Paramavatar Shri Krishna 27th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Kansa calls bakasura.

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 27th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with bhadraksh coming and he and janur say bhagwan we found everywhere but that woman took akrur’s body with her. Kansa says if I had akrur’s body, he would have been such a great spirit for me, I would have given me life he would be loyal to me after death like you bhadraksh. Kansa gets angry and says but who was that woman? I want her to be found. Kansa says vasudev’s first wife rohini and her son’s missing is getting confusing day by day, where is she? Bhadraksh says bhagwan she must not have gone out of brij mandal, she is hiding here somewhere. Kansa says and what is up with this gokul? I sent shridhar, udkach, putna there but all of them dead till now, but I still stay on the same page for gokul. Bhadraksh says bhagwan we have to focus on gokul more. Kansa

says loudly, bakasura! Bakasura in his huge eagle form with 4 wings comes flying from the sky, there is thundering and lightning. Bakasura comes inside the palace and stands.
Kanha is in gokul as a new gora with his stick and balram too. radha sits in between the street with a dhol and she sings a song teasing kanha and laughs. Kanha says gopi you will never change because you don’t listen to anyone. Kanha goes for his first day and reaches a field of flowers. He has a pot of yashoda’s butter. 2 boys come from another village and are actually disciples of lord Vishnu’s treta yug form of shree ram. They come as 2 boys and stand in front of kanha. Kanha says who are you? I have seen you first time in gokul. Bosy say we came here from the neighboring village. You must be kanha as you look like, we have heard a lot about you and that you like butter which your mother makes very good. Kanha smiles and says yes I love butter. Boys look at the pot of butter. Kanha says do you both want butter? Boys say it is your butter kanha. Kanha says no it is my mother’s butter, you can have it. Kanha gives them butter, they both start eating and love the butter. Kanha smiles.
There 2 women walk towards the river to fill water in their pots and talk, they say kanha is such a beautiful child and yashoda is a lucky mother. Woman says yes she takes care of her son a lot and kanha loves his mother too, he is the light of everyone’s eye, we just cant have enough of him.
There in Mathura, bakasura says bhagwan kansa! I have come here and I know what you want me to do. I will go to gokul, my sister putna was killed on that ground and I will not leave anyone from gokul, I will take my revenge. Bakasura goes. Kansa says nice, he understood without me telling him.
In gokul, kanha is walking ahead and he suddenly sees a cow made of mud in front of him. kanha smiles and says wow it looks so nice, this statue looks like a real mother cow is there, it is so beautiful. Narad muni says who is that prabhu? Lord Vishnu says that cow is actually my disciple, she was a cow and daughter of a king in the previous yug but her father cursed her and she turned into mud, she will be freed only by my form of kanha.
In gokul, the women now come near the river, they suddenly see in the sky. One woman says such a huge eagle? Other says no he is bakasura, kansa’s demon, lets run. They both scream. Kanha hears their scream and goes to them. He says them both on the ground injured with burns. Both scream in pain and say kanha help us please kanha. Kanha is worried. Kanha’s friends come. Kanha says jeevak go and call my father. jeevak says yes and goes home, he says nand baba please come with me, there is a problem, the gopi’s have been attacked. Nand is shocked and goes with damodar and all men. The men and nand come. Nand sees the women in burns. Women say save us nand baba, we are in pain. Kanha is worried.

Precap: bakasura attacks gokul and starts burning everything with fire from his mouth. Kanha comes on a hill and watches everything. He thinks of how to save gokul.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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