Paramavatar Shri Krishna 5th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Bhadraksh comes to gokul.

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 5th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with kansa saying my nephew balram you have finally come to me. I had you in my hands when you were a baby, and now you are here after so many years. Kansa then says he chakradhari Vishnu, see your leela, you brought your form to me, now how will you stop me from killing devki’s 8th son? Balram says nephew? Devki’s 8th son? Balram says maharaj kansa you are in a misunderstanding, I am not who you think, my mother’s name is not devki, it is…. Kansa says yes I know who it is, but nephew you wont live too long now. balram says maharaj I am not who you think, I am not mata devki’s 8th son. Kansa says it is okay balram, don’t say anything. Kansa then says and my friend alambasur what name did you tell your friend? Ghungroo laughs. balram smiles and says his name

is not alambasur, he is my friend ghungroo. Kansa says ghungroo? He laughs and says wow alambasur you fooled this boy, show him who you are. Ghungroo does dha dhin dhin dha and turns into alambasur. Alambasur laughs. kansa laughs and says balram he is my childhood friend alambasur whom I sent to bring you here. balram is shocked and now gets angry. Alambasur goes beside kansa. Balram is angry and says you demon alambasur, for this first time I had trusted you and made you my friend, you cheated me. Balram runs angrily towards alambasur and says I will not leave you, balram kicks alambasur. Alambasur flies in air and falls on kansa’s throne and is in pain, he says friend kansa! Kana is shocked and scared, he gets up and steps back. kansa says calm down balram. Balram is angry and says alambasur today I will not leave you, I came here to meet my father but you cheated me. kansa thinks so much power, he is the form of Narayana. Kansa says don’t worry balram you will meet your father for sure.
There rohini is crying and says that demon took balram with him to Mathura. Balram is in Mathura and near kansa, kansa knows who he is, balram is not safe and those who go to Mathura don’t come back, please save my son. Rohini cries and goes in her room. yashoda comforts her. Kanha thinks I have to go with my friends to Mathura and help my brother.
There kansa says balram you will meet your father but before that tell me with whom did you stay in gokul? Balram says angrily in gokul my father is nand baba and no one else. Kansa says nand that cheat, he fooled me. Kansa then calls bhadraksh. Bhadraksh appears and balram is shocked and thinks he was dead. Kansa says bhadraksh bring nand to me, i want him here. bhadraksh says yes maharaj kansa ki jai, bhadraksh disappears.
In barsana, lalita say yes kaka brij bhanu I told radha not to go but she said she is radha and went to gokul. At the door radha comes. Brij bhanu and kirti come there and say radha you have come. Brij says radha why didn’t you tell me? You went to gokul at night. Radha runs inside and sits sad. Brij says what happened to her? Kirti says you only ask. Brij goes to her and says what happened to radha? Are you angry on me? Radha says not on you baba, on that kanha! Brij says kanha? Radha says yes he blamed me as brother balram went missing but tell me if brother balram went anywhere would it be my mistake? Brij says no radha. Radha says then kanha said if anything happened to him then he wouldn’t talk to me. Brij says what about balram but? Radha says brother balram went missing, no one could find him so everyone is finding him, now I will sleep but if you get any news about brother balram tell me too. Radha goes. Brij bhanu says I hope balram is not in any danger, if he is please god save him.
In gokul, soldiers of kansa come inside nand’s house. Nand damodar and yashoda come out. Nand says what happened? We have given all our tax to kansa, why have you all come here? bhadraksh’s voice comes and says we have come to meet you nand baba. Bhadraksh comes on his horse. everyone is shocked and nand says you were dead. Bhadraksh says what did you think I died? I went for a holiday from my life, I never died. Bhadraksh then disappears. Nand yashoda and damodar look here and there. Bhadraksh comes behind yashoda and scares her. Bhardkash then disappears and comes to nand and then sits with a pot of butter and says maharaj kansa has found about that child whom you hid here for many years. Nand says who? Bhadraksh throws the pot and says mudgal dhari balram, he then throws the mudgal. Bhadraksh says nand, you hid balram here, now he is with maharaj kansa. Damodar says slowly to yashoda that I will go and keep rohini safe, yashoda sends damodar. Bhadraksh comes to yashoda and says nand rani, there is another person related to balram, since many years even rohini is missing. Bhadraksh is about to check the house but yashoda says you cannot check our house. Bhadraksh says anyway maharaj kansa sent me to take nand baba with me so I will take him with me. Bhadraksh says come nand, yashoda says if he goes then I will go too. Bhadraksh then picks nand and says maharaj kansa wants only the thing he has told one to do, not more. Bhadraksh pushes yashoda and she falls on a pillar.
There kanha goes to his friends and says friends I need your help brother balram has been taken by ghungroo who actually is a demon. Friends say what? Kanha says yes and before anything happens to brother balram we have to save him. friends say kanha brother balram ha saved and helped us many times, we will give our life for him, we will come with you.
A messenger comes to barsana to brij bhanu and says I have been sent by maharani rohini, nand baba and rajkumar balram are in trouble. Balram has been taken to kansa and nand baba too. Messenger says now you can only help them brij bhanu ji, I have to go to maheshmati to give this news now. messenger goes. Brij bhanu says I have to go to gokul to save balram and nand. Radha listens and says I am radha, I will hide and go.

Precap: damodar comes to kanha and says kanha nand baba has been taken by bhadraksh to Mathura. Kanha is worried. In the bullock cart, kanha says kaka brij what is this basket? Kanha sees in basket, it is radha.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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