Paramavatar Shri Krishna 31st July 2017 Written Episode Update

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 31st July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with kanha coming back. kanha says mother! I am here. yashoda sees and hugs kanha. Nand and everyone are happy. Everyone say where had you gone kanha? Kanha says I had gone to save rohini kaki. From behind rohini comes walking in pain and stumbling. Nand is shocked. yashoda is shocked. nand says but rohini Bhabhi was at home? yashoda says how did you go to save rohini did out? Yashoda says rohini did how are you here? kanha says mother she is real rohini kaki, the one who was at our home was putna. Everyone is shocked. nand says putna? Rohini says yes she was putna in my form. Yashoda remembers then how putna was behaving and says that is why she was behaving so rudely. Rohini tells the story how putna threw her in the well and came here in her form to accomplish something.

Yashoda says why did she come here but?
There kansa says yes jija shree tell me please. Vasudev says it was a night of Amavasya and devki gave birth to a son and not a girl. Kansa says even I know that jija shree but what after that? vasudev says an aakashvani was made. Kansa says jija shree! I know that, don’t make me beg please, I woke up in the middle of the night. The clouds are thundering and there is lightning. Kansa looks in the sky and says he chakradhari Vishnu, see the truth you all were hiding now that is coming out. Kansa tells vasudev even the gods ask the truth now. vasudev says that day another akashvani was made that my son is born to remove iniquity. Vasudev continues and says that day when my son was born, and the aakashvani was made, my chains broke, now kansa listens carefully. Vasudev says then the gates opened and as I went ahead all the doors opened one by one and your soldiers and even putna fell asleep. Vasudev says this way I reached the bank of Yamuna and even crossed the river with the help of the gods. Vasudev stops. Kansa says then what happened jija shree? Tell me, don’t stop now, which village of brijmandal did you reach?
There nand says I know why she came. Nand says she came here to kill the 8th child of devki, that is why she is here. putna comes and is standing huge outside the house. Putna says yes I have come to kill all the children but this kanha made all my tasks difficult. Kanha says what did I do? I was just doing my karma. Yashoda holds kanha tightly and everyone is scared. Putna says you ate all the kheer with poison and nothing happened to you. kanha says so it was tasty because of poison? Putna says shut up! Putna says I will kill everyone of you now. nand says we will not let you do that putna. Nand and all the men stand with weapons. Putna says you will stop putna? I will show you. putna stamps the ground and it shakes entire brij mandal. There kansa feels the tremors and laughs and says it seems the gods have sent a message to make you tell the truth. Vasudev thinks am I doing wrong telling him the truth?
There putna with her power creates a storm and then from her mouth removes powerful storm and pushes everyone behind. Kanha stands in front of putna and smiles. Yashoda is pushed behind and falls unconscious. Putna puts her hand inside and holds kanha and takes him with her. Putna runs with kanha in her hand. Kanha shouts mother! Mother!
There vasudev doesn’t say anything as kansa says please tell me jija shree quick.
There putna is running stamping on the huts and fountains and gardens, she is taking kanha. Kanha shouts mother, mother! There devki’s hands start moving and head moves.
Putna reaches the end of a waterfall in a valley and leaves kanha on the rock. Putna looks down at kanha and says you have been my trouble always and now I will kill you.

Precap: putna is about to throw kanha in the valley when from behind yashoda and all people come and are shocked. yashoda says kanha! Putna puts her hand down but kanha pushes her hand away and says I will come to you mother. Kanha runs towards yashoda as the touch of kanha on putna;s hand puts some magic spell and is making her fall down.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. Omk those innocent questions of Krishna?

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      ?? Vish k Karan hi Kheer itni swadishth lag rahi thi??? kuch to accha Kia scriptwriter ne?

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  2. Bakwas story made by them.
    They totally changed real story.

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