Paramavatar Shri Krishna 29th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Kalyavan searches for kanha.

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 29th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with all people of vrindavan praying to lord Vishnu to protect kanha’s life. There kanha hides in a farm behind some rocks. Kalyavan says kanha! Where are you? You ran away again! Remember, I am kalyavan and I will find you from anywhere. Kanha is behind the rock and says kalyavan, I don’t come out even when my father, mother, radha and everyone find me, I come out only when I want to so what will you do kalyavan? Kanha runs and hides.
Kalyavan sees here and there and tries to find kanha, he says where is that kid? I felt like someone is here, but I think I am just imagining it. Kanha runs again from behind, kalyavan says am I imagining or is that Vishnu cheating with me like he always does? I have to find here.
Kalyavan says I will burn this entire forest

and farm, to save it kanha will come for sure. Kalyavan removes fire from his stick to burn everything. Kanha is between the farms and says kalyavan I am here, kanha laughs. Kalyavan goes to kanha and says you lied to me, you cheated kid and I will kill you for that, you wont be spared. Kanha runs into a cave and hides there. Kalyavan says wait you! Kalyavan enters the cave too.
There all people are praying to lord Vishnu to save kanha!
Here, kanha hides in the cave. Kalyavan comes and sees an ant hill and says so you are hiding in this ant hill, I will kill you. Kalyavan hits his sword in the ant hill and it breaks. A rishi is sitting inside the ant hill and he gets cut on his hand. He gets angry and gets up, he says you demon, how dare you disturb me from my meditation? You have done a sin, I shall curse you. Kalyavan is shocked and says where is that kid? Kanha sees hiding from behind a rock.
Narad muni says prabhu, who is this rishi? How did he appear here? Lord Vishnu says he is a great rishi, the avatar of shree ram met the rishi in treta yug and he promised the rishi that in dwapar yug his form of shree ram would give him salvation when kanha would appear in the cave to protect himself.
There kalyavan goes running out of the cave. Kanha then comes in front of rishi, rishi says softly who are you kid? Kanha turns into shree ram and rishi is surprised, he cries and does pranam and is happy. He says prabhu I am grateful you came for me, I have waited long for this prabhu. Lord ram says rishi var, you helped me in treta yug and now in dwaparyug as well, you are my param bhakt and I will come whenever you call me. Lord ram blesses the rishi and his soul gets salvation that goes to vaikunth dham.
There kanha then goes out of the cave where kalyavan is finding kanha, kalyavan says kanha you cheater, Vishnu you showed your colors, like always even this time you have cheated, you did not keep your promise. Kanha comes and says kalyavan here I am! Kalyavan says kid you will come with me now or else I will kill you. Kanha says kalyavan you blame others but you yourself have not kept your promise. Kalyavan says which promise? I told kansa I will take you to him, so I will! Kanha says you promised to me before leaving vrindavan that you would not rest for even a second while our journey on Mathura. Though you fought with keshari and got tired, I never asked you to rest but just to sit and I just played my flute, you slept all the time, according to our pact I would go back the very moment to vrindavan if you rested! So you have broken your promise of not resting, you are the great maharaj kalyavan, then keep your promised to me! Do what you said. Kalyavan thinks and then says kanha, I promised I would not stop you from going back home, I will keep that, because I rested so I shall not stop you now, I am great kalyavan and I shall keep my promise to you. Kalyavan says you can go kid, but remember kansa will kill you. Kanha smiles and goes.
Kanha comes back to vrindavan and all people are happy to see him. They all take the palki of Vishnu to his temple to celebrate the event of kanha’s protected life!

Precap: kansa uses his evil pot and purs a ton of lava near vrindavan, this lava turns into a huge lava magma monster!

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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