Paramavatar Shri Krishna 7th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 7th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with devki standing near the opening of the prison and she looks at the peacock feather, devki remembers the time when she was with vasudev and said when her son would be born she would put the peacock feather on his head. Devki looks at the feather and cries, she is heart broken and says I promised to my babies that I would put a peacock feather but I am sorry children, you all died because I am kansa’s sister. Devki leaves the feather and it flies outside the prison. Devki sits down and cries and then lies down and cries.
The feather flies from Mathura to gokul, there puranmasi and all the people have eyes closed and are praying and say radha-krishna, radha-krishna. The feather comes and Krishna sees it, he smiles, the feather lands in his hand and Krishna plays

with it. puranmasi and everyone open their eyes and puranmasi is surprised to see the feather, she thinks lord Vishnu is the question I asked true? Is what I think true? Yashoda says see how beautiful our Krishna looks with this peacock feather. Nand says yes yashoda, see he is not leaving the feather. Puranmasi says but there is no peacock around here, where di that feather come from?
In prison, devki looks down and is sad. Vasudev says devki, I don’t know what to say to you now, but believe me everything will be fine, we will get our revenge and kansa will suffer before he dies. Vasudev says don’t worry. Kansa comes and says yes my sister, brother in law is right, do not worry. Kansa then says I came here to tell you that it may just take 1 day or 3 days or max 1 week, then I will send you and vasudev in a royal chariot back the maheshmati. Kansa says you will go there, then I will come and visit you, I will play with your children and they will call me mama. Kansa then says no wait, one thing is wrong, you don’t have children because their mama threw them out from here and killed them, I have sent putla to find and kill your 8th child, then your brother will be safe, for that you should be happy. Kansa then says, come I will give you lunch to eat, I brought it for you myself, kansa sits and forces devki and stuffs food in her mouth. Vasudev has tears and thinks devki cannot even do anything, she is forced, I will not leave kansa. Kansa then says brother in law, take care of my sister, the people of maheshmati shouldn’t say devki was not taken care at her family home. kansa goes.
There putla is finding babies to kill. She sees a woman with a baby, the woman keeps her baby inside a swing of dupatta and goes to bring milk. Putla goes to the baby and says I will kill you, maharaj kansa will be happy, putla puts a blue beam into the babies eyes from her eyes, the baby is killed and she puts it back in the swing and goes. The woman comes and sees and screams and cries.
There putla sees many swings of dupatta tied to a tree and says wow so many babies, I will kill all and god kansa will be very happy. Putla goes and opens the swing and nothing is in it, she says this cheating with putla who did that? suddenly villagers come running and say see she is the witch kansa sent to kill our babies, she has killed our children before. Putla turns into a demon and then releases green gas and all villagers fall down.
In gokul, puranmasi says this is a good sign, Krishna is having the peacock feather, a feather in which all gods live. Yashoda says I did not understand masi? Puranmasi says in ramyug, when ravana had defeated the gods they were seeking a place to hide, that time the peacocks gave them a safe haven to hide and all the gods blessed peacocks that they would protect the peacocks and they would be a sign of gods. Puranmasi says the feather shall stay with Krishna and it will be his identity. Yashoda says yes masi, I will from now always put this feather on krishna’s head and he will be known for the peacock feather. Yashoda ties it on krishna’s head.
There kansa sits on his throne and now everyone is doing his Pooja, he tells asti to put rose garland in his head. Everyone do Pooja and spray flowers on kansa. There devki is furious and she runs from the prison and comes in the court, she takes a spear and screams loudly kansa! And attacks spear on kansa. The spear reaches just before kansa’s forehead and kansa holds it, he looks angry and throws it back on devki, prapti and asti look shocked and worried. The spear hits devki in her stomach.

Precap: vasudev is furious. Putla has now come to gokul.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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