Paramavatar Shri Krishna 30th October 2017 Written Episode Update: kanha attacks bakasura.

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 30th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with nand and everyone treating the 2 gopi’s with medicine as they scream in pain. Kanha’s friends say nand baba, that demon looked like an eagle. Nand says eagle? Which means he was bakasura, kansa’s demon. Kanha is worried and says bakasura? Everyone is scared.
Laxmi says prabhu who are these 2 gopi’s? and why does bakasura have the form of an eagle? Lord Vishnu says in the yug before treta yug, bakasura was the son of a king whom I had killed for his bad sins by taking the form of a fish. Bakasura was angry and wanted revenge so he with his 2 wives travelled around the world and killed all fish that he found thinking of them as me. A rishi used to stay in a forest and he had kept many fish in a pond he made so that he could do my pooja thinking of those

fish as me. Bakasura came with his wives to the rishi’s ashram and rishi welcome him to serve him. rishi went to bring water and bakasura and his wives saw the fishes. The wives sad they would love to see the fishes in pain. Bakasura sais I will kill each one of them as they can be that Vishnu who killed my father, bakasura kills the fishes. Rishi comes out and is angry, he says how dare you killed those fishes? I curse you that from now in each lifetime those 2 wives would be fish and bakasura would be an eagle and he would kill his wives in each lifetime. Rishi curses them. Laxmi says but prabhu if those 2 gopi’s were his wives and cursed to be fish then how are they gopi’s here? Lord Vishnu says that those wives of bakasura had asked for forgiveness and rishi said they would be given salvation by kanha in dwaparyug.
There the 2 gopi’s scream in pain and then say prabhu forgive us and say narayana and die. Nand and everyone is shocked and kanha is sad. Nand says bakasura came here and burned these 2 women. Kanha says why did he go away then? Why did he attack these gopi’s? kanha thinks bakasura may come back. He and his friends go near the tree, friends say kanha what to do? Suddenly they see bakasura flying and he stands on a hill. Kanha says see bakasura has come back, we have to go and tell all people to get inside their houses before bakasura attacks gokul. Kanha goes to nand and says baba we have to tell everyone. Some men say we will go and tell the people to go in their houses. Kanha says mother and father you both go inside the house. Yashoda says where are you going? Kanha says to see whether everyone is safe. Yashoda says everyone has to keep themselves safe. Nand says I have to go yashoda. Yashoda says no nand ji we will all go inside, she takes balram kanha and nand inside. Damodar says I will do something. Bakasura starts spraying fire on everything in gokul and says I wont leave anyone. All people run in their houses. Nand says yashoda I cannot stay inside like this when my people are in danger. Yashoda cries and says no nand ji I will not let anyone go. kanha’s cow savre comes in danger of the fire and kanha thinks I have to save him, he sneaks out of the room and locks it from outside. Yashoda and nand say kanha open the door. Kanha says mother father I am sorry but I have to go and help savre, nothing will happen to me. Yashoda cries as nand says open the door.
Kanha goes as balram goes behind him. nand and yashoda see balram and say open the door. Balram says baba don’t worry, I am there to protect my brother I will not let anything happen to him. balram goes. Kanha is trying to extinguish the fire around the cow. Balram comes and helps kanha. Bakasura sees them. Kanha says brother take savre inside and I will come soon. Balram goes with savre. There damodar goes to nand and yashoda and opens the door but they are locked inside from the main door. Yashoda prays to god saying please save my kids. Nand and damodar try breaking the main door. There kanha saves himself from bakasura’s fire and says demon listen to me, but bakasura keeps firing. Kanha runs and runs and reaches and hides behind a rock. Bakasura turns to his normal form and says where are you kid I will kill you, come out otherwise I wont leave people of gokul. Lord Vishnu says to narad muni that whatever kanha wields is a weapon for him. kanha there has a catapult and stone, he says mother says we can be powerful if we are brave. Kanha stands on the rock and says bakasura! Bakasura looks at kanha. Kanha attacks the stone which turns into a fire bolt and hits bakasura, he falls down.

Precap: bakasura says now I know this kid is devki’s 8th son. Bakasura takes kanha with him to Mathura. Kansa sees and bhadraksh says bakasura has a kid in his hands. Kansa says devki’s son is here.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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