Paramavatar Shri Krishna 4th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Kanha is angry on radha.

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 4th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with kanha coming at the banyan tree and he says radha, radha where are you? Radha comes with her friends. Radha says here I am. Kanha says you are fine! Radha says yes I am fine. Kanha says then why did kaka says you were in a trouble? Radha says no kanha, I am not in trouble, he just said that radha is there, trouble is there. Kanha says that means you are not in trouible and you called me here, you cheated on me. Radha says no kanha, you cheated on me. Kanha says i? when did I cheat on you? Radha says you cheated that day for not coming to barsana, you were just acting, it was not my decision to let you stay here, actually it was yours. Kanha then remembers and says radha I promised you I would come to barsana but I did not promise when I would come.
There rohini

gets up to see balram and doesn’t find balram and kanha both. She is worried and goes out of the house to find them. Then rohini makes a secret sound and 3 men of gokul come listening to that sound. They are rohini’s soldiers of maheshmati as villagers in gokul. Rohini with them, goes ahead to find balram and kanha.
There kansa stops the spirits and says okay leave him. prapti says thank you bhagwan, she is worried and kansa looks at her angrily and says oh you are worried go to him. kansa pushes her and prapti is on that rock too. she looks at gandharv raj and feels disgusted looking at his burnt skin. Prapti tries looking at him as gandharv is in pain, she cries as kansa laughs. As kansa is about to go, prapti stops him and says you evil kansa, you will die for sure, you will die. Kansa gets angry and says you will kill me? But I have a surprise for you. Kansa with his powers gets bhadrakhs out of the wall. Bhadraksh comes out and says maharaj kansa ki jai. Kansa says bhadrakhs you have guests today. Kansa smiles and goes. Bhadraksh looks at prapti and gandharv raj and laughs.
Balram says ghungroo you know how my father looks? Ghungroo says yes as I met him. balram says how does he look? Ghungroo says he looks just like you, you have to grow a beard and moustache to look like him. balram is very happy and says I have never met my father and I am excited to meet him.
There kanha is angry and says radha I had to leave brother alone in a danger just to come here. Radha says kanha now you have to come with me to barsana, that is why I brought a bullock cart with me. Kanha says no radha I wont come with you now as I have to go and keep brother balram safe. Radha says before you gave a reason of mata yashoda and fooled me, now brother balram, I wont be fooled this time. Kanha is annoyed. Rohini comes saying balram! Kanha! Kanha hears the voice and says that is rohini kaki calling balram. Rohini comes there with her men. Rohini says kanha you are here? Where is balram? Kanha says kaki he is in his room. Rohini is crying and says no kanha I searched in entire gokul he is not there, where has he gone? Kanha says kaki then he is in danger, is ghungroo there? Rohini says no he is missing too. kanha thinks I though right, ghungroo is the one behind all this. Kanha says kaki lets go and find brother balram. Rohini says yes come. Radha says even I will come. Rohini says no you should go back to barsana as these men will leave you there. Radha says no kaki I cannot leave brother balram in a danger. Rohini goes to find balram. Kanha says gopi this is all because of you, if I hadn’t come here brother would be safe, kanha scolds radha and says if anything happens to brother then I will not leave you. Radha is shocked and kanha goes, radha says I am radha but I did not understand where brother balram went.
It is morning and balram and ghungroo reach the palace. Balram says this palace is so huge and beautiful. Ghungroo says yes your father stays right here balram we will meet him. as they go in, they reach the court and kansa is standing ahead of his throne. Ghungroo says maharaj kansa I brought your prey whom you have been finding for years. Balram is shocked and says maharaj kansa? Kansa looks at balram and says balram! You have come! Balram is angry. Ghungroo turns into alambasur and kansa says he is my childhood friend and demon, I sent him to bring you. Balram is shocked and angry.
There at home, nand and everyone are worried and nand says where would balram and ghungroo go? kanha then tells nand about ghungroo and balram and that he thinks ghungroo is a demon sent by kansa as balram before also came back walking in forest and became unconscious. Damodar brings a moti ghungroo to nand and says see this doesn’t make a sound. Nand looks at it and says it is a moti ghungroo and is worn by those who are of demonic thoughts and it also makes sound only when worn by a demon, which means that child was a demon sent by kansa. Rohini cries as yashoda comforts her.

Precap: kanha takes his friends to go and save balram in Mathura. There balram is angry and he kicks alambasur who falls flying on kansa’s throne. Kansa is shocked to see this power.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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