Paramavatar Shri Krishna 29th March 2018 Written Episode Update: balram frees rishi gargacharya.

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 29th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with indra dev getting up as rishi gargacharya. He tells all people of gokul that you have done too late, no one even woke me up, now indra dev may get angry, we have to start soon, we have to start digging the soil and rocks for good soil, to make the 100 statues. All people say okay rishi, we will do as you say. All people go behind indra dev. kanha thinks brother and radha will come soon with rishi gargacharya, that time I will expose the truth of indra dev.
There balram and radha go to the lake to get fresh and balram says this yakshi is bringing doubts in my head. Radha says yes brother, anyway lets get ready we will go with him to find rishi gargacharya. Balram and radha wash their face, suddenly a crocodile comes out of the water and radha screams, balram

comes in front of radha to protect her. Balram says stay away animal, I will have to kill you otherwise. The crocodile comes near to balram to attack him, balram then swings his plough on the crocodile and it falls faint. The crocodile then turns into the yakshi student and he gets up and says forgive me balram, please forgive, yakshi cries. Balram and radha say you? Why did you do this? Yakshi says forgive me balram but you have freed me from my curse, indra dev had forced me to do this, forgive me. Balram says okay. Radha says but will you tell us where rishi gargacharya is? Yakshi says yes, he is inside that mountain up there. Balram says how do we go there? Yakshi says trust me balram, both of you close your eyes and follow that path, you will reach inside. radha says lets do as he says, both close their eyes and follow the path.
Narad muni asks lord Vishnu, prabhu what is the past of yakshi? Lord Vishnu says devrishi, that student was a yaksh before and he had been cursed to evil crocodile, but the rishi said the curse would be lifted when shesh naag and devi laxmi would free him, balram and radha freed the yakshi today and kanha gave the plough to balram by putting his divya powers in it so that balram would have help.
There in the village, indra dev screams at all people and says people be quick, what are you doing? Why are you taking so much time? Do you want to get punished you fools? Rishi says he will kill all of you, be quick. Nand sees and thinks I never saw this form of rishi before, why is he acting like this? Yashoda thinks we all have to pray to indra dev, so that we will be safe and will also get our proper rains.
There balram and radha get inside the mountain and then open their eyes. Balram says radha we got inside, radha says where is rishi but? Balram says lets find him. Radha and balram come walking ahead and then they see rishi gargacharya surrounded by a spell trap. Rishi says balram, I have been trapped inside by this spell, that cheating indra dev did this, it cannot be broken easily. Radha says I will try and she comes and holds the shield but is thrown back. Balram says radha re you okay? Come and stand here. Rishi says balram, kanha sent you both, he does everything only after thinking and he must have sent something with you to help me. Balram thinks and then says yes kanha gave me this plough and said it would be of help. Radha gets back. Balram then puts a blow on the trap using the plough, the trap breaks and rishi is freed. Rishi says lets go back to vrindavan, we will expose that indra dev.

Precap: rishi comes and he exposes indra dev. indra dev takes his original form and laughs and says I am the king of gods and you will do as I say. Nand says even if you are the king of gods, we wont do as you say, you have done wrong things to torture people. Indra dev attacks on nand with his Vajra astra. Kanha comes to rescue.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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