Paramavatar Shri Krishna 28th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 28th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with yashoda coming to putna and saying rohini did where is kanha? Putna is angry and she says what do I know? He is your son find him yourself. Yashoda and nand are shocked. putna sits down. Yashoda says why are you saying this sister? Kanha was sleeping with you today. Putna says your son is very naughty, he made me sleep instead of him sleeping and when does he ever sleep? Damodar and everyone come. Nand is shocked and says Bhabhi what has happened to you? putna gets up and says I don’t care where he went, find him yourself. Yashoda says he was taking your name the entire day. Putna says he troubled me the entire day, he is a headache to me. Yashoda says see nand ji, we helped her so much and now she returns the favor like this. Yashoda is crying and she and everyone

go to find kanha. Putna turns back to her form and says I am myself finding that kanha, one I see him I will kill him.
There vasudev is coming to the courtroom to tell kansa the truth of his 8th child.
Kanha is looking in the well and says how do I get kaki out? Then the trees there speak and say to themselves that lord we have waited years for you to come here, our branches and vines will help you. the vines and branches come together and fall inside the well. Kanha says yes I can take the help of these branches. Lord Vishnu says for years these rishi’s and daughter have waited for kanha to come there, laxmi smiles. Lord Vishnu says they wont stand without helping kanha. Kanha tells rohini, kaki hold this branch and I will pull you out. Rohini sees and says kanha I don’t have any power to hold the branch, I have lost strength and you wont alone be able to get me out, you go home before something happens, let me stay here. kanha thinks how do I help kaki now? behind kanha;s cow savra comes and kanha sees, he says savra have you come here to help me? Kanha says but what use? I am a child and even you are a child, how will we get kaki out?
There vasudev comes to the courtroom and starts banging the bell with a hammer. The noise is loud and kansa is sleeping in his room. kansa tries to hide under a pillow and says who is that? which disciple is calling me now?
There yashoda and all the people of gokul are finding kanha in gokul.
Laxmi says to lord Vishnu that what is maharaj vasudev doing? He is giving away the truth, the one truth that he has lived for 5 years. Lord Vishnu says vasudev is not wrong devi, he is doing what he has to do. Laxmi says but how is that right? He will put kanha in danger. Lord Vishnu says vasudev is also doing his dharma, he is doing his pati dharma, dharma of being a husband to protect his wife.
Kanha sees and all mother cows have come. Kanha says so savra you brought all mother cows for help too. Kanha tells rohini that kaki get up and hold the branch, you can come out now as savra has brought all the mother cows for help. Rohini sees up, then she sees kanha is inside the well. Rohini sees why did you come here kanha? Kanha says I have come here to help you. rohini then sees up and kanha says kaki, hold the branch and come out. Rohini holds the branch. The branches turn around each cow’s neck. Kanha says to the cows, now pull. The cows pull and rohini comes out of the well. Kanha gets rohini out and says if you are here then who is that rohini kaki at home? rohini says another rohini? rohini then says that is putna, she threw me here. kanha says putna in our house? Kanha says kaki we have to go fast. Rohini and kanha start running back home.
There yashoda cries, damodar comes and says kanha is not in gokul, we checked at all his friends house, he is not in gokul only. Yashoda cries loudly and says kanha! Where are you? kanha come to me. Nand has tears and says come yashoda, lets go home. they all turn back but from behind kanha comes. Kanha says I am here mother, kanha comes running to yashoda.
There putna sees the well and says I knew kanha would come here, he took rohini with him, which means everyone will know who I am. Putna says now I will kill everyone in gokul and not only kanha.

Precap: putna is huge and in gokul. She says I will not leave anyone. All the people are running here and there as yashoda stands in front of kanha. Putna pushes her behind by her power, putna then puts her hand inside to get kanha. Kanha stands calmly looking at putna. Putna holds kanha.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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