Paramavatar Shri Krishna 27th February 2018 Written Episode Update:Manik comes to gokul.

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 27th February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with kanha saying to sarla kaki that why doesn’t she call her son back? He is sure that her son will come back to her. Sarla says no kanha, I tried so many times, I know my son wont come back, manik will never come because he cares only for himself. Kanha says no kaki, call him once, I think he will come. Yashoda says till today manik did not come, why would he come now? Kanha says call him sarla kaki. Sarla says manik, my son, come to me, come to your mother. Sarla says see kanha he did not come, I called him. Kanha says call him again, with your heart. Sarla has tears and says manik come to me, please my son, your mother is calling you son. Suddenly manik comes and says mother, I have come. Manik comes and everyone is amazed. Sarla gets up happily and says son

where are you? Come to me. Manik comes and hugs sarla. Keshari is invisible and she sees. Sarla says son you finally came. Manika says yes mother, forgive me for what I did till now mother, forgive me. Sarla says I forgive you son but how did you come today suddenly? Manik says mother I don’t know what happened, I missed you suddenly and so I came back. Sarla says but till today that never happened? Manik says why do you count the mangoes? Just eat it. Kanha is shocked. Sarla says son I prayed to god and this all has happened because of this kid kanha. Kanha says pranam, sarla kaki is like my mother. Sarla says god brought you here, you should be thankful to him. Manik says god didn’t come here, I did, anyway lets go you have to sleep now. Manik and sarla go. Kanha thinks manik doesn’t seem a good person, he is just acting I think.
There kansa looks at the old man and says he sits there meditating as I am here waiting for guru shokracharya, I will kill him. Kansa says get up old man, get up right now. Kansa takes his sword and runs to old man and attacks him. The old man kicks kansa and throws him down. Kansa is shocked to see this and he says you attacked bhagwan kansa? You will die for this.
There devrishi narad muni says to lord Vishnu, how come is kanha helping manik and helping in the wrong? He encouraged for manik to come back to gokul. Lord Vishnu says devrishi, none of kanha’s leela helps the iniquity and evil, all his leela is done for the good. Kanha did this so that manik comes back and he chooses the right path instead of greed.
There in gokul, radha and kanha and balram are going. Radha says kanha you don’t listen to anyone but you shall listen only to me and do what I say. Kanha says gopi anyway everyone has to listen to you as you don’t listen to anyone and keep talking about your father’s 1 lakh cows. Manik asks some people in gokul who tell him that kanha is the chote sarpanch of the village and nand baba is the sarpanch. Manik says what? That kid kanha is a chota sarpanch? As kanha, radha and balram come, manika says who made him the sarpanch? Radha says he is sarpanch because he is intelligent and has always protected gokul and the people. Manik says people have you gone mad? You made this kid a sarpanch? He doesn’t deserve to be the sarpanch.
There inside, nand is packing the bags and yashoda says nand baba, don’t leave gokul, you seriously opted for this? Why cant you stay and fight instead of running away like a coward? You want to leave the people of gokul? If they lose you and kanha then who will protect them? Nand says yashoda, we have to go, kanha cannot stay in gokul because I just want that there should not be one day that the people start saying because kanha is here that they are in danger always, so instead we shall go from here, that would be better for everyone. Yashoda says lets ask the people of gokula d even if one person says kanha is the problem then we will all go from here. They both come out.
There manik says people of gokul, you never think and actually kanha is the reason for all your problems. Manik says because of kanha, everyone is in danger. Nand and yashoda come. Manik says maharaj kansa has sent so many demons till today, why? Has kanha saved anyone? Radha says that is enough, I wont listen another word against kanha. Kanha has saved all people of gokul many times. Keshari tells manik to ask when? Manik says tell me what kanha has done for gokul? Radha says he helps old people, he helps everyone and not like you, he helped your mother too while you just left her alone. Manik says anyone can help old people, did he do any brave thing? Radha says yes, countless times. Kanha smiles and says radha leave it, why do you say more? Everything happened because of prabhu Vishnu, he has done everything. Manik says nand baba is the sarpanch but since maharaj kansa sent demons to gokul, has nand done anything? No he has done nothing. Balram says shut up manik, I will not leave you. Some people say yes manik, you are right. Balram says you all people, kanha and nand baba saved you all and now you listen to manik who never stayed in gokul much and left his mother, I will not leave anyone. Nand says to yashoda, I know what to do. Nand goes to pack bags.

Precap: nand tells kanha that they are leaving gokul forever. Radha cries and kanha cries too. Kanha says don’t cry radha, radha says kanha don’t go, I will do whatever you want me to do.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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