Paramavatar Shri Krishna 30th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Kanha and balram play kabaddi.

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 30th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with kanha and balram in vrindavan. Balram says kanha I always exercise everyday, I am very strong, I have also fought many demons and killed them. Kanha’s friends are there and say brother balram, kanha has killed many demons for vrindavan too. Balram says I am the protector of vrindavan, everybody comes to me when they need strength for the job. Kanha says brother, even I have protected vrindavan many times and the people too. Balram says but kanha you cannot even pick my mudgal. Kanha says brother then lets have a match of kabaddi, the one who wins will be proclaimed the protector of vrindavan. Balram says okay kanha, but think about it before, I am very strong kanha. Kanha smiles.
At home, nand and yashoda are preparing for the Pooja of lord Vishnu. Damodar

holds the shell and tries to blow it but no sound comes. Damodar says nand baba, this shell is not working. Nand says damodar, you forget everything, you must have forgotten how to blow the shell. Damodar says no it really isn’t working. Nand tries blowing the shell but sound doesn’t come. Radha comes. Nand says yes the shell is not working. Radha says not only the shell, even the bell’s sound is not coming. Yashoda is shocked and says what is happening? They come out in the verandah.
There balram and kanha are playing kabaddi and kanha comes near balram and touches him, he is ready to run and cross the line but balram holds him. kanha and balram push each other and kanha then suddenly throws balram in air and balram falls all away. Balram gets up shocked and says kanha how did you become so strong? kanha smiles. Balram says kanha but you could not even pick my mudgal.
In nand’s house all people come complaining about their shells and bells not making any sounds. Nand says yes the problem here is also same.
There dhenukasur stands on the hill and he says people of vrindavan, now no one will pray to that Vishnu, no one will be his disciple, I will destroy his bhakti. Dhenukasur turns into a donkey and starts making a sound.
Balram and kanha and all friends come home. rishi gargacharya comes and nand says guru, our bells and shells are not producing any sounds, this is not right, something bad is happening. Guru gargacharya says listen properly, you will hear a sound. Nand says yes, it seems like the sound of a donkey. Rishi gargacharya says yes, this is the sound of a donkey but it is kansa’s demon dhenukasur. Yashoda is shocked and everyone is scared. Gargacharya says dhenukasura has a power, only hi sound can cause problems in disciples bhakti towards their god, this demon mainly aims at the faith of a disciple in god and he tries to destroy that, he aims at such things by which we cannot do the Pooja of our god, like the stopping of our shells and bells and disrupting the yagya’s of rishi’s. all people get scared and say run into your homes, the people go. kanha says guru gargacharya, I have to stop this demon.
Kanha goes with balram towards that sound and balram says kanha this time I will kill this demon. Kanha says yes brother, you only have to kill the demon, your power can defeat dhenukasur easily. Balram thinks how did kanha let me go and fight the demon this time? Kanha says brother we have to follow the sound and find the demon. Balram walks ahead and kanha says brother I cannot kill dhenukasur because of my promise given to my disciple prahlad.

Precap: kanha finds dhenukasur in his donkey form making sounds. Balram fights dhenukasur.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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