Paramavatar Shri Krishna 3rd October 2017 Written Episode Update: Radha comes in gokul.

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 3rd October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with balram sleeping and kanha beside him. ghungroo hides under the bed and balram wakes up. Kanha wakes up too. Balram says I felt like ghungroo was here as I think I saw him. kanha says no brother you must be dreaming, ghungroo is not here. balram says no I felt because I and ghungroo were going to.. balram stays quiet. Then he says nothing actually I and ghungroo were going to go for exercising, no problem lets sleep as now I want to sleep and not exercise. Balram sleeps and kanha too. Ghungroo comes out and turns into alambasur.
There radha is with her friends and uncle in the bullock cart nearing gokul. Uncle says radha at so late at night, I suggest we should get back to gokul or at least let me go as I don’t want to be in a problem. Radha says kaka don’t

say that, if you want to go then go, I will tell my father that you left us midway to gokul alone at night and ran. Uncle says where am I saying that radha? Lets go, I wont do anything. Radha says yes lets go as I am radha and my father has 1 lakh cows.
In Mathura, kansa takes gandhrav raj and prapti tied in chaisn to a secret door. pralapt and janur cut the chains and stand outside. Kansa goes in with prapti and gandharv, they start descending down by using stairs. There are many ghosts and spirits in the air going here and there. Prapti screams as she is scared., kansa reaches a block and stands there with prapti and gandharv behind. Prapti holds gandharv’s hand as she is scared. Kansa is scared but smiles and says wow so much love. Kansa then says see all this. There are thousands of ghost spirits. Prapti is scared and then she sees the bodies of those spirtis in the wall. She sees asti’s body. Prapti is sad. Kansa says yes prapti it is asti, she is not dead but her body is. Kansa then says see bhadraksh, he was my commander but I gave him salvation, not kill him, so here their body is and their spirits too. Kansa then says gandharv I don’t think you need this body too. Prapti cries and says please bhagwan don’t do anything to him please. Kansa then pushes gandharva on a flying rock and spirits surround him. all the spirts then with their eyes attack a fire beam on gandharv, his body doesn’t burn but skins starts burning. Kansa is happy. Prapti cries and says please leave him kansa please. Kansa says no prapti don’t worry, he wont die, he will just burn, everyone needs pain. Gandharv burns and then screams in pain and says kansa kill me please kansa kill me, don’t turn me into these spirits. Kansa laughs.
There alambasur says this kanha seems to be a huge problem than balram, but no one can stop me from taking balram to Mathura.
There radha reaches gokul and tells uncle to stop at the banyan tree, they stop and all get down. Radha says kaka we will stay here and you will go and call kanha to me. Uncle says what? Radha says yes do as I say and wear this shawl cover yourself and go and tell kanha just this that radha is there, problem is there. Uncle says okay and takes another shawl for kanha and goes.
He says the phrase continuously, radha is there, problem is there. Alambasur sees him entering the house and says who is that now? alambasur hides behind a box. Uncle says the phrase and then sees from window kanha and balram. He enters the room and says who is kanha from them? Then he thinks I heard kanha wears a peacock feather on his head, uncle sees kanha and says this is kanha. Uncle wakes up kanha, balram is about to wake up so uncle hides under the bed. Kanha wakes up and says who is here? uncle says I am down. Kanha looks down and thinks this must be that demon, kanha says see I caught you. uncle says caught me? I have come from barsana here to give you a message, it is, radha is there, problem is there. Kanha says what message is this? Kanha thinks he must not be the demon. Kanha says is radha in a problem? Balram in dram says problem? Bring my mudgal. Uncle gets scared and runs away, kanha goes behind him. alambasur comes out and says kanha has gone, I will take balram with me now. alambasur turns into ghungroo.
Kanha wears the shawl and follows uncle and says he is saying the same thing since when, radha is there and problem is there. I should go and know what is happening.
There ghungroo wakes up balram and says balram come on kanha is not here lets go to meet your father. Balram says yes kanha is not here but where did he go? ghungroo says he must have missed his mother, come on now. balram says that is right lets go as no one is there to see us. Before going balram goes to rohini’s room and looks at her and thinks I am sorry mother I went without telling you but I want to know who my father is and I will meet him and come back. balram goes with ghungroo.

Precap: ghungroo brings balram in the palace to kansa and says see kansa I brought him. balram says maharaj kansa? Kansa says ta ta thaiya kanhaiya you stay there while I will kill your brother. Kanha is angry and shouts and says to radha gopi because of you brother has gone and if he falls into any trouble I will not leave you.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. Summer

    I find the little girl who plays Radha is so cute! Her acting is so animated and she is entertaining to watch. She is very pretty and her acting is brilliant for such a young age too!

  2. Swapna

    Jai shree krishna

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