Paramavatar Shri Krishna 3rd May 2018 Written Episode Update: Kanha goes to kansa.

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 3rd May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with kansa and all looking in the sky as it thunders and lightning comes. A huge eagle appears as kanha sits on it. Kansa takes his sword and sees as a storm comes over them. The eagle kansa and kanha gets down from the eagle.
Kanha says I am the one you were finding all the time. Kansa laughs and falls down and laughs continuously, he says you are ta ta thaiya Krishna kanhaiya, my nephew? Kansa laughs and says yes you always called me nephew. Kansa says you are vishnu’s form? Kanha smiles and says yes I am the one you were finding like a mad person, kansa says you are a cow herded. Kanha says yes I am the same cow herded, I am the son of mata yashoda who gives me so much love, I am the one whom nand baba protects so much, I am the one whom the entire village and

brij mandal loves. Kanha says but I am also the one who told you the aakashvani, I am the 8th son of mata devki and father vasudev whom you have imprisoned for years. Kansa gets scared. Kanha says I am the one whom you could never find until now that I have come in front of you, I am the one who gave salvation to putna, I am the one who freed shridhar from his sins, I am the one who always killed all your demons and freed them from their sins. Kanha starts walking ahead and kansa and all his soldiers, pralapt and janur step back as they are scared. Kanha says I am only the one who will end you, I am the form of Vishnu. Kansa is scared and angry. Kanha says I am paramavatar shri Krishna!
Kansa then comes ahead and laughs, you are vishnu’s form? You are paramavatar Krishna? I will tell you who you are. Kansa says you are no god, you are not vishnu’s form and Vishnu is no god. Kansa says you are the one who ran away when he was born, you ran way like a coward, you are a coward. Kansa says you were the one who came here and called me mama, you ran away again from here like a coward. Kansa says you cannot do anything to me because you are a fake, you call yourself paramavatar, I have to kill you, you are a kid and for years for finding you I had to take the sin of killing so many children, but I will not kill you with my hands, I will not touch you, you wont be killed like that. Kansa says you will die in such a way that I wont even have to use my hands. Kansa says I imprisoned your mother devki and your father vasudev for years and you couldn’t do anything, I tortured your people and your mother yashoda, you couldn’t do anything. Kansa says you cannot do anything now because you just boast.
Kanha says kansa I will not kill you today, I am going to give you one last chance to change yourself, remember this, I am your end. Kansa says you will give me a chance? Kansa laughs. Kanha says I have given you many chances kansa, you don’t know that. Kansa gets scared. Kanha says I gave you the first chance to save yourself and leave adharma, but you did not change, again after that I had come to your palace and I took my Vishnu form and tried to make you understand, you did not listen. Kanha says I have given you many chances but you haven’t changed yourself, you are still doing adharma. Kanha says this is your last chance, I am paramavatar shri Krishna! And I will punish you if you don’t change yourself in this last chance. Kanha says now it is night, but I will come at sunrise again, if you don’t change I will punish you for your sins. Kansa says to his soldiers, what are you looking? Kill him. All soldiers cover kanha and kansa says you are paramavatar Krishna? What happened now? Kanha easily throws them all on ground, kansa is scared and is shocked. Kanha sits on his eagle and says I will come again kansa, he goes.
Kansa says wait you cheater, wait! Why are you coming in the morning? I will kill you now.
Inside kansa’s palace, kansa is sitting and he looks at the moon and says I will be waiting for you Vishnu, I will drag you to the ground and kill you. Keshari says maharaj, in the last life you were kaal nemi but you could not kill Vishnu. Kansa presses keshari’s neck and says don’t you believe me? Keshari says I do but I am just saying this time you have to be careful. Kansa leaves her. Keshari says as kaal nemi, Vishnu killed you and now even as kansa, he has warned you, you have to be smart this time maharaj and do as he says. Kansa says you are right, this time I will summon all my powers and be calm and fight that kid.

Precap: kanha stands in front of kansa. Kansa does mal yudh with kanha but is beaten to the ground. Kansa takes his gadha.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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