Paramavatar Shri Krishna 6th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 6th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with everyone making preparations for the naming ceremony of yashoda and kirti’s son and daughter. Nand says all the people are ready to do the parakram. Yashoda says yes. The people of gokul come with a huge pam with handles, yashoda puts her son inside the pram. All the people with nand and brij bhanu take the pram and start walking around gokul, everyone say haathi ghoda palki! jai yashoda lal ki.
In heaven, lord Vishnu and laxmi smile. There all the gods and rishi have come. Laxmi says dev and rishi you all have come today here together? Rishi say yes mata laxmi. One rishi says we have waited for lifetimes to see you and shree vishnu’s form back on earth and to witness their childhood. Lord Vishnu smiles. Rishi’s say prabhu Vishnu we just want one wish,

we want to stay with your form on earth and witness your childhood and also protect you. lord Vishnu blesses and nods his head.
In gokul as the palki is taken with the baby inside it, suddenly 2 boys appear behind the crow, they are the human form of the rishi’s. they join in saying haathi ghoda palki, jai yashoda lal ki.
There in the palace, vasu dev looks at sad devki sitting and looking outside. Akrur comes. Vasu dev says what happened akrur? Akrur says maharaj I just got the news, a good news! Vasu dev says good news? What is that? akrur says the babies of gokul are all safe, nand took all the babies and people and hid the babies in a cave outside gokul, bhadraksh and his soldiers had gone in the cave but suddenly water came flowing and they ran away scare, this is sure the doing of gods. Vasu dev is happy and says the babies are safe now! vasudev thinks lord Vishnu has done this, if he didn’t do this nothing could have saved my son. Akrur then says and everyone is just talking about the son of nand and yashoda. Vasu dev is excited and says yes? Tell me. Akrur says that baby is the light of everyone’s eyes, everyone just wants to see him, even I saw that baby his smile is so heart melting and sweet, I will never forget it. vasu dev is happy and thinks he is my son, I am happy that he is safe. Akrur says maharaj you looked excited about nand’s son? Vasu dev says akrur, all my kids were killed by kansa, I want at least other babies in brij mandal safe. Vasudev says akrur you go now, if anyone sees you here they will take you to kansa. Akrur goes. Vasudev is about to tell devki that their son is alive but vasudev thinks how can I tell her that her son is alive? Devki may be forced to do something if she sees him torturing me, I have to protect them both.
There yashoda’s son is kept beside kirti’s daughter. The 2 boys come and say they both look like a cute couple to live forever. Everyone smile. Nand says who are you boys? I never saw you in gokul. The boys say we live outside gokul in the ashram, sometimes mata puranmasi comes there, we will go and call her for the naming ceremony. They go.
Puranmasi is in her hut and she reads both the kundli’s of kirti and yashoda’s children. Puranmasi says this cant be, they seem to be very different than other children, are they someone else?
In heaven, lord Vishnu says puranmasi has worshipped me for years and in her other lives too he has worshipped me, she deserves to be visited once by me but not yet, she will soon know that the baby is my form but not now, she will know when time comes.
There puranmasi reaches the house. She reads the kundli’s. everyone welcome her and yashoda says puranmasi you have to name our children. Puranmasi reads the daughter’s kundli and says as the kundli suggests, her name shall start from Ra. Puranmasi says her name will be radha. Everyone is happy and brij bhanu says radha! Proudly. Puranmasi then reads the kundli of the son and says his name shall be kept from K. puranmasi says the name of yashoda and nand’s son will be Krishna. Everyone say Krishna and are happy. Krishna smiles.

Precap: nand tells devki that rupra has gone to find her 8th son who is alive out there. Devki is shocked to know this. Rupra is surrounded by villagers and they say she is the woman who took many babies to kansa to be killed, kill her. Suddenly rupra turns into the demon. In the palace, devki attacks a spear on kansa. Spear reaches kansa’s forehead and he holds it before it touches him.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. As per shree bhaagwat, naamkaran sanskar was done of shree krishna n Balram by guru gargacharyaji… n not shree krishna n Radhaji..

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