Paramavatar Shri Krishna 27th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Kanha saves manglu and his parents.

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 27th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with manglu and his parents and some old people sitting and praying to lord Vishnu, they pray and ask prabhu Vishnu to save their lives from the flood. Kanha comes and says manglu and kaka and kaki, come on. Manglu’s parents say kanha what are you doing here? You should be in the ship. Kanha says no, I have come here to take you in the ship as well, everyone has the right to live and be on that ship. Manglu’s parents say but kanha, we have been told by the Brahmins to stay back here because we wont be of any help after all this flood is done with and if we come then there will be more load on the ship and it will drown. Kanha says no kaka, you all and all old people will come on the ship, I and brother balram with all friends built that ship and also because we

got the wood from all you people, even you all have helped in building that ship, I know that it wont drown because I made it taking in consideration all people of vrindavan, you all will come on the ship because I made it for everyone! The parents say kanha, we are grateful to you because we knew you would not leave anyone behind. Kanha says now come on, the flood will be here any time.
There balram is loading all people as all people help in putting things on the ship in an organized manner. Balram says be quick, we have to be on the ship before the flood hits. Everyone hurry.
Kansa is with bhadraksh and he is about to attack the arrow in the sky to bring the clouds for the rain and flood. Kalkey comes and says no kansa, you cannot attack that arrow now you have to wait till sunrise because that is the right time. Kansa says no the right time is now, you are a fool kalkey I have to kill that matsya and no one can stop me. kalkey says I will stop you, kalkey puts his weapon and kansa pulls it and throws it. Kalkey says I wont let you attack the arrow now, I alone turned the entire world into demons in satyug so you dare not stop me. kansa attacks kalkey, kalkey and kansa fight and kalkey hits kansa. Kansa says I gave you half my body, you think you can overpower me? your powers are mine and I brought you here. Kalkey says I will stop you. kansa says you cannot! Kansa and kalkey fight, kansa hits kalkey and with his sword throws kalkey down. kalkey lies down. kansa goes to attack the arrow, kalkey takes his weapon and holds kansa captive, kansa says leave me. kalkey throws kansa down and starts choking him. kansa says leave me, if I can give you my body then I can also take it back. Kalkey’s body starts burning, kalkey leaves kansa and falls down. kalkey says forgive me kansa, forgive me! don’t take my body back, if you take it then I wont be able to take revenge on matsya avatar! Kansa says you were killing yourself by choking me because your body is mine. Kalkey gets up and aims the arrow, he attacks it. The flood starts!
There the flood comes in full power, kanha with manglu and his parents and old people sees the flood, kanha says come on quick to the ship. Everyone run. All of vrindavan and brij mandal starts drowning. In the ship, the water comes and the ship starts floating, yashoda says where is kanha and everyone? Then balram sees manglu and others, he says save them quickly. Yashoda and nand throw the ropes and people pull in manglu and his parents and the old people. Yashoda says where is kanha? If he is nto here then I will drown and kill myself, suddenly everyone see kanha. Kanha is on the back of the matsya, kanha pulls the ship using the matsya as the rope is tied to Matsya avatar of lord Vishnu. everyone cheer and say kanha is our rowing man, he controls the ship! Everyone is happy as everyone is finally safe in the ship and kanha pulls it in the water.

Precap: kansa says now Vishnu must be in that matsya avatar saving the people. Kalkey says I will kill matsya and complete my revenge.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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