Paramavatar Shri Krishna 3rd July 2018 Written Episode Update: Kanha destroys the demon, davanan.

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 3rd July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with red magma lava demon arises in Mathura in his huge size and comes near vrindavan. All birds, cows, animals from vrindavan fly away. Kanha says what is happening? Balram says I think kanha a new demon has come to vrindavan. Kanha says no brother. All people get scared and say a demon again? Kanha says no brother, everyone calm down it is not a demon! Balram says come on kanha, it is a demon. Kanha says brother you relate all things with a demon that is why you feel like that, but there must be some other reason. Instead we should leave these forest things here and focus on maharaj rituraj! Everyone pick the toli of maharaj rituraj and say maharaj rituraj ki jai! They all head towards vrindavan.
There kanha sneaks aside and he says brother is right, it is for sure

a demon and I think kansa has sent another one, I have to go and see. Kanha climbs a hill to see what is happening, radha comes from behind and kanha says what are you doing here radha? Radha says I am keeping a watch on you. Kanha says I have to check whether it is a demon, radha calls mayur raj peacock for help. Mayur comes and radha and kanha climb on it, it flies and they see the demon davanan raging its fire as its walks in its huge size through the forests. Kanha says see radha, vrindavan has been surrounded by fire, radha says yes. Kanha then sees all people of vrindavan heading towards the fire, kanha says we have to go and save them all. Radha tells mayur to land slowly. A demon crow sees everyone.
In kansa’s palace, kansa says davanan will kill everyone. Kagasur comes and kansa says come my friend kagasur, what news do you have? Kagasur says bhagwan kansa, davanan is destroying and burning everything in his way, he has surrounded vrindavan with fire and soon the people will be burnt, everything is going as planned. Kansa says and that Krishna kanhaiya? Where is he? He must be in havoc to save everyone? Kagasur says yes. Kansa laughs and says now no one can save your people and vrindavan, Vishnu!
There nand and all people are going ahead saying maharaj rituraj ki jai. Damodar says nand baba, it feels warm now. Nand says we are walking and doing work, that is why we are feeling warm. Damodar then thinks, it seems the entire temperature has increased. Suddenly kanha and radha come running and say everyone stop. Everyone is worried and they stop. Kanha says don’t go ahead because the entire forest is burning. Radha says that is right, we both saw that demon davanan. Brij bhanu says I think davanan was kansa’s friend. Kanha says we will see that later but we have to get to safety first, follow me. Everyone follow kanha. Balram is angry and he waits there, he says davanan you come, I will destroy you. Davanan comes and balram stands, he says you demon, I will kill you, demons run away when they see balram, I am not scared of you davanan! Davanan says i melt mountains, you are nothing for me. Balram gets angry and starts throwing rocks to make a huge wall to stop davana, balram says after putting small stones together, only then a mountain is formed. Davanan keeps walking and he destroys the wall and melts it. Balram says how did he do it? But I will stand here, he cannot melt my belief! There kanha takes all people and says where is brother balram? Kanha goes to save balram.
There kanha comes running and saves balram, they jump away and fall down. Balram says kanha, this demon has to die. Kanha says brother please stop, he is no normal demon, he is davanan and is made of fire, we have to first save our people. Balram says no kanha, today I will fight this demon anyhow. Kanha closes his eyes and says please show me a way prabhu. Kanha opens his eyes and a plough appears, kanha takes it and says yes brother balram, take this plough and make a crater on this ground, let davanan fall in it and die. Balram takes the plough and hits it on ground making a crater, water seeps in and davanan falls inside it. Kanha says brother, he is gone now, we should go. Balram says I wont come until I see he has died. Kanha thinks and says brother, the people need you and you will wait here and waste time? My brother is not like that. Balram says the people need me? Then we should go. They both go back.
There kanha comes and says everyone don’t worry, we are safe now, davanan is gone, brother balram killed him. Yashoda says kanha you know so much, sometimes I think you are not my son but the father of all this world. Kanha says no mother, I have learned all this from you only. Balram then sees and says no he is not dead, see davanan has come again. Everyone is shocked and kanha says come on, there is a long way towards vrindavan but we will be safe from there, we have to go. Balram says come on. Kanha says I have to do something brother.
Laxmi says prabhu, how did davanan not die even from water? He should have been destroyed! How can fire not extinguish by water? Lord Vishnu says because davanan is the later form of Jalandhar, the demon who had arisen from mahadev’s anger, so the fire was also that powerful that no water could touch it. Narad muni says what is the story behind it prabhu?
Lord Vishnu says Jalandhar had arisen from mahadev’s anger but also destroy from his anger only. He one day took devi parvati captive. Jaladnhar takes parvati captive and she says leave me demon otherwise you will be destroyed, you are anyway going to be killed now. Jalandhar says no one can kill me, even mahadev cannot. Mahadev appears and says you evil demon, stop there. Jalandhar says mahadev you are here, I will kill you too. Mahadev says your sins have grown beyond control, you have to be destroyed, how dare you touch parvati? She is the mother of this universe, your sins will be ended as you shall die. Jalandhar removes his axe and mahadev opens his 3rd eye, the raging fire of mahadev’s anger comes and melts Jalandhar into lava as he screams in pain.
Lord Vishnu then says but even after that Jalandhar did not die, he was turned into a dangerous lava demon davanan. He set off to destroy the entire world and now also reached to devlok, the gods were also not safe from his fire.
Gods scream for help and say davanan is destroying everything. Davanan laughs and says mahadev, you did not kill me but made me even more stronger. Lord Vishnu appears and says davanan you will not do more harm now. Davanan says I shall kill you too Vishnu. Lord Vishnu removes a golden pot and davanan is trapped inside the pot, lord Vishnu closes it and davana is kept inside it imprisoned. Lord Vishnu says this way I kept davanan deep in patal lok as it would take lifetimes for his fire to calm down but kansa found him one day. Kansa goes to win patal lok and he hears davanan’s sound saying free me and I shall help that person. Kansa removes a rock aside and sees the pot, he opens it and says davana? It is you? Davanan comes out and says kansa you freed me. Kansa says bhagwan kansa has done it. Davanan says kansa, I owe you and I shall do any work you say.
There lord Vishnu says this way kansa found davanan.
There kanha closes his eyes and says rishi gargacharya please help me, give me a solution. Rishi gargacharya says kanha, only you can save the people, only you can stop the fire from spreading and davanan from making more destruction. Kanha says I understand you. Kanha becomes huge in size and says davanan you shall be ended forever. Davanan says no one can kill me. Kanha starts drinking the lava and takes all the fire inside his body, davanan says no! no one can live the heat of my fire, this way davanan is destroyed.
There kansa throws the pot down and says even you are dead davanan, another demon gone. Kansa laughs. Kalyavan picks the pot and says kansa, this is because of you. Kansa says see, kalyavan, you just boast and say big words, you couldn’t bring kanha here. Kalyavan says the mistake you are doing is you want Krishna here, but I can instead kill him in vrindavan, I am very powerful and only I have the weapon which is so powerful that even brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh don’t have it, their weapons are weaker than the one I have, now you have to decide whether you want Krishna alive here or dead in vrindavan.
Laxmi says what is kalyavan saying prabhu? Lord Vishnu says he is right, kalyavan has a very powerful weapon, he got this weapon from his father rishi shirshirai. Kalyavan was not born a demon but was born to a rishi. Rishi shirshirai was the disciple of mahadev and he walked the mountains for years with a pot of water, after this mahadev was impressed and he granted rishi the weapon in place of the pot of water which was extremely powerful.

Precap: kalyavan takes 5 of his assassins in kanha’s house. They pick kanha’s bed on which he sleeps to be killed.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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