Paramavatar Shri Krishna 4th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 4th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with brij bhanu very happy, he says this is all I ever asked from devi laxmi. Devi laxmi has given me what I have wanted for my life, a daughter and now she has opened her eyes after looking at your son, nand! Nand yashoda are happy and say it is a miracle that happened, we are very happy too. Kirti has tears of happiness and says my daughter has opened her eyes. Everyone is happy.
Laxmi tells lord Vishnu, somehow brij bhanu knows that it is my form but he yet doesn’t know it. brij bhanu will be a good father to my form and I am very happy to have such a father. Lord Vishnu smiles.
In the palace, devki sees from prison, she looks at vasudev down being beaten and made to break stones. Devki is sad and remembers the death of all her children, she then says maybe

I am the reason for the deaths of my children. Devki tears cloth and lays it on ground and then burns a stick, she burns all the cloth to burn herself and die. Vasudev sees from down and goes running up in the jail. He opens the door and stops devki. Vasudev says what are you doing devki? Devki says I am the reason for all the deaths of our children and for the pain you go through, I don’t deserve to die. Vasudev says devki don’t say this, you have done nothing it is all because evil kansa was scared for his death and he killed our children, but our 8th child is safe, he will burn in hell for torturing everyone.
In the village, the soldiers torment women and their babies. They find some babies and take them to their commander and kill them. Some women with their babies are hiding in a back room, the women say it maybe the last time we see our babies. A woman says no women, don’t just give away now, we have to go somehow to nand in gokul, he will keep us safe, we have to go to him and save our children. All the women agree and go.
In gokul, commander akrur comes to nand. Nand and brij bhanu come, yashoda and kirti listen. Akrur says nand you have to keep your children safe, they are not safe, akrur tells yashoda and kirti to take their children inside. Akrur says nand kansa is very furious that he could not kill the 8th child of devki, he is finding the child everywhere. Nand says we are safe in gokul, kansa’s soldiers will not enter here. akrur says you don’t understand nand, you all have to take your babies and go to a safe place away from brij mandal as no new born baby is safe here, kansa has ordered the killing of all new born babies in brij mandal. Nand and brij bhanu are shocked. suddenly women come running to nand and says nand save us please save our children. Nand says yes wait wait, tell me what happened? Women tell nand that kansa has decided to kill all the babies in brij mandal and their children are not safe in brij mandal. Nand says so now we have to go from here, brij bhanu says we shall fight the soldiers of kansa. Nand says we cannot fight now with his soldiers as it would put our children in danger, we have to go from here to a safe place until this cools down, we have to keep everyone safe.
In palace, kansa is sitting looking at hi statue, he is tensed and angry. Kansa then looks out of his palace window and sees all the woman standing and crying for the deaths of their babies. Kansa says wow, this is so beautiful, it sounds so good. Kansa says I killed their children, and the sadness and their sorrow which makes them cry sound so sweet to me, it makes me happy. Kansa comes inside, his wife prapti looks out of the window and is sad and worried. Kansa looks at her and says prapti do you have to tell me anything? Do you have any doubt? Please speak. Prapti says no my lord. Kansa says you worship a god, if you don’t tell him your troubles how will he help you? please tell me. Prapti says lord, these women are crying for their dead babies, these are not your enemies, your enemy is somewhere else, not them. Kansa is angry and he holds prapti’s neck and pulls her half way out the balcony and says you do not doubt the decision of your god, I have done what I want to do and you should be happy as I think og keeping myself safe. Kansa takes her back inside and then cuts her finger and says you are punished now do my tilak. Prapti is sad and puts tilak on kansa’s forehead.
There the commander with his soldiers reaches nand’s house in gokul and say where are you nand? Where is everyone? Commander says no one is in gokul, an entire village has gone? Where are they? Commander says I will find them and kill their children.
There nand and brij bhanu are going with the convoy of their villagers and all the babies. Nand says we have to take them inside that cave, nand tells all villagers to go hiding inside the save so no soldiers of kansa see us. Brij bhanu says nand you know right? That saving our children does mean putting our lives at risk and killing them who threaten to kill our children. Nand says yes my friend I do know that but fighting is not the steady option now, we have to keep everyone safe, if we die today then who will keep our children safe and care for them in the future? There the commander with his soldiers sees the convoy and says here is nand and his villagers, there they are going. Commander says we will go and I will personally kill all their children.

Precap: a villager tells brij bhanu and nand inside the cave that the soldiers of kansa have come. Everyone hide, nand takes all people and children inside, birj bhanu and nand protect everyone. Brij bhanu’s daughter is sitting and cries. A soldier hears it.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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