Paramavatar Shri Krishna 27th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Balram beats kanha.

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 27th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with kanha coming with the cows. Nand and all people hear the sound of cows mooing and they come to the cows and say our cows are all here. Kanha comes ahead and nand and damodar are surprised with all people. Nand says kanha you are here? What are you doing here? You were in the village right? Kanha says father I am here with the cows since when, I found them here. Nand says so you went to find the cows? Kanha says the cows had not gone anywhere, they strayed and came here from the village, I found them here. Nand says that is good, finally our cows are safe otherwise everyone thought varahasur had abducted our cows. Kanha says no father, the cows are all safe, no demon came in our village. Kanha says father, now we should get back to the village, everyone must be worried

about the cows so they should be taken back to vrindavan. Nand says kanha is right, come on people lets take our cows back to the village. Everyone go.
Balram comes finding and he sees the real kanha but thinks he found the stranger who was being kanha. Balram comes and hits mudgal on kanha’s back and kanha falls down in pain, he says brother? What are you doing? Why are you hitting me? Balram says I know it is you demon, it is of no use to act now, tell me where is my kanha? Kanha says brother I am only kanha, I am your brother. Balram says no you are the stranger, I know it, you are a demon who has taken disguise of my kanha. Kanha says no brother, balram hits him again with mudgal and says I will not leave you today. Kanha thinks if I try to convince brother he wont listen, I will rather run. Kanha runs and balram says stop you demon. Kanha runs and runs and hides behind a rock. Balram comes and says where did that demon go? kanha hides and balram sees him and says you are here stranger kanha. Kanha says brother what are you doing? I am kanha, I had gone to bring the cows back from varahasur. Balram says varahasur? What? Kanha says yes brother, I am your kanha. Balram says then who was in the village disguised as kanha? Kanha says I was never in vrindavan. Balram has tears and says forgive me kanha, I beat you without knowing who you were. Kanha says it is okay brother, but who has taken my disguise? Radha then comes and says brother balram it was me. Kanha and balram say what? Why? radha says brother, I told kaki yashoda about kanha and she got worried, but as I had promised kanha, I had to take his disguise as kanha and stay in the village so that kaki yashoda and all people wouldn’t be worried. Balram says forgive me radha, I thought you were a demon and chased you. radha says it is okay brother, now lets go back to the village, everyone is waiting for us. Kanha, balram and radha go back to vrindavan.
There kansa is in his bath harem and the women pour water on him through pots. Asti watches kansa. Suddenly mud falls on kansa and then he opens his eyes and says stop, you fools what are you doing? The women get scared. Kansa then looks up and says oh, mud is falling on me, wow! Kansa laughs and says another demon has died, varahasur is dead! Kansa laughs and says Vishnu, you played again, cheated again and another demon has gone. Kansa says I will bath, he takes the pots and pours water on himself.
In vrindavan, some rishi’s are sitting and doing a yagya in their ashram praying to lord Vishnu. A demon half goat and half man comes in front of them and laughs. The rishi’s get scared and say demon, what do you want? The demon laughs and laughs and then he takes a skull of a dead person and throws it in the fire of the yagya and disappears. The rishi’s get up scared and say no! our yagya has been made unholy again, we cannot live like this if this happens, the demons are not letting us do any yagya for our prabhu and even pray to him.
In Mathura, kansa is in his palace and the demon appears and starts laughing. Kansa says what happened? Just tell me! The demon laughs and laughs and dances. Kansa says why are you so happy? Tell me come on. The demon says bhagwan, just know that Vishnu’s disciples are not going to stay long in vrindavan, everyone loyal to that Vishnu and paramavatar Krishna will be gone soon, we have been actively destroying their yagya’s and prayers and now they have almost decided to leave the village. Kansa says that is good news, see Vishnu, I wont attack you but soon you will be helpless. Kansa laughs.
Kanha goes to the rishi’s and sees them in despair. Guru gargacharya comes there. The rishi’s say kanha you promised to protect us but today another of our yagya has been spoiled by a demon of kansa, what do we do? How do we pray to our prabhu? If by today evening nothing is done then we cannot live in vrindavan, we have to leave the village. Kanha is worried and thinks I will do something. Kanha says don’t worry, I will do something.

Precap: kansa’s another demon comes to terrorize the rishi’s and their meidtations. Kanha comes to the rescue.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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