Paramavatar Shri Krishna 2nd October 2017 Written Episode Update: Kanha plays his flute, ghungroo gets uneasy.

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 2nd October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with kansa getting back up, he laughs and then kicks gandharv raj who falls down in pain. Prapti is shocked. Kansa holds her and says wait prapti everyone will get their chance but now it is my chance. Kansa goes to gandhrav raj and keeps his leg on him and says what did you think gandharv? You will kill me so easily? I am a god and a god never dies. Kansa says on the other hand you can die, you wanted to be my wife’s lover? Kansa then kicks gandhrav on his chest continuously as gandhrav is in pain.
There kanha comes with his flute in the kitchen where everyone is sitting with their plates served with food. Yashoda and nand see the form of kanha and say kanha which shringaar is this? Kanha says didn’t you like it mother? Yashoda smiles and says I love it, yashoda

then puts kajal on kanha’s face and says I hope no one’s bad sight should be on you. Yashoda then says kanha come and sit down, I will serve you food. Kanha says yes mother but first I will say prayer as rishi gardhacharya told me. Yashoda sits and says say the prayer kanha. Kanha then says the unique prayer. Ghungroo is shocked and doesn’t feel nice, he thinks which prayer is this which makes me uneasy? Yashoda and nand say which prayer is this kanha? Damodar says nand ji this prayer is to remove someone’s habit of forgetting. Kanha says no damu kaka this prayer is before food, you again forgot. Kanha says the prayer again. Yashoda goes out as someone comes. kanha then says father can I play my flute? Nand says yes kanha, till mother comes. kanha starts playing flute and ghungroo becomes uncomfortable. Ghungroo thinks if I sit here my truth will be revealed. As kanha plays, suddenly ghungroo’s hand slips and the glass falls down, everyone look at him. kanha is in doubt. Ghungroo says I don’t feel well can I eat food later? Nand says yes. Ghungroo goes and sits behind a wall. Kanha continues playing the flute and walks towards the wall. Ghungroo says I thought not to hurt anyone but I feel I should kill everyone in this nand family. Ghungroo turns into alambasur as he cannot control himself. Yashoda comes and says kanha what are you doing? I told you to eat food. Yashoda says kanha you brought all the cows here. Kanha says I did not do it. Yashoda takes kanha to the kitchen, kanha thinks if I had played the flute some more time I would know who the demon was.
In barsana, radha and her friends have stopped a man from barsana. Radha says uncle you will not do your work until radha says because my father has 1 lakh cows and I am radha, I need you to help me in my plan to bring kanha to barsana. Radha tells the man in ears that he has to go to gokul taking them too and bring kanha here. Uncle falls unconscious. Friends say what did you say to him that he fell unconscious? Radha says my plan to bring kanha here!
At night ghungroo comes out with balram, balram says lets go to my father before anyone else sees us. Kanha comes and says brother! Where are you going? Balram stops and is shocked. Ghungroo is angry. Balram says nowhere kanha, just here with ghungroo. Kanha says I couldn’t sleep brother as I was thinking how brave you are and how much I am worried for you. Balram gets emotional and says is that true kanha? Kanha says yes brother, I love you a lot and I will stay with you always, kanha then has a ribbon and he ties his hand to balram’s hand. Balram smiles and says ghungroo we should take kanha with us. Ghungroo thinks the plan will be failed if kanha comes. ghungroo says I have to feed my cows, I forgot, I will go, ghungroo goes. Kanha says brother come with me, it is late we have to sleep. Kanha goes with balram and sleeps in his room. Kanha thinks brother balram to keep you safe I have to keep you with me, then I will know who the demon is. Kanha sleeps. Alambasur sees and is angry, he says dha dhin dhin dha, this kanha is an even bigger problem, but no problem I will take balram with me and if need be kill this kanha.

Precap: that man tells kanha that radha is in trouble. Kanha is worried and wants to go to barsana. Alambasur says if kanha goes I will take balram with me.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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