Paramavatar Shri Krishna 5th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 5th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with nand and everyone of gokul doing the Pooja of shivling inside the cave. Suddenly a man comes running and says nand the soldiers of kansa are coming we have to hide the babies. Nand tells everyone to go up the stairs in the cave and keep the children inside. Everyone keep and come out and start acting normal and doing Pooja of shiv ling. Soldiers and commander bhadraksh comes. Bhadraksh says nand of gokul and the people of gokul! I have come to take your babies from you, where have you kept them hidden? Nand and brij bhanu say we don’t have any babies here, it is just us, we have come here to do the Pooja of shiv ling. Bhadraksh tells his soldiers to find the babies. The soldiers start going inside the cave deepr to find the babies. Outside yashoda kirti and all mothers

are worried, nand continues doing the Pooja of the shiv ling. All soldiers come back and say we did not find any babies here.
In heaven, laxmi says see prabhu, nandlal is in danger and all the babies, do something. Lord Vishnu smiles.
There bhadraksh says how come are there no babies? There are women here and mothers here, why would they leave their babies at home? bhadraksh then sees stairs and says what is there? We shall check there. Bhadraksh starts climbing stairs. Everyone is worried. Laxmi tells Vishnu that see nandlal and everyone is in danger, do something. Vishnu says devi we both cannot do anything, we have to see what happens. Bhadraksh climbs up with his soldiers, inside all babies are there. Lord Vishnu now smiles and he takes his hand and creates a spell, he puts it from his hand and water flows from lord Vishnu’s hand. There the son of yashoda kicks a rock and it breaks the wall which keeps water from a river away, suddenly water starts coming out from above the stairs. Bhadraksh gets scared and says how did water come here? there is water coming and there are no babies here, run otherwise we will drown. All soldiers and bhadraksh go. nand says the babies are safe. Everyone is happy. Yashoda kirti and all mothers go up and take their babies down.
Laxmi says dev, you always do this, you scared me I was worried for everyone. If you were going to do your maya, why didn’t you tell me before? Laxmi says I wont talk to you. Vishnu says devi, even I did no know I was going to do something, it was karm. Vishnu says I had not yet decided I will do something, that is what the future is, karma does everything, it made me do what I had to.
There kansa now stand in the center of the palace. Everyone start doing his Pooja and say dev kansa ki jai. Everyone call kansa their god.
There devki is sad and says open this gate, call that evil kansa here, he killed all my sons, tell him he has to kill me to. Devki is angry and she takes pot and glasses and throws it on the jail door and says open the door. vasudev stops devki and says calm down devki please! Vasudev says devki, kansa is cruel but if our 8th child is alive out there, kansa will die soon, he will pay for his sins.
In gokul, everyone is back safe and nand says god saved our children today, he showed his power that not only evil exits. The elder puranmasi comes. Everyone say pranam to her. She smiles. Yashoda’s son looks at her and smiles. Puranmasi says something like that could be done by lord Vishnu only! He saved the children today. Puranmasi looks at the children and says they are all the forms of Narayan and he is their protector. Lord Vishnu and laxmi smile.
In kansa’s palace, bhadraksh and his soldiers are there. Kansa says no babies? How come did gokul not have a single baby? Did they disappear somewhere or have all women in gokul stopped giving birth? Kansa then see bhadraksh and says why do you look worried? It is not your mistake, why would it be your mistake that there were no babies in gokul, don’t worry. Kansa laughs, bhadrakhs stops worrying. Kansa then says but, bhadraksh is scared. Kansa says but what about my order? I am god kansa, you did not obey my order of killing the babies, so did you kill anyone in place of those babies? No. kansa drives a dagger through bhadraksh’s stomach and says you have to die, kansa twists the knife and bhadraksh falls down and is killed. All his soldiers are killed too. Rupra comes. Kansa is angry. Rupra says bhagwaan kansa I am sorry, it was because of me that the 8th child of devki was saved, I took time to come and tell you the news of her new born baby. Rupra says I don’t know what happened that night but we all just slept down, but I want to make amends for my mistake, I just want one chance. Kansa says okay, I will give you one chance but if you fail, I wont give you a chance to regret. Kansa gives rupra power and she becomes very huge in size and a demon. Rupra says I will find the last child of devki and will bring tha child to you.

Precap: yashoda and kirti says puranmasi today we will keep the names of both our children and we would be honored if you gave the names of the children. Puranmasi says yes. Puranmasi says I will name the girl radha. Birj bhanu says radha. What a beautiful name! puranmasi says and I name the son Krishna! Everyone is happy. Lord Vishnu and laxmi smile.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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