Paramavatar Shri Krishna 7th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Kanha saves paras and sunidhi.

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 7th February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with yashoda on the bed. Doctor says her health is still bad and poison has spread everywhere even after using medicines on yashoda. Balram is worried. A woman then sits and touches yashoda and says her body has started to get a bit warmer. Doctor checks yashoda’s pulse and says yes indeed, this is a miracle, I think the poison is not working on her body. Balram says I remember kanha said, a person’s body should not be left cold and it should be given heat so that they recover fast. Balram starts rubbing yashoda’s hands and the women put hot water wraps on yashoda’s forehead.
There paras prays to lord Vishnu and mayasura says now I will make paras suffer and fear against Vishnu.
There all rishi’s sit down for the meditation and praying to lord Vishnu.

Kansa comes dressed entirely as a rishi. Pralapt says to janur , I am scared janur, what if maharaj kansa turns into a disciple of lord Vishnu? Janur says please don’t say that, I would rather die then. Keshari is angry on kansa and says maharaj what are you doing? Kansa sits down and calms down, he says rishi lets start, tell me how to do it? Keshari thinks kansa has gone mad, I hope he doesn’t become an admirer of Vishnu.
Rishi says to kansa, first close your eyes kansa. Kansa closes his eyes and sits properly in a meditating position. Rishi says now remove all your anger, ego and hate towards lord Vishnu and become peaceful. Kansa breathes in and out. Rishi says now say with us, om namo bhagvatey vasudevay namah! Kansa then sits and actually starts praying, he says om namo bhagvatey vasudevay namah! Pralapt and janur are shocked and say what is maharaj doing? Pralapt cries and says it is no use being a demon, see what maharaj is doing. Keshari is shocked and says maharaj what are you doing? Stop now. Kansa calms down and says the prayer and says to keshari, I feel so peaceful now, I feel nothing is worrying me keshari. Pralapt and janur are shocked and pralapt says lets bring maharaj’s non veg food for him. They both go and bring cooked chicken for kansa. Kansa then says what is this? You shouldn’t kill innocent living beings, take this away from here. Pralapt goes taking chicken. Keshari says maharaj stop, you are doing wrong. Kansa prays and says I feel I have lost my anger keshari.
There mayasura sees and then says I will create a dream now and make paras suffer. Mayasura laughs and the puts a dream into paras’s mind. Paras now sees himself and sunidhi in the forest. As paras sunidhi walk the wolves surround them and attack again. There kanha hears paras’s prayers and he says I will teach mayasura a lesson. In the dream, paras says mother we have to run, they both run and wolves surround them. Suddenly kanha steps in and saves them from the wolves and says lets hide behind that rock, all hide behind a rock. Mayasura is shocked and says who is that kid? Mayasura says how am I not having control over my dream? Why is this happening? That kid made a mess, I will not leave him, I am mayasura. There kanha says to paras, I am your friend. Paras says friend? We just met. Kanha smiles and says yes but now we are friend right? Paras says yes. Kanha says now to be safe, we have to go to that Vishnu temple there, we will be safe, sunidhi says yes. A wolf comes over them. Kanha says you both go, I will be back now after beating this wolf. Sunidhi and paras go. Kanha runs as the wolf comes behind him, kanha teases the wolf and goes near a valley and stops. The wolf pounces on him and kanha steps aside, wolf falls into the valley. Kanha laughs.
There mayasura says I will kill that kid, now I will go in my dream. Mayasura goes. There paras and sunidhi are about to reach temple when a huge bat comes flying and attacks them. Kanha sees and says I am sure this is mayasura, now it is time for him to be punished.

Precap: keshari throws water on kansa to wake him up and tell him not to pray to Vishnu. Kanha plays the flute to stop mayasura.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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