Paramavatar Shri Krishna 5th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Kanha removes radha from a hole.

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 5th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with kansa saying rishi charabak, this is an excellent idea, till now bhadraksh I killed so many rishi’s and tortured them but you gave a solution to kill me! kansa laughs. kansa says but how will a part of my soul be transferred into kanha’s body? Who will do that? rishi charbak says first I want food, food is what gives life and to make my mind work I want 56 types of food items to eat now. bhadraksh says rishi first tell us how to put bhagwan kansa’s part of soul into kanha’s body, then you will have ample time to eat whatever food you need. Kansa says I feel that you don’t have any plan to this. Rishi charbak says kansa, your part of soul can be put in kanha’s body by someone who is very close to kanha, like his mother yashoda. Kansa says yashoda? She

is his mother and why would anyone that loves kanha like his parents help us do this? Charbak says then someone else. Kansa says but who? Rishi charbak says I know one person who can do this, she is very close to kanha but she will also listen to you kansa.
In barsana, kirti tells her helper to take sweets to vrindavan to wish everyone Diwali and to welcome them for laxmi Pooja in barsana. Radha comes and says mother. Kirti says radha where were you? radha says mother, you told me the story of mata Annapurna! Kirti says yes. Radha says in that same way, I would love to go to vrindavan and wish them Diwali and invite them all too. Kirti smiles and says you have understood radha, you can go.
In vrindavan, kanha is with yashoda at home. radha comes with the sweets and wishes Diwali to everyone. Everyone is happy. Radha comes to kanha to feed him a sweet. Kanha says no I don’t want to talk to you, yashoda says don’t say that kanha. Kanha says no mother, let radha go, I don’t want to eat anything from her hand. Radha says okay gore, don’t talk to me. radha goes.
There kanha is with savre and he says I will teach radha a lesson. Savre makes sounds. Kanha says go and do what I have told you to. Savre moos and there as radha is walking in vrindavan, savre comes running in front towards her. Radha says stop savre. Savre doesn’t stop and he runs towards radha. Radha gets scared and says no savre, stop it is me radha, I have 1 lakh cows, stop savre. Radha gets scared and she runs and as savre comes near radha, behind radha falls in a huge hole and is stuck in it. savre goes and kanha comes. Radha says I knew it, you told savre to push me inside this hole. Kanha says no radha. Radha says yes kanha, why did you do it? kanha says radha, you are kanha’s radha and not krishna’s radha, it is all because of you. radha says okay kanha, at least get me out, I am only kanha’s radha. Kanha smiles and says wait! He brings a rope and pulls radha out of the hole. Radha and kanha look at each other and smile.
There kansa, rishi charbak and bhadraksh go to a burnt forest at night. A demoness stands on a hill tall looking at the moon. Rishi charbak says she is the one close to kanha, she is an evil demon more evil than you can imagine, wherever she goes, the greenery is burnt and all light dies, the ground becomes dry and whoever sees into her evil eyes as she looks at them, they are burnt to ash. Kansa says then how is she close to kanha? Who is she? Rishi charbak says she is kanha’s sister, and is waiting to have what she deserved, she is angry and wants revenge and she will listen to you kansa.

Precap: The demoness ekanga, goes to vrindavan as everyone does Pooja of laxmi poojan. Radha is dressed as laxmi. Ekanga comes and by her powers she removes all light of vrindavan of the diyas.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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