Paramavatar Shri Krishna 26th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Kanha asks radha for help.

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 26th January 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with all gods and lord Shankar saying only kanha can kill kalya naag and punish him. Kanha smiles and blesses, a bright light comes from his hands. Lord Vishnu comes out from kanha and stands huge with many heads of his various forms and all gods. Lord Vishnu says I have taken the form of kanha to destroy iniquity and also stop its rise. Brahma dev says shree hari, I was mistaken in recognizing you. Lord Vishnu smiles and says kalya naag will be defeated by kanha at the right time, kalya naag’s manthan will be done. All gods say yes.
There kansa is in his palace and he in anger throws a spear which his a mountain and it bursts. Kansa says Vishnu, you cheater, this time you cannot cheat me, I will not leave you or your form, I will kill everyone. Keshari comes

and says maharaj kansa, calm down. Kansa says that Vishnu will see my rage one day. Keshari says you are tremendously powerful, why are you then busy in fighting insects? Kansa says what do you mean? Keshari says you are so powerful then why don’t you directly fight Vishnu himself? Why are you behind his form in gokul? You go and deal with Vishnu, I and kalya naag will make sure gokul doesn’t see light. Kansa smiles cunningly.
There in gokul, kanha goes to radha. Radha is playing with a string ball. Kanha says radha I have to get to the Yamuna river somehow, give me a solution how to do this? Radha is busy playing. Kanha says I don’t know, I have to defeat kalya naag otherwise all people will die. Radha ignores. Kanha is angry and says radha I am talking to you, he takes the ball and says now I don’t need your help. Radha says gore, what do you want? You don’t see the solution. Kanha says that is why I am asking for your help. Radha says okay gore, look at my finger, kanha says why? Radha says just look at it and says can you see it? Kanha says yes, radha brings finger closer and says now? Kanha says yes. Radha brings more closer and says now? Kanha says yes but its blurry. Radha says just like that I am saying kanha, the solution is in front of you but blurred, you cannot see it. Kanha gets an idea and says yes you are right, kanha smiles.
There kanha and radha go home at balram and other friends.
Kalya naag is in his palace and says my poison wont be removed now, people will die and I will be king. A child is playing and kalya naag comes to him and says who are you? I have seen you here first time, who are you? Child says I am paras, I am your son and came here to play. Kalya naag says my son? I don’t have any son, who are you tell me the truth? Are you spying on me? Paras says no father, I am your son, kalya naag says I don’t have any son, tell me the truth otherwise you wont live. Kalya naag’s wife comes and says swami the child is not lying, he is our son. Kalya naag says but I was not here for years, how did I have a son? Wife says swami I know you must be thinking you weren’t here but I swear I have been loyal to you and pure, this is our son and I will tell you how. Wife says when you weren’t here, your essence was here and our son is the result of your essence. Wife takes kalya naag and shows him a huge diamond, kalya naag says what is this? Wife says this was gifted to us and it had your hidden essence, when I accepted the diamond, our son was born. Kalya naag is happy and takes paras near him and says yes, this is kalya naag’s son, my son! Paras hugs him and says I am happy to see you father, it is because of prabhu Vishnu. Paras says lord vishnu’s prayer. Kalya naag pushes him behind and says you are praying to the lord of my enemy, garud, you cannot be my son.
Kanha tells balram he has an idea but they have to act in front of mother yashoda. Kanha goes to yashoda and sits beside her cleaning utensils. Yashoda smiles and says how did you come here kanha? Kanha says I came to help you mother. Yashoda says why? Kanha says I thought you are alone, that is why I came here. Yashoda says what do you want kanha? Kanha says nothing mother. Balram radha and friends come and say kanha come on lets go and play. Kanha says no I cannot come, I am helping mother. Balram says come on kanha, we cannot play without you. Radha says yes, kaki tell kanha to come with us, he will listen to you. Yashoda says kanha go. Kanha says no mother, I don’t want to go. Balram says okay don’t come, friends today we will play without kanha. Kanha looks at balram and smiles. They go.

Precap: kanha jumps in Yamuna to go and fight kalya naag. Damodar tells yashoda, yashoda jumps in Yamuna to save kanha. She comes up and is poisoned. Nand is worried.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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