Paramavatar Shri Krishna 28th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Matsya kills kalkey.

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 28th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with yashoda saying my son is truly amazing, today he has saved us all and also made this huge boat and he is also rowing our boat with the help of a matsya. Nand says yes yashoda, today even I am thinking our son kanha is the avatar of lord Vishnu. yashoda says what? Now even you nand ji? Even you made my son god, then don’t talk to me. nand says okay yashoda, he is no god, he is your son. kanha smiles as he takes matsya ahead.
Kansa is with bhadraksh, kansa says now kalkey will kill that matsya, once he is dead soon we will kill all vishnu’s forms and I will be immortal after I kill kanha as well.
There kalkey comes under the water as he looks at the ship and kanha on the matsya. Kalkey says in satyug, Vishnu you took matsya avatr and defeated me,

you took everything from me but not now. Kalkey says now I will win, I will kill matsya avatar and then complete my revenge. Kalkey removes his weapon and attacks matsya. The matsya shakes and kanha says what happened? Kalkey attacks again. Kanha then says someone is attacking matsya, kanha looks deep inside the water. Kanha sees kalkey and says it is him. the boat starts swaying in the water due to the strong currents.
Kanha jumps in the water with matsya avatar. Suddenly the water rises and the ship starts to tremor. Yashoda says what happened? She sees and says where is kanha? Where did he go? balram says yes kanha went inside the water, that is why the ship stopped here. Yashoda says nand ji my son is in danger. Radha says no kaki, kanha has studied to breathe inside water, nothing will happen to him, trust me. yashoda is worried.
Kanha says kalkey, you have come here to die. Kalkey says kanha, I brought your matsya avatar here and I will kill it. Kalkey removes his spear, he runs towards matsya but matsya pushes him behind. Kalkey pulls the spear behind and hits it on matsya, he spear hits matsya avatar and it falls down. kanha is worried. Kalkey says see, the matsya is almost dead. Kalkey removes another spear.
There on the surface, a huge wave appears and the rain increases, the ship starts to move and shake around. The people pray to lord Vishnu. suddenly a huge wave appears, the people hold onto the ship, the wave falls and people are drenched in water. Kansa then comes and does aakashvani, kansa says vrindavan people, you think you will be safe because kanha saved you all but he didn’t! your kanha has taken jal Samadhi, he has died under water and now even you all will die. Kansa says that is why I told you to pray to me, but you kept praying to that Vishnu. kansa goes. yashoda and all people are shocked, yashoda says my son! no, my son. yashoda faints. Nand holds her. All people get scared and pray to lord Vishnu, they say save us god. Balram and radha say don’t believe kansa, it doesn’t mean he will say anything and you have to believe him.
Under the water, matsya gets up and gets angry, it starts creating a whirlpool. Kanha says I have to stop matsya otherwise this world will be destroyed. Kanha calms down matsya and sits over it, he says kalkey, you have done sins in your life and even in satyug you had done sins which is why the matsya avatar was taken by me to defeat you, but now you came for revenge? Revenge for what? For the sins for which you were punished? Kanha says every avatar I have taken was to remove adharma like you from this world and the matsya avatar is very important as it is my first avatar, so you shall die today because everything inside this world lives inside me, everything even demons and the whole universe live inside me, so my matsya shall eat you because you have sinned and I take you back. The matsya opens his mouth and eats kalkey and kills him finally. Everything calms down.
Bhadraksh says bhagwan the boat has been standing there, matsya is dead! Kansa says no bhadraksh, everything is calming down, if matsya was dead then all people of vrindavan would have died too.

Precap: kansa says the matsya could not be killed, but vishnu’s avatar of kurma, the turtle shall die from my hands, I will kill him for sure.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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