Paramavatar Shri Krishna 3rd November 2017 Written Episode Update: Kansa brings devki to gokul.

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 3rd November 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with kanha and his friends walking with their cows in gokul near some trees. Balram has his ladoos. Kanha says mother gave me permission to go with my cows. Kanha then says bakasura was killed which is for sure that kansa mama will send someone otherwise he may himself come here too, we have to stay alert friends. Balram removes one ladoo to eat and then stops. Kanha stops and says what happened brother? Balram says kanha since the day I ate a ladoo from mother devki’s hand I feel like no other ladoo is more tastier than that ladoo was. Kanha says yes brother because that ladoo had the love of a mother in it. Balram says you are right, I want to meet mata devki again. Kanha and balram walk ahead.
There rohini says rishi gargacharya if akrur ji is still alive

even after his head being cut then there must be some way to bring him back alive by joining his head to his body. Rishi says yes maharani there is a way but for that I need the water given by the surbhi cow. Rohini says surbhi cow? Guru says yes she was the daughter of prajapati daksh and he ahd cursed her to become a cow statue, only her water can bring back akrur ji.
Lord Vishnu says to narad muni, devrishi daksh had cursed his own daughter under influence of his ego. After she was cursed surbhi came to me and I gave her a wish that whenever her father prajapati daksh would need her help in dwaparyug, my form of kanha will free her and only then she will be able to help her father.
There rishi gargacharya says rohini I have sent some rishi’s to bring some medicines and herbs, after that and after I get the water of surbhi cow, only then I can joing akrur ji’s head to his body.
There kansa comes in chariot to gokul with devki and vasudev. Vasudev looks at devki and thinks today devki is behaving differently. Kansa smiles and says dear sister, we have come to your son’s place gokul! Devki says where is my son? There kanha and all friends walk ahead with cows. A tornado comes which is done by lord Vishnu. it makes a storm and kansa and everyone is not able to see anything. Devki sees kanha’s hair and sees the peacock feather, she says my son! There as kanha is going with his friends, he stops and says I think I heard someone saying son! Jeevak says what happened kanha? Kanha says jeevak I heard a voice calling son! Anyway lets go. kanha goes to the statue of the cow made near the Yamuna river and says mother cow I think you are a soul wanting to be free, I will do something to free you.
There kansa looks at devki and says what happened sister? Devki says I felt like my son is here somewhere. Kansa says yes sister, he is here because he stays in gokul. Kansa says devki get down from the chariot as your mother love will take me to your son. Devki gets down. vasudev is angry and says kansa stop! He gets down and says don’t take her, she doesn’t even know where and who her son is and stays. Kansa says vasudev, she is devki but today she is not your wife, she is my sister devki and mother devki. Vasudev says she is my wife. Kansa laughs and says I will tell you who she is, she is the form of devki mata with only her mother’s love inside her. In flashback, kansa and devki are in the palace and kansa says to devki, devki I know you have always hated me as a brother but some part of you is still there which will do what I want and take me to the truth. Devki says what are you saying? Kansa says I am bhagwan kansa and inside you, you have for years put that devki in cage which cares for your son and is willing to meet him and shower your love for him. kansa says today I will remove that devki from your body making it a form and take her with me. Kansa laughs and his clones hold devki, kansa says devki mother come out. A devki comes out from devki’s body who has tears and says where is my son? Where is he? I want to meet my son. Kansa laughs and says see devki, she will take me to your 8th son because her mother’s love will recognize who her son is. Devki is shocked and says kansa don’t do this, you will achieve nothing. Kansa says till today you stayed here saying your son will come and take you from here but he did not come, now your form which cares for your son will take me to him. kansa takes that devki and goes, devki says no kansa stop! And cries.
Kansa then says see vasudev, now you cannot do anything. Kansa laughs and says today even that Vishnu will not be able to do anything as this devki only cares for her son and will not listen to anyone. Vasudev has tears.

Precap: kansa comes in gokul and says to all people, go and bring your kids everyone and this is my order. Kanha says to balram, today kansa mama has come to gokul for the first time and we will make his visit such that he will never forget it.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. Jai shree krishna

  2. Where are the written updates for the last 2 days?

  3. Best Episodes ever on Indian Television, characters look so real, and Kanha is so so cute and talented. Lord Vishnu and Lakshmi Mata have so cute smiles and they know their roles so well, they are the best. Narad Muni is awesome, best Narad ever seen on Television. Whoever did the casting is the most talented person in the for the show. I always look forward to the shows. All the best for all your upcoming shows. Thanks

  4. It is good because # Based on a true story # No creative mind needed or it would have been like all the other serials.

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