Paramavatar Shri Krishna 26th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Kanha goes with kalyavan.

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 26th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with kanha saying brother balram you are alive and well. Balram hugs kanha and says kanha, you saved my life, if you had not brought the sanjeevani buti then I would have died. Kanha says brother, I would not let anything happen to you. Kanha then says mother, lets go to the forest and bring fruits, you make me food today. Yashoda smiles and says okay kanha and she and kanha start going to the forest.
There all people are doing their daily chores in vrindavan, kalyavan comes on his horse riding and stops in the middle of vrindavan. All people stop and get worried. Kalyavan says so people, last time I came here, I told you I need that kanha, otherwise I would not leave anyone alive. All people gather scared. Kalyavan says so where is that kid? All people say we don’t

know, please leave our backs. Kalyavan gets angry and says I promised kansa that I would do his work for him and once I decided to do something then I do that. Kalyavan says where is kanha? Nand and brij bhanu come with damodar. Kalyavan says ohh nand you have come, where is your son? nand says how many times have we told you? He is not the one you are looking for, we told this to kansa too, narayana’s avatar is not in our village, stop troubling us and our people. Kalyavan laughs and says nand, I haven’t asked for your opinion, your son is the avatar of Vishnu, and he will come with me.
There kanha and yashoda come in the forest. Kanha says mother, you sit here under the tree, I will pluck the fruits in a basket and come. Yashoda says okay and she sits closing her eyes. Kanha goes to pluck fruits. Yashoda closes her eyes and sits. Suddenly lord Vishnu comes in front of yashoda in his huge avatar. Yashoda is shocked and says narayana? Pranam! Prabhu how did you come here? Lord Vishnu says mata, I am your son. yashoda is amazed and says how is that possible? Kanha is my son. lord Vishnu says remember mata, you prayed to me for years and wished me to be born as your son I fulfilled your wish and came to you as a son in the form of Krishna! Yashoda is amazed and has tears, she remembers and says yes prabhu. Lord Vishnu says till today I have done what you told me to do and now the people have to be saved from kalyavan, if you tell me to go and save them then I will go mata otherwise I wont. Yashoda says yes son, go and save them, go kanha, go and save them. Kanha comes back taking fruits and yashoda’s eyes are closed and she is saying kanha go and save the people, go. kanha keeps the basket and says yes mother as you say. Kanha goes back to the village.
There kalyavan says I will take this gopi with me, then kanha will come and I will take him to kansa. Kalyavan then says instead, I will take you with me nand, that effect would be greater on kanha and he will come for sure. Kanha comes and says stop kalyavan, leave them all. Kalyavan laughs and he uses his powers and puts three friends of kanha in mid-air, friends cry for help. Kanha says leave them, I am ready to come with you. Kalyavan says good and leaves them, he then says even death cannot kill me so don’t play tricks with me. kanha says I will come with you only on one condition. Kalyavan says you have a condition now? Kanha says while we go to Mathura, you will not rest for even a second, if you do then I shall come back home that very moment. Kalyavan says I can do anything to complete my task, I wont rest for a moment. Kanha says lets go then, they both start going to Mathura.
There keshari is brought to be killed near the mountains by Kansa’s soldiers. Kanha and kalyavan reach there. Kanha and kalyavan stop near the mountains and kanha sits under a tree, kalyavan goes ahead. Keshari uses her hairs as snakes and kills the soldiers. She comes running to kanha.

Precap: keshari tells kanha, prabhu save me, I am your disciple prabhu please save me. kalyavan sees this and says wow, I have a jackpot, now with Vishnu I will gift you to kansa as well, you are betraying him.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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