Paramavatar Shri Krishna 4th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Kanha saves the medicinal plants

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 4th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with laxmi saying, prabhu what happened to mata kali? Narad says yes prabhu, even I don’t understand. Laxmi says how is kansa hurting mata kali? She is very powerful and her rudra form of kali can kill anyone in the universe, to stop mata kali even mahadev had to let mata kali keep her head on him, how is kansa even fighting mata kali? Lord Vishnu says devi, kansa is a demon, he can be defeated by a rudra form of mata kali very easily because nothing can stop the anger of mata kali but kansa had been given a wish by brahma dev that no devi form can ever kill him, that is why it is not possible for any devi to hurt kansa.

There kansa and yog maya’s mata kali form fight each other. Kali is angry and she screams in anger with her tongue out. Kansa says kali, you

will die from my hands. Kali runs towards kansa and she kicks him, then she hits him with her sword landing cuts on kansa’s body. Kansa gets angry ad he pushes kali behind, kali falls down. kali gets up and becomes even more angrier and her rudra form start bringing tremors to the universe, the world shakes. Laxmi says prabhu, mata kali’s rudra form is very dangerous, at the peak of her anger, it can destroy the universe, you have to stop her otherwise something wrong may happen.

There kali cuts kansa in half as hid body lies down. kansa then resurrects. Lord Vishnu says the prayer, ya devi sarva rupestu! He says the prayer and a bright light blurs the vision of kansa, lord Vishnu appears in his divya form as mata kali looks at him. lord Vishnu says prayer and calms down mata kali’s anger and says devi yog maya, please calm down, kansa has a wish from brahma dev that no devi form or devi can kill him, so calm down and take your form, kansa will be punished at the right time. Yog maya takes her original divya form and says yes prabhu, she does pranam and goes. Lord Vishnu goes. Kansa looks again and he appears outside his palace. He screams and says yog maya, where did you go? come back, I will kill you once and for all.

There balram and kanha go to the prison and pralapt and janur look at them. Janur says see kanha has come to save you medicines, but he cannot, because in bhagwan kansa’s nagri, kanha can do nothing. Balram gets angry and says I will kill you both. Pralapt says no balram you cant do anything. Kanha says pralapt and janur, you both kidnapped them right? Balram gets angry and he attacks both pralapt and janur, he presses their neck and says you will see my power. Pralapt says leave us, please. Balram says why did you kidnap the medicines? Pralapt says leave us. Balram says if you don’t tell us, I will kill you both. Pralapt and janur say okay, we will tell you. Pralapt says we did it because bhagwan kansa told u to kidnap the medicinal plants, so that the people would die without these medicines. Balram beats both pralapt and janur and kanha then says brother, leave them, we should hurry back to khatri mountain as we require the medicines there. Kanha and balram free the medicinal plants and go with them. Kanha says brother you take them to vrindavan, I will come. Balram goes. Kanha thinks if I make a divya line around Mathura then kansa will never be able to come out of Mathura to hur the people of devi yog maya again. Kanha takes a stick and he starts saying the divya devi mantra and walks around Mathura making a line to make a preventive shield to keep kansa inside Mathura.

There kansa says where are you yog maya? Yog maya appears behind kansa and she comes outside mathura’s gate and stands there, she says kansa is you can come and kill me. kansa has his weapon and he runs towards yog maya to kill her, but he is thrown back from the preventive shield that kanha makes using the stick. Yog maya says kansa, you cannot come to me then how will you be able to find prabhu Vishnu and kill him as you say? Kansa is confused and he thinks what is stopping me? there kanha completes and makes the shield around Mathura. Kansa tries again to come out but he is thrown back from the shield again. Kansa gets angry. Yog maya goes.

Precap: vindhyachal asks for forgiveness from mata yog maya and says punish me for my sins. Kanha stops yog maya and says vindhyachal was egoistic before but he has changed devi, reward him. yog maya says I will not make egoistic vindhyachal my home instead of khatri mountain. Yog maya takes form of devi vindhyavasani.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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