Paramavatar Shri Krishna 26th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Kanha puts shringaar on his cow.

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 26th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with rishi durvasa coming out. Kanha opens his eyes and sees his friends are safe. Durvasa falls at kanha’s legs and says forgive me prabhu forgive me. I had become egoistic of becoming a renowed rishi and got ego of doing a simple sadna too, I wont ever curse anyone for no reason, thank you prabhu for opening my eyes, you have truly guided me today. Lord Vishnu smiles.
Bhadraksh and janur come in the forest to see the woman who helped akrur and took his body. They egt down from their horses. A soldier hides behind a tree with akrur’s body and rohini hides under a huge rock with 2 soldiers, she says don’t move from here.
Rishi gargacharya is meditating and he says prabhu Vishnu, I am your bhakt but today I couldn’t recognize you. For years I have

prayed to you and since these many years you stayed in front of my eyes in gokul but I being your disciple couldn’t recognize you, what is the use of my bhakti then? My life is a waste now. Gargacharya closes his eyes and says om bhagvatey vasudevay namah. Lord Vishnu then appears saying guru gargacharya! Guru opens his eyes and walks ahead and comes to a cliff. Lord Vishnu appears in his huge form. Gargacharya has tears and says pranam prabhu. Guru says forgive me prabhu, I couldn’t recognize you prabhu when you had been staying right here. Lord Vishnu says no guru, it is not your fault, it is what niyati has decided and that is what niyati has in mind, you now know for a reason. Lord Vishnu says guru now you have a task to do and a reason why you are here. Guru says what is that prabhu? Lord Vishnu says guru gargacharya, you will be on earth to guide all human beings in the coming kalyug when there will be darkness and demons in this world, you will guide all people. Krishna has not been born just to kill kansa but he was born also to remove iniquity and establish dharma again and to guide people to the right path, your work is also in kalyug! Guru says yes prabhu. Lord Vishnu goes. Guru smiles and says prabhu has given me my direction and that will be my reason on earth from now!
Bhadraksh there says I can smeel humans here, where are they? Rohini says to soldiers we have to stop our breathing only then we will be saved. Rohini and soldiers stop breathing. Bhadraksh comes over the rock and says how did the smell suddenly go? anyway when we know who that woman is, bhagwan kansa will kill her too just like akrur. Janur and bhadraksh go back. Rohini with her soldiers and akrur’s body goes.
Kanha and his friends are putting shringaar on their cows. Kanha puts shringaar on his cow savre and says savre today I will put such shringaar on you that everyone will look at you only tomorrow morning. Yashoda smiles. Nand says damodar do the work quickly we have more work to do. Nand then says kanha put the shringaar on savre fast as you have to be ready for tomorrow, guru gargachary will come to do your bhog sanskaar. Kanha says bhog sanskaar? Nand says ask guru only.
Next day kanha and balram are ready and sit for the pooja. Rishi gargachary comes with 2 rishi’s. kanha then says rishi what is bhog sanskaar? Rishi thinks prabhu you are great. Rishi says kanha, it means you will become a gora today and the cows will follow you but only if they accept you, which is why we do this pooja to show our respect to our mother cows as she is everything for us. Kanha and balram sit and the pooja starts, the rishi’s say the mantras and rishi gargacharya puts tika on kanha and balram’s head. After the pooja, he makes a pagdi around their head. Then he gives them one stick each and says this is a lathi and it is everything that a gora needs, you have to respect it as it is your weapon and your friend too. kanha balram say yes. Then rishi takes them to the cows and says kanha do pranam and pray to them to always be with you. Kanha says mother cow, mother always says that a cow is our everything and a mother to us as you give us milk, I request you to stay with me as I promise to stay with you all always. The mother cows have goddesses inside and they say prabhu Vishnu we are your disciples and will always stay with you, today you fulfilled your promise which you gave in treta yug when you were shree ram. Narad muni says these cows are also your bhakt prabhu! Laxmi says in gokul in dwaparyug, all gore, gopi, cows are prabhu’s bhakt and their wishes have been fulfilled. Lord Vishnu says in gokul everyone is my bhakt only and I will fulfill their promised which I gave in treta yug.
The cows in gokul start mooing. Kanha smiles. Rishi gargacharya smiles and says yashoda the cows have accepted kanha and promise to stay with him always.

Precap: kansa is angry and says vasudev’s first wife rohini’s situation still gets confusing and we cannot find her. Kansa calls bakasura. Bakasura says my sister putna died on the earth of gokul and I promise to take my revenge on those people.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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