Paramavatar Shri Krishna 27th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 27th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with kanha beside putna at night. Kanha says kaki mother tell me a story. Putna says story? I don’t know stories. Kanha says you must be knowing at least one? Putna says no kanha. Kanha says then I will tell a story, putna says okay. Kanha says I will tell a story about putna. Putna says about putna? Kanha says yes. Kanha says once I met putna in the forest, I saw her, for a second when I looked back, then I did not see her she vanished.
Laxmi says what is this leela prabhu? Lord Vishnu says putna in her last birth was ratanbai and she still suffers from the pain of not having kanha as her son, as vaman did not allow that. lord Vishnu says so putna has a heart of a mother.
There kansa is crying looking at devki’s body kept on wooden piles. Vasudev is held

by soldiers and says no kansa you cannot do this. Kansa acts crying and says you killed my sister vasudev, you are her killer. Kansa goes to vasudev and says now let me give her body fire. Kansa puts fire to the pile and the body starts burning. Kansa says leave him, vasudev now save your wife. kansa is watching aa vasudev tries to come near the pile to save devki, kansa with his demon powers keeps vasudev behind. Vasudev screams devki! Suddenly in the jail, vasudev gets up and it was a dream. Vasudev goes to devki and says devki please get up, I have to save you. vasudev says before kansa kills you I have to save you devki!
There in the well, rohini is lying in pain. The peacock looks at rohini, rohini says save me someone. Peacock makes sounds and flies away.
Kanha is telling the story but see putna sleeping. Kanha gets up and says mother is right, the one who tells the story doesn’t sleep but the one who listens sleeps. Kanha says what do I do alone now? there outside the house, the peacock comes and starts making noise. Kanha listens and says mayuraj has come, lets see what he says. Kanha goes out and says mayuraj, you have come so late at night? What happened? Peacock makes noise and kanha says what? How did this happen? Mayuraj flies, kanha runs behind him saying take me there mayuraj. Mayuraj goes from the jungle. Kanha stops and says mayuraj we have come so far from home and my legs are paining. Kanha says tell me where are we going mayuraj? Kanha then says now mother will scold me once she finds out, so I have to give her a reason why I came this far. Kanha says I have to go behind mayuraj so that I am saved from mother’s scolds. Kanha says mayuraj come one lets go. mayuraj flies as kanha goes running behind him.
There putna gets up and sees kanha is not there. Putna says where did this kanh go? why do I always sleep at such times? Once when devki’s son was born and now here. putna gets up and starts finding kanha. She goes out and damodar is about to get up but she makes him sleep with her powers. Putna says kanha is not here, where did he go? putna goes out to find kanha.
In the room, yashoda says to herself, kanha has never been away from me for so much time before. Today the entire day he did not talk to me much, he even slept beside rohini did. Yashoda says my kanha must also be feeling lonely without his mother around, I shall go and see him. nand gets up and says yashoda, kanha is sleeping with rohini Bhabhi and he said he wanted to sleep with her, don’t worry. Yashoda says I am a mother, and I want to see kanha. Yashoda goes. Nand says yashoda’s love for her son is totally different.
There kanha reaches the well and says mayuraj what is here? kanha looks inside and sees rohini. kanha says kaki mother? You here? rohini sees and says kanha! Then she thinks is this putna’s maya? Then she thinks no this is not putna, she thinks I am dead. Rohini says yes kanha, it is me. I need your help, you need to go and tell nand baba.
There yashoda and everyone are in the yard and yashoda says kanha is not at home and even rohini did is not here. where did they go? damodar says don’t worry Bhabhi kanha is with rohini didi so he is safe, we will go and find them. Damodar and 4 others go to find them. Nand says yashoda don’t worry so much, kanha is safe. They turn to go back in when behind putna comes as rohini. yashoda and nand look at her. Putna looks at them angrily.

Precap: rohini says it will be high time before nand baba know that I am here. rohini says kanha you have to tell him fast. Kanha says if there is no time then I have to do something. Kanha gets down by a rope and says give me your hand. Rohini sees kanha inside the well and outside the well to. Rohini is amazed.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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