Paramavatar Shri Krishna 31st December 2018 Written Episode Update: Kanha thanks matsya avatar.

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 31st December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with the ship floating on water, all people look around. As they see, the sun rises again and everyone is happy, the rain stops and everyone cheer. People say the rain has stopped, it is a good sign.
Kanha and the matsya avatar come on the land. Matsya says prabhu, I am grateful to be helping you in your leela today, thank you. kanha says no matsya avatar, you are the first avatar and I am thankful to you that you helped me. matsya says I am the avatar from you only prabhu, all avatars live inside you. matsya goes back inside kanha.
All people see as the water starts receding. Balram says look everyone, I can see land below, the water is going down, the jal pralay has stopped. Nand and everyone is happy and they say our boat will land down now, we are all

safe. All water recedes and people say yes the water has gone, we can get down now, because now we have to rebuild everything. People start getting down. yashoda says nand ji, everything is back to normal but my son kanha has not yet come back. Nand says yashoda don’t worry, if kanha can protect us all then he can for sure protect himself. Kanha then comes and says mother! Mother I am here. Yashoda is happy and she and nand get down from the boat, they hug kanha. Yashoda says kanha I am so happy to see you. kanha says what would happen to me mother? Don’t worry about me. yashoda hugs kanha.
In Mathura, bhadraksh says bhagwan why are you sleeping? Kansa is sleeping and bhadraksh says bhagwan, the sun has risen and I feel like the flood has gone, please wake up bhagwan do something. What happened? Is matsya avatar dead? Kansa wakes up in shock and says no bhadraksh no. kansa stammers and says the sun has risen, it means the flood has gone. Kansa then prays to his own statue and says tell me prabhu, tell me what happened. Is matsya dead? Kansa’s statue speaks and says no kansa, kanha and matsya avatar have killed kalkey, the matsya avatar ate kalkey and he is dead now. Kansa says what? He is shocked. Kansa says what do I do now? Even matsya could not be killed, kalkey died a useless demon. Kansa statue says kansa, forget matsya but now go and kill the kurma avatar of Vishnu, after killing kurma kill all other avatars of Vishnu, this way you can easily kill kanha. Kansa says to bhadraksh, bhadraksh I will kurma avatar. Bhadraksh says but how bhagwan? Bhadraksh says bhagwan I have an idea, you should ask rishi shokracharya, the guru of demons he will guide you properly. Kansa says call shokracharya.
Kansa and bhadraksh go in the balcony and bhadraksh says bhagwan, guru shokracharya appears quickly if he is called by a demon from his heart, so please you only call guru shokracharya he will come quickly. Kansa says guru shokracharya, appear and help me. guru shokracharya comes on his flying demon and says tell me kansa, what happened? Kansa says I want to kill Vishnu, how do I do that guru? Shokracharya says you cannot kill Vishnu kansa. Kansa says guru, you are the guru of demons but you are not helping me. shokracharya says I am the guru, that is why I am telling you the truth, no one has been able to kill Vishnu till now and he cannot be killed ever. Kansa says okay, forget Vishnu but I can at least weaken him and lessen his power. Shokracharya says how do you plan to do that? kansa says by killing the kurma avatar of Vishnu, during samdura manthan(churning of oceans) you were there guru, tell me how do I kill kurma avatar? Shokracharya says yes I was the witness to samudra manthan, but if you have to kill kurma avatar, there is only one way.
Rishi gargacharya comes to kanha and says kanha, I feel kansa is behind killing your 10 avatars because he wants to kill you. kanha says what? Kansa wants to kill my avatars? Rishi says yes.

Precap: kansa goes to mandhrachal mountain with guru shokracharya,kansa tells mandhrachal to take revenge against vishnu’s kurma avatar. Mandhrachal says I am coming Vishnu to take revenge.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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