Paramavatar Shri Krishna 2nd February 2018 Written Episode Update: Kansa disguises himself as villager.

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 2nd February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with kanha inside the palace. Kanha says mata don’t worry I am there, paras’s friend. Sunidhi says you don’t know mayasura kanha! Mayasura is very evil, he tortures everyone and cheats his enemies. Kanha says mata those are anyway the characteristics of a demon, mayasura does what he is supposed to do but as good we are supposed to curb the evil. Kanha says you don’t worry, paras will be free but why is it that kalya naag wants his own son killed mata? Sunidhi says kanha I prayed to prabhu Vishnu in the last lifetime, I am his disciple, he was impressed by my prayers and he appeared, I asked him for a wish that he be my son in my next life, lord Vishnu said yes and said he would be my son and would call me mother too! Sunidhi says I got this wish and paras is

a disciple of lord Vishnu but this angers kalya naag because garud is behind him to kill him for what his mother did to garud’s mother. Sunidhi says he wants paras dead as he is disciple of lord Vishnu. Kanha says mata, don’t worry a disciple of lord Vishnu will never die, lord Vishnu will always save his disciples. Kanha says you just take me to that prison, how do I go there?
Sunidhi says yes kanha, kalya naag knows it, we have to ask him somehow.
There kansa is on his crow and says I will show the people of this village. Kansa becomes disguised as a villager and jumps into the poisonous water of Yamuna. He comes near to the banks of the village and then starts acting, he screams for help and says help me I am drowning. A child with his friends see kansa as a villager and says this man is drowning, we shall go and tell our panch ji! The kid goes. Kansa looks out and laughs and says no one will live, Vishnu you will come to me and I will kill you. The child goes and tells panch that a man is drowning in the poisonous water. Panch says we have to help him, some men say but panch ji we don’t know if he is of our village and what if you get poisoned? Panch says yes we will see that there but we should go there now. Everyone go to the bank and kansa starts acting save me. The men say he is not of our village panch ji, panch says but he is a human and we should help him. Panch throws a rope and everyone pull kansa out. Kansa comes out and says thank you, you kind men, you saved my life today, I will be grateful. Kansa says I just need some place to res now. Panch says yes you come to our village. As kansa goes, the kid says you were saved even from the poisoned water, it is because of lord Vishnu. Kansa says oh! Child and kansa get in the village and kansa sees huge mandal setup for a huge Pooja. Kansa says what is this for? Child says uncle this is because the great rishi from patriki ashram is coming and there is going to be a Pooja for lord Vishnu here, all preparations are going on. Kansa says why? Child says because if we pray to lord Vishnu, the rishi said he will come to earth and visit us and keep everyone happy and safe from evil. Kansa smiles cunningly.
There kanha and sunidhi go towards kalya naag’s room. Sunidhi goes to kalya naag while kanha hides behind a pillar and watches everything. Kalya naag says why have you come here? Sunidhi says swami please free my son. Kalya naag says no, he is gone against me and he has to die. Sunidhi says I know you are scared of lord Vishnu, paras being his disciple, the kalya naag who poisoned jamuna is scared but you don’t want to show it, still I being your wife will keep quiet. Kalya naag says don’t talk too much otherwise I wont take time to kill you too! Sunidhi says yes I don’t have the right to go against you. Sunidhi goes. Kanha goes silently.
There kansa is in the village. The great rishi from patriki ashram comes and all people welcome him, they take his blessings. Kansa says rishi, I heard this Pooja is for Vishnu. Rishi says yes, for prabhu Vishnu! Kansa says then if I want to go to your ashram then how will I know where your ashram is so that I pray to him and he appears? Rishi says child you don’t need an ashram, you can pray anywhere and he will appear if your bhakti is true. Kansa says okay and everyone sit for the Pooja. Rishi says the prayer om vishnay namah! Everyone repeat and together all of them start saying the prayers! Kansa starts getting annoyed from the sounds, he closes his eyes and starts getting angry, he thinks stops these people stop them! I cannot listen to these prayers. Kansa gets angry and takes his normal form and gets up and screams, he says stop everyone! Everyone get scared and get back. Kansa says you people pray to Vishnu under my rule, I will not leave anyone. Kansa screams loudly and 4 shadows come out of his body and start attacking the people with fire bolts. Kansa is very angry!

Precap: kanha tells jamuna to tell his mother yashoda and everyone that he is fine. Jamuna goes. Sunidhi shows kanha the way to go to paras. Kansa takes the rishi of patriki ashram and threatens him.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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