Paramavatar Shri Krishna 6th October 2017 Written Episode Update: kanha goes to mathura.

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 6th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with bhadraksh taking nand. All people of gokul stop him, bhdraksh laughs and says you will stop me? Bhadraksh then disappears and comes behind the people and walks away and laughs, he says I am just a dead body. All people see and are shocked.
In barsana, radha says baba even I will come with you to gokul. Brij says no radha you cannot come with me to gokul, it is not safe for you. Radha says I am radha, I have decided and I will come for sure. Brij says radha please listen, nand baba and balram are in danger. Radha says baba I have to make kanha understand, he thinks because of me brother balram is in danger but it is not true. Jatila says then radha even your father can tell kanha. Radha says no only I can make him understand. Brij says radha I said you cannot

come. Radha I sad and she walks away. Birj says kirti you make her understand, I am going to gokul.
There kansa is outside the jail climbing the mountain and says jija shree please help me, take me in. vasudev and devki look down. vasudev doesn’t give his hand to kansa. Kansa says please jia shree please help me otherwise I will fall down and die, help me. Kansa then angrily flies inside. Kansa holds vasudev’s neck and says now I will tell you something. Kansa laughs and says the person I was searching for years, your 8th son, I have finally found him in gokul. Vasudev says if you think I will tell you who my son is, then leave right now. Kansa says no vasudev don’t tell me, I already know who it is, you took your son and crossed the Yamuna river and hid your son in nand’s house. Vasudev is shocked and thinks kansa maybe knows. Devki then says you evil kansa, even if you know who it is, my son will kill you, it is funny to see you be scared to a child whose milk teeth have not yet fallen, everyday you near your death kansa as you yourself have written your death date. Kansa is angry and he pressed devki’s neck, she becomes unconscious and kansa says I have not killed her, just scared her. Devki wakes up. Kansa says this time I will make you meet your son, kansa goes. Vasudev thinks kansa must have taken kanha in the prison.
There kanha runs inside the house as soldiers guard it. Kanha’s friends come and kanha tries waking yashoda, he says wake up mother. Yashoda then wakes up and she says nand ji. Kanha says mother baba has been taken to Mathura. Yashoda says yes, my family is in danger. Yashoda goes inside crying. Kanha sits with his friends and thinks how to get out of the house to go to Mathura as soldiers are there. Kanha says yes I have an idea, kanha sees baskets and then takes a plate of laddoos to the soldiers and says please take the laddoo you all must be tired. Soldier says you were the one who got my friends inside the prison, just go and sit. Kanha says I was just trying to serve you, mother says we should always give food to guests, it is okay I will only eat these laddoo, kanha sits and eat laddoo. Soldiers see and then the soldier comes and says we are kansa’s soldiers, just give the laddoos here. As all soldiers come to eat laddoo, jeevak and damodar go inside each baskets and slowly come to the door. As soldiers eat, kanh brings more laddoos and damodar and jeevak and another friend escape. The soldiers see and run behind them. Kanha laughs. One soldier stays and says you cheated us, kanha says no they only ran away, I will go and call them. Soldier says what if you go too? kanha says I wont because 2 of my friends are here, why will I leave them? Soldier says okay., kanha goes too. yashoda comes and says where is kanha? Soldier says they all went, they cheated us, I tried to stop them. Yashoda cries, kanha’s friends slowly say kaki don’t cry, kanha has gone to Mathura to save balram and nand kaka. Yashoda is sad and says my entire family is in danger, narayana please help them.
There kanha is going with damodar jeevak and another friend. Brij bhanu is coming to gokul in a bullock cart, he sees kanha and stops them. Kanha says kaka we are going to Mathura to save baba and brother. Brij says this means nand has been taken too. kanha tells entire story. Brij says kanha then lets go together. Brij keeps kanha in a bullock cart and they all prepare to go. kanha sees a basket beside him and it shakes. Kanha screams kaka! Brij comes and says what happened? He too sees the basket. Radha comes out of the basket. Kanha is shocked. Brij is shocked and says radha I had told you to stay at barsana. Kanha says kaka why did you bring her? Leave her at barsana. Brij says it will be time if we get back to barsana, we have to go safely. Radha says yes baba. Brij goes. Radha says kanha you blamed me for brother balram but it is not true. Kanha ignores. Radha says kanha just think, if I hadn’t called you, the demon would have taken you too, then how would you be able to save brother balram? Radha says instead I saved you. Kanha thinks this gopi somehow tries to prove that she is right and others are wrong. Radha says kanha but now we have to keep our anger and enemy aside and work together and be friends as we have to bring back brother balram and kaka nand. Radha says give me your hand. Kanha smiles and then he gives hand and they clap and laugh, both become friends again.
There kansa wakes up nand by putting water on his face. Nand gets up and kansa says there is nothing unique in you, you are just a normal human, you wont cheat bahgwan kansa. Nand says cheat? Why would I cheat you maharaj? Kansa says you fed devki’s 8th son and he grew up now, and made him balram. Nand says balram devki’s son? No maharaj he is not. Kansa says tell me the truth, whose son is he?

Precap: kansa says today I will go and kill that balram. Kansa is about to go but kanha stops him, kanha is on the throne and says wait maharaj, don’t go I am here, I will do anything to save my brother. There balram is inside the prison and 2 soldiers laugh as he is inside. Balram sees and he kicks the door angrily, it falls down, balram stands on the soldiers under the door.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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