Paramavatar Shri Krishna 26th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Keshari comes to gokul.

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 26th February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with kansa on shukra lok and he reaches an old man sleeping. Kansa says you cant hear? Are you deaf? I have been screaming for rishi shokracharya? Man gets up and says who do you want? Kansa says I am the god of earth, I want to meet rishi shokracharya, take me to him quickly, how does he live in so much heat? Old man gets up and says follow me. Kansa says to meet rishi shokracharya I have to follow this filth.
Keshari sees gokul is in peace and everyone is putting back everything to normal after destruction. Keshari thinks people are building everything back with kind and peace, there is no one here with anger and hatred and adharmi. Keshari is invisible and thinks I have to find that person, she then sees kanha talking to sarla kaki. Kanha says to sarla kaki,

kaki now we are safe and I am like your son, I will keep you safe and fulfill your needs. Kanha says don’t you have a son kaki? Sarla says yes I have, his son is manik but he left me, kaki cries. Sarla says he left me for his wife and I live alone here, he didn’t care once for his mother who cared so many years for him. Sarla cries. Kanha says kaki don’t worry, my heart says that one day manik will come back to you. Sarla says thank you. Keshari says I finally got that person who can destroy gokul from inside itself, I need to go to manik.
There kansa and old man start crossing stones floating on hot lava. Kansa says wait go slow, I am tired, so much heat is here. Old man says what did you tell me before? You are god of earth? Do you know the meaning of god? God means all powerful and strong and you get tired so easily here, you are a weakling living in your ego. Old man says you are no god, you are just a stupid demon. Kansa gets angry and attacks old man with his sword. Old man falls down and says now I wont take you to rishi shokracharya. Old man gets up again and kansa is shocked as he was saved from his attack. Kansa thinks I have to bear with this old man. They both go ahead.
There nand is sitting in the house and he remembers all demons that kanha has fought. Yashoda comes and says what happened nand ji? Nand says yashoda I was thinking we should leave gokul. Yashoda says why nand ji? Nand says since kanha has been here and kansa knew it, the demons have always come. Yashoda says so do you mean to say kanha is the problem to everyone’s pain? Nand says no I don’t mean that, I mean kanha has saved everyone but this puts us in trouble and danger and we cannot stay here as it will put everyone else in danger. Yashoda says don’t think like that nand ji, you and kanha are the ones who have always saved people of gokul and without you everyone will be in danger, to save them we shall stay here and our ancestors have lived and died in gokul, we cannot leave gokul just because of a problem, we shall face it together. Nand says you are right. Kanha comes with sarla kaki and says mother from today sarla kaki will live with us until her house is ready. Yashoda goes to make food.
There manik is with his wife in another village and he beats and asks her for gold coins. Wife says I don’t have, you wasted all of it in your gambling. Manik says I need more, at least I kept you fed. Wife says now I feed myself on water, that’s all I have. Manika is angry. Keshari sees and says I needed this person. After wife goes, keshari comes in her form to manik and manika says who are you? Keshari says I have a work which you shall do. Manika says but I don’t know you. Keshari says I need you to destroy gokul. Manik says what? Not at all, I am not doing this. Keshari says think again. Manik says I wont. Keshari gives him gold and says now? Manik says I need gold, then he thinks and says okay, I will do what you say. What do I have to do?
There at night, sarla kaki tells kanha that a person shouldn’t be selfish and greedy, he shouldn’t follow iniquity, gods way is the right way and doing right will lead a person to salvation. Sarla kaki says and I believe if we do dharma, no demon can ever touch or destroy gokul.
There kansa and old man reach a cave. Kansa says is it here? Old man says yes inside the cave you will find guru shokracharya. They go in and old man takes his silver stick in cave and sits, the entire cave is frosty made of ice from inside. Kansa says what is this? Where is rishi shokracharya? Old man says I wanted your help to protect me till I come here, you did that and I got my stick, you can go now.

Precap: kansa is angry and he attacks old man. Old man defeats kansa easily. Manik blames kanha for gokul’s pain.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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