Paramavatar Shri Krishna 5th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Kanha invites kalyavan home.

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 5th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with kanha taking the pot of butter, kalyavan says eat it kids, eat everything and enjoy. Kalyavan goes. All friends eat and say kanha eat the butter, kanha says I eat only the butter that my mother makes, and this has been given to me by that sweet seller, I am not eating the butter. Kanha goes back home.
There radha and her friends are doing the preparations for the marriage. A friend says radha, teej looks so sad see her face. Radha takes the doll and says yes she looks sad, what happened to her? Kirti says radha she will be sad, because today her doli will be picked and she will leave her parents house and go to her in laws, that is why she will miss this place. Radha says but she is supposed to happy like everyone as this is a happy function.
There kalyavan

comes in the village singing his lakad-sunga song. All people surround him and are amazed to see him. Kalyavan comes and everyone is happy, he says just don’t smile, enjoy, ask whatever you want. Kalyavan goes to a kaka and says you seem an ambitious person, ask whatever you have dreamt of till now and want, I will give it to you from my jholi. Kaka says I have dreamt of eating kesar kheer! I want it, please. Kalyavan says wow, good wish, kesari is found deep in the Himalayas but don’t worry, this lakad sunga will give you that too. kalyavan puts his hand in his jholi and gives kaka a bowl of kesar kheer. Kaka is very happy and eats it, he says yes this truly is kesar kheer, it is delicious. Kalyavan says everyone, ask what you want, I will give you anything.
Nand, yashoda and damodar come. Kalyavan sees damodar and says you are an absent minded right? Everyone laugh. Damodar says no, I am not, I remember that I am absent minded, which means I am not a person who forgets everything, everyone laugh. Kalyavan says what do you want? Ask what you want. Damodar says I don’t want anything, but if you have something then give me something which can relief my burn pain which davanan’s fire gave me. Kalyavan says oh my god, davanan? Lets see, kalyavan removes a medicinal paste and says take this, see if it works, that is what I have. Damodar puts the paste on his burn, suddenly the burn entirely disappears and everyone say miracle! It is a miracle. Nand says lakad sunga, since you have come you gave happiness to everyone, thank you for that. Kalyavan says I know you are panch nand baba right? Nand says wow you know my name. kalyavan says I even know that you are worried about something, tell us what happened. Nand says I am just worried that kansa does not trouble the people anymore by sending demons, we want to live in peace, if you can give anything then please pray that kansa doesn’t trouble this village and its people anymore. Kalyavan smiles and thinks I have come for that same work and you want me to stop it. Kanha comes and says oh lakad sunga! You came. Kalyavan says yes kanha. Kanha says you gave everyone what they want but not me. Kalyavan says what do you want? Kanha says I just want you to stay at our house today, I want to serve you, you work so much and I want that you allow us to welcome you and let you rest at our house. Kalyavan says but I rest on my horse, he is my friend. Yashoda says kanha don’t force him if he doesn’t want to come. Kanha says mother, I am just saying that lakad sunga gave so much happiness to our people, then shouldn’t we serve him today? We should welcome him and let him rest at our house. Yashoda and nand say yes you should come. Kalyavan thinks good, my plan shall work. Kalyavan says okay I will come if you insist. They go.
In the house, kanha and kalyavan sit to eat. Kanha thinks mother says everyone should get a 2nd chance to improve themselves. Kalyavan eats food and says wow it is delicious indeed. Kanha says yes lakad sunga eat it. Kalyavan says it seems like mahakaal has himself give me Prasad. Kanha says this food will make you good, it will make you think about everything and clear your thought. Kalyavan smiles and eats.
There radha comes home and kanha, yashoda and nand go. Radha says kanha, I feel teej wont come here to stay, she will marry but stay at her parents house only. Kanha says what? But she should come and stay with her husband with in laws. Radha says kaki am I wrong to talk about her right? Yashoda says radha, it has happened for the first time that a woman is talking for her right. Kanha says I am not going against that, I am just saying that wherever the bride lives, whether it is her with her husband at her in laws or with her husband at her parents house, she will always have the right to go anytime to visit her parents. Everyone smile and yashoda says that is right kanha.

Precap: the marriage is about to start. Radha realizes that kanha is in danger as kalyavan has taken kanha on his bed away in the clouds using his assassins. Mayur peacock gives hints to radha about kanha.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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