is waiting for you to tell her to go to bring water, please kaki wake up. Kirti is worried and says even the medicines are not working, what will happen? Nand cries and says my wife and son both are in danger, what do I do? I cannot do anything. Balram says nand baba don’t cry please, you are the strength that holds everyone together as well as your family. Nand says what do I do then? Balram says baba kanha says always believe in god and we should do that.
There paras prays to lord Vishnu and says prabhu please help me and keep my mother safe.
Mayasura says to kalya naag, my magic did not work, how come some kid entered the dream, I have to find him because he saved paras in the dream. Kalya naag says what? Are you mad? How didn’t your powers work? Mayasura says I have to find that out. Kalya naag says you couldn’t put my son against Vishnu, you are useless mayasura. Mayasura gets angry and says think before you speak kalya naag, I am mayasura, you know that! My powers will work, I had promised you so I will do my work and put your son against Vishnu! Kalya naag says how? Mayasura says I will become the person paras listens to most, your wife sunidhi. Mayasura turns into sunidhi. Kalya naag laughs and says you are great.
Mayasura as sunidhi goes to paras and says son! Paras is happy and says mother you came, he hugs sunidhi and says mother prabhu Vishnu finally brought you here. Mayasura says no! it is not Vishnu! It is because of him that our family is breaking. Paras says what? Mayasura says forget Vishnu now paras, break his statue. Paras says no mother! I will tell prabhu not to break our family. Sunidhi says that wont happen because he wont listen, take this hammer and break the statue. Kanha sees this hiding and says this is not mata sunidhi, I know this is mayasura! I have to save paras.

Precap: kaalindi is going to yashoda by swimming from the river. She says I have to reach soon. Mayasura serves poisoned kheer to kanha and paras.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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