Paramavatar Shri Krishna 31st October 2017 Written Episode Update: Kanha attacks bakasura.

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 31st October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with kanha standing on the rock and shouts bakasura! He says I am here. Bakasura looks at kanha and says kid, it will be more fun to kill you than destroy gokul for me. Bakasura attacks fire on kanha but kanha dodges and then removes a stone with his catapult in hand. Kanha says mother always says when someone enjoys their ego then they are bound to get destroyed soon. Kanha attacks the stone which turns into a fire weapon and hits bakasura. Bakasura falls down in the water. Kanha says how was my catapult so strong?
There nand says damodar we have to use force to break this door. Outside, balram comes and ties the cow there and sees the door being pushed, he goes and opens the door. Yashoda nand and damodar come out and yashoda cries and says where is kanha? Balram

says kaki kanha sent me here to keep savre and so I came here. Yashoda says you shouldn’t have left him alone balram. Nand says we have to find kanha. Kanha comes running and says mother I am here. Yashoda hugs him and says are you fine kanha? Kanha says yes mother. Kanha says baba bakasura looks dangerous from outside but he ran away. Nand says what? Kanha says If you don’t believe then go and see. Nand and damodar go. yashoda says kanha I called you so many times but you went away without listening to me, what if anything had happened to you? Kanha says see mother now I am fine. Balram smiles. Yashoda says kaha come in now I will not leave you anywhere. She takes kanha and balram inside.
There rishi gargachary and all rishi’s do the pooja of suryadev and then lord Vishnu. guru gargacharya says prabhu narayana today I shall start the beginning of a new story and a new purpose you gave me. Rishi sits and starts writing the garg samanth. Suddenly rohini comes with her soldiers and akrur’s body and says rishi gargacharya! Rishi says maharani rohini here? He gets up and comes out. Rohini says rishi we need your help, rohini cries. Rishi says what happened maharani? Rohini tells soldiers. Soldiers open the cover over akrur’s body. Rishi is shocked to see and says commander akrur? Rishi then says but akrur ji shouldn’t have died so soon, without him this journey wont go ahead.
Lord Vishnu sees and smiles.
Kanha is with his friends in his room and friends say kanha bakasura ran away to Mathura, we all are now safe. Kanha says no friends he has not gone to Mathura, gokul is still now safe. Bakasura is a powerful demon and he wont die so easily, he will come back and the one way from where he will come back is the Yamuna river. Friends say kanha then how do we stop him? kanha says bakasura thinks I have killed his sister putna but it is not true and I have to make him believe that I did not kill putna, I have to tell him so I shall meet him at Yamuna river and make him understand but the real problem is not meeting bakasura but getting away from mother’s eyesight, she is always keeping an eye on me. Kanha then says madhu you have to help me. Kanha tells madhu to remove his clothes and he puts on the exact same clothes and jewelry that he is wearing. Kanha then makes madhu’s hair like him and puts a peacock feather on his head. Kanha says madhu now you lay right on my bed and sleep, mother will come and see but she wont make it out that it is you. Madhu says what if kaki yashoda knows it is me? Kanha says you don’t have to do anything but just sleep. Kanha puts madhu on bed and tells him to sleep. Yashoda comes saying kanha where are you? Kanha hides behind the door and yashoda comes in. yashoda says where is kanha? Friends say kaki see here he is sleeping, behind kanha sneaks out and goes. Kanha’s friends go out. Yashoda sees madhu as kanha sleeping and comes out. Kanha’s friends panic and say we didn’t do anything kaki. Yashoda says what? Kanha is sleeping. Friend understand and say okay kaki. There kanha runs towards Yamuna river and says I have to tell bakasura that I did not kill putna, then he will leave gokul and me safe.
There bakasura gets up and says how did I get injured from the attack of that kid? He used just a stone but had tremendous power. Bakasura says now I know, that kid is no ordinary kid, he only killed my sister putna and he killed other demons too, he is the avtar of that cheater Vishnu. bakasura says now I will kill him in front of bhagwan kansa and take him to Mathura. Bakasura turns into his eagle form and flies in air. There kanha comes to Yamuna and says bakasura! I am here. Bakasura sees kanha and flies towards him and picks him with his hand and takes him flying. 2 men see and say see bakasura is taking our kanha, lets go and tell nand baba, they both go. kanha says to bakasura stop, what are you doing? I cant go too far from gokul otherwise mother will be worried for me in gokul.
Laxmi says prabhu bakasura know nand lal is your form, it will be dangerous if he takes kanha to Mathura. Lord Vishnu smiles and says bakasura will go only till there where his destiny will take him. there kansa says how much time will bakasura take now? He went to destroy gokul but is he making their graves there? Kansa says bhadraksh see with your eyesight. Bhadraksh closes his eyes and sees bakasura coming with a kid in his hand, he tells kansa. Kansa says a child in bakasura’s hand? Kansa says bakasura must have got to know that child is the one whom devki gave birth, wow this is a jackpot, now I will kill devki’s 8th child myself here. Bakasura is flying and he suddenly imbalances. Bakasura thinks this kid is getting heavier. Kanha says bakasura you don’t even know how to fly. As they come further, bakasura thinks now I cannot fly with his weight. Bakasura and kanha both fall down on ground.

Precap: rishi gargacharya says a prayer sitting beside akrur’s body. Akrur’s body moves. Rishi, rohini and everyone else is shocked. The 2 men come to nand and say bakasura has taken kanha with him.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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