Paramavatar Shri Krishna 6th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Rishi charbak sends ekanga to vrindavan.

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 6th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with kansa saying such a powerful woman should create destruction. rishi charbak says she is a human and not a demoness, she lives alone and that is why her name is ekanga, she is very deeply related to kanha.
Kanha eats laddoo’s as they are delicious. Radha says aren’t they delicious, mother made butter laddoos for you, say something gore. Balram hides and watches. Kanha says let me eat first, then I will tell you. balram thinks kanha and radha are eating ladoos and talking with love, before any problem arises I have to do something.
Narad muni says prabhu, why does shesh avatar balram see a problem? Lord Vishnu says shesh avatar understands what his heart understands and he sees only what his eyes can see, so shesh avatar thinks whenever kanha and radha

come together they create a problem, he is very innocent.
Radha says will you feed me as well? Kanha says yes radha. Balram comes and says wait kanha and radha, whenever you come together there is a problem. Kanha says but why do you think that brother? Balram says I don’t know but these ladoos are problem, give it to me, I will go. balram goes. Radha says kanha we should stay with brother balram. Radha goes.
There ekanga cuts the bark of peepal tree and drinks its milk. She then takes some fruits and eats it and sits down. Rishi charbak says see kansa, she lives like this. Ekanga says rishi I thought you were dead. Rishi says no ekanga, I am here. ekanga says no I didn’t meet you for a longtime, then I thought you may have died like one of these burning trees. Ekanga says rishi you promised me to tell me who did this condition of me. rishi says I have brought you the information. Ekanga sees kansa and bhadraksh and gets angry, she gets up and says how dare you rishi? Why did you bring them here? I am not a people person. Bhadraksh is scared and he says sorry, but he is bhagwan kansa. Ekanga removes her weapon and says how dare you say bhagwan? I hate the word bhagwan. Rishi says stop ekanga. Ekanga stops and rishi says he means that demon is his asur raj kansa and he is bhagwan for him. rishi says ekanga hates god and being with any people, she lives alone. Kansa says then she cannot do anything for us. kansa and bhadraksh are going. Rishi charbak stops them and says kansa don’t you want to know how ekanga is related to kanha? Kansa stops.
Yashoda tells all children story of Diwali and says in the end bhai dooj comes. Kanha says mother, bhai dooj is the day for brother and sister right? Yashoda says yes. Kanha is sad and yashoda says why are you sad? Kanha says mother I wished I had a sister. Yashoda says kanha, the lord and prabhu has written something in everyone’s life so you get what is written for you. kanha thinks I think that somewhere in the world I have a sister.
There rishi charbak says kansa, ekanga is kanha’s sister. Kansa and bhadraksh are shocked. kansa looks at charbak and says are you mad? Bhadraksh and kansa laugh. Kansa then removes his sword and says charbak rishi I will kill you if this is a lie. Charbak says no kansa, ekanga is the daughter of nand and yashoda. Kansa says how? Charbak says ekanga was born 16 years ago, he then tells the story. kansa then says okay, then she will help us. kansa goes to ekanga and says devi ekanga, please help me. ekanga says what do you want? Kansa says help me and I shall give you all happiness that you want. Ekanga says I don’t want any happiness, I hate happiness because I am left alone in this sorrow. Ekanga goes angrily. Rishi charbak says kansa, ekanga doesn’t need anything but she wants only revenge and I will convince her, she will help to put a part of your soul in kanha’s body.
Kansa walks to a hill and kansa says bhadraksh where are you? bhadraksh says bhagwan I am here but scared of that ekanga. Kansa says if you don’t come now, then I will kill you. bhadraksh appears in a body of a soldier and says if ekanga kills me, it will hurt this body and not me. kansa and bhadraksh go.
In vrindavan, rishi gargacharya comes and everyone welcome him. nand says rishi, we were waiting for you, in laxmi Pooja whom do we make the form of laxmi for the Pooja? Rishi thinks mata laxmi, I know you are amongst us in the form of devi radha and making your form of radha as laxmi is more appropriate than anyone else.
Ekanga asks charbka, since I was a child I have been asking you who has done this to me, tell me. rishi charbak says ekanga, the time has come, the ones who have turned you into evil are your parents who live in vrindavan. Ekanga says this information is enough, I will go and kill everyone.

Precap: ekanga comes as everyone does Pooja of laxmi. Ekanga’s power removes all light from vrindavan. Everyone is worried.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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