Paramavatar Shri Krishna 3rd September 2018 Written Episode Update: Kanha confronts shambhasura.

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 3rd September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with balram beating pondrik and radha says what happened now bhagwan pondrik? Why don’t you fight? Pondrik gets up and he pushes balram behind and takes the mudgal and hits balram. Balram falls down, he gets up and takes back his mudgal and beats pondrik, pondrik kicks balram, balram retaliates by hitting pondrik again with his mudgal, pondrik falls down in pain. Pondrik is angry. Kanha says bhagwan pondrik, you can do nothing now as even your disciples wont save you. kanha laughs.
All people come out of water and say this pondrik is a false god, he made us follow adharma as we were also trapped in his maya. Pondrik says you all will be punished, kanha says you shall be punished for what you have done. Kanha plays his flute and his flute removes golden light

everywhere, all people say what pondrik did in the past days and how his adharma affected everyone. Pondrik is angry. Kanha says you shall be punished as you think you are a god, but you are no less than a demon. The flute’s music starts hurting pondrik’s ears and he goes away.
There kansa says the matsa(fish) will now kill these people and kanha will also die. The fish demon comes swimming through the river and as all people are at the banks, he swallows them in his body and swims away. Kanha, balram and radha are shocked. radha says kanha see, that fish ate all people, they have to be saved. Balram says lets go. kanha says no, you both stay here as the village needs you both, I will go and bring all people back, I promise. Kanha goes.
Narad muni says who is this matsa demon prabhu? Lord Vishnu says he is shambhasura! But he is my disciple. Narad muni says what? Then why would he do this. Lord Vishnu says shambhasura has been my disciple since a long time, all demons prayed to mahadev and brahma dev but this was unique about shambhasura, he broke the rules of demons and he became my disciple. Lord Vishnu says he impressed me by his prayers and one day I appeared in front of him.
There shambhasura reaches his palace waters and stays there as a small fish with all the people inside him. he keeps the fish form there and comes inside in his demon form and stands in front of lord vishnu’s statue.
There lord Vishnu says, shambhasura asked for his wish. In flashback, shambhasura says prabhu give me the amrit. Lord Vishnu says you know it that demons cannot get amrit, everyone is born and has to die one day, ask something else. Shambhasura says then prabhu, bless me that now or never a form of yous in any way shall kill me. Lord Vishnu blesses shambhasura and says okay but in dwaparyug, my form of kanha will be born and his son will kill you. lord Vishnu goes.
Shambhasura in present says, prabhu I still remember every word of the wish you gave me and so I have to kill kanha as his son can kill me. If kanha is killed then his son will never be born. Shambhasura laughs.
There sudhama is with his siblings and he tells them we have to leave this graveyard now brother and sister, because I promised our parents that I will become a Brahmin and for that I have to go back to rishi brahmanand. The man from graveyard gets up and says I know you have to go sudhama, I bless you all the happiness and success in life. Sudhama goes and he goes to rishi brahmanand’s ashram. Rishi says angrily, why have you come here sudhama? Sudhama says rishi, I have to fulfill my parents last wish of becoming a Brahmin. Rishi says you are arrogant and you cannot be a Brahmin, I cannot help you. sudhama says I came to kashi so that you could help me rishi, my father was a Brahmin and am I born any different? Is my blood different than yours? God has given birth to everyone the same way. Rishi says you came to kashi for my help, so it is my duty to help you. sudhama says I did what you said, I did not use any maya as I don’t have powers, you told me to take blessings of the donkey, of a shudra caste person but still why am I being tortured? Rishi brahmanand says you have to do as I say, but your siblings wont have food and water until I say so and they shall be tied up. The siblings are taken forcefully inside, sudhama has tears.
There bhadraksh as laughing and crying at the same time and says bhagwan kansa, why have you sent the matsa? He will also die from kanha’s hands. Kansa says that is my trick, shambhasura cannot die from kanha’s hand because he has a wish from that Vishnu that no form of Vishnu can kill shambhasura. Kansa says so that shambhasura’s blessing has become our blessing, kansa laughs.
Kanha reaches the palace waters of shambhasura as he calls yashoda and everyone else. All people are inside the stomach of the fish and they hear kanha and all scream together save us kanha! So that kanha hears their voice. Kanha hears the voice of people coming from the small fish and he picks it and says this fish is so small but why is everyone’s voice coming from inside it? even if I tear open this fish to save everyone, they all will still be small. Shambhasura comes and says welcome prabhu. Kanha says you are my disciple, listen to me and leave all the people, why are you doing this? Shambhasura says prabhu just remember the wish you gave me, I can die from your son’s hand and so to prevent that you have to die so that your son is never born, I will be immortal then. Kanha is angry.

Precap: kanha allows shambhasura to attack him and kill him. shambhasura attacks kanha with sword. Lord Vishnu appears as he gets angry on shumbhasura who was ready to kill his god. Brahma dev appears to calm down lord vishnu’s anger.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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