Paramavatar Shri Krishna 2nd November 2017 Written Episode Update: Yashoda wants Kanha to be brave

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 2nd November 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with kansa saying bhagwan kansa tell me what should I do? Kansa sees his form sitting on throne and it says kansa you are scared and a coward, outside you show that you are strong but inside you are scared from devki’s child and that is why you are doing all this. Form says kansa if you want to fight then fight your fear and your ego and defeat it, instead of sending so many demons to gokul go yourself and face your fear yourself. The form disappears. Kansa says that is right, he says to everyone did you hear that? Now I shall go to gokul myself, because devki’s 8th child doesn’t want to come to Mathura but at least the mother can go there right? Kansa laughs.
There kanha and balram are there. Balram eats ladoos and says kanha how did you manage to kill

that demon bakasura? Kanha says brother even I learned from you, I saw how you practice everyday, that is what gave me power. Kanha says then I broke his beak easily. Balram says but kanha you don’t even eat these ladoos which give me power, you cannot pick my mudgal and how did you kill bakasura? Kanha says mother always says when you believe in yourself you can defeat anyone. Balram says who said that? Yashoda kaki? I never heard of her telling you. Kanha says ask her then. Balram says lets go to yashoda kaki, they both go.
There kansa goes to devki and vasudev and says devki I have a good news today for you. Kansa removes devki’s chains and says devki my sister, I free you forever. Devki and vasudev are confused. Kansa says devki I mean, I am going to take you to your 8th child, I will make you meet him. devki says you evil kansa, I will not come with you anywhere, if my son is here somewhere around me he will come and kill you one day and take me with him. kansa says now you shall come with me, he pulls her with him and vasudev says leave her kansa.
In gokul, nand says to yashoda, kanha is a gwala and it is his dharma to take cows for feeding and taking care of them, you cannot keep him at home like this yashoda. Yashoda says no nand ji I will not listen to you anymore, I will not allow kanha to go anywhere he will stay with me at home. Kanha and balram come. Balram says kaki kanha always says mother said this and mother said that. Kanha says yes mother you only told me we should be strong and face all problems, don’t you remember? Yashoda says kanha I never said that, I know you are doing this so that I can allow you to take your cows outside. Kanha thinks then who is that mother who tells me everything? I know I hear someone everyday telling me something, who is that mother? Yashoda says kanha you will stay at home. Kanha says I am your son mother, I will listen to you. Kanha goes.
There kansa is riding the chariot and he says devki see we will go to gokul and you can meet your son there. Vasudev is angry and says stop the chariot kansa, stop it now! Kansa stops the chariot. Kansa says see devki don’t you remember this bridge? This bridge was the one from where I was taking you and jija shree back to maheshmati but the aakashvani was made that your 8th son would kill me, so unfortunate you both could never go to maheshmati. Kansa says and vasudev see this same bridge, you took your son from here that night and went and kept him in gokul which you wont tell me. Kansa says I will take you right there.
Kanha is talking to some scarecrows he made himself, they are made as people of gokul and some as kanha’s friends. Kanha talks to them and says you people of gokul, I will not let you say anything to my mother and taunt her, you don’t have any work, I will listen to my mother and from now not go and feed cows in fields, I will stay home, don’t call me and my mother cowards. Yashoda listens and comes and says kanha whom are you talking to? Kanha takes catapult and says I will break your heads and says mother I am talking to people of gokul, see. Yashoda sees the scarecrows. Kanha says mother you are keeping me home, see what the people of gokul will say then, they may say yashoda is a coward and keeps her son home and I don’t want that to happen, that is why I am scolding them because the people just want a chance to say something to yashoda and her son. Yashoda has tears and says I will see what the people say, I wont let them say anything to my son, my son will go and feed cows like any other gwala of gokul. Kanha gives a clever smile.
Narad muni says kanha made his mother do what he wanted again. Lord Vishnu says no devrishi, kanha has made mata yashoda do what she wanted, because it was her decision. Lord Vishnu says no mother wants her child to be a coward and she always wants them to be brave and strong, mata yashoda did the same thing by allowing kanha to be a gwala as she wants her son to be brave.

Precap: kansa comes to gokul with devki and vasudev in the chariot. Kanha and his friends are walking. A storm comes on kansa’s chariot. Kanha says mother! Devki sees a child with a peacock feather in his hair.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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